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   Chapter 77 I Feel Happy Whenever I'm with Him

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6793

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Arvin was indifferent towards her objection and he said, "Your objection is invalid!"

"Then, I won't go!" Angela threatened.

Arvin was surprised and they were both silent for a long while. "No problem!" he finally said.

They left the apartment together after changing their shoes.

Angela began to realize that Arvin was annoyed because he didn't say anything until they got to the parking lot...

'Gosh! He is so proud and mean! Fine! I'll console him!' she thought. Before they got in the car, she stopped him, "Doctor Gu, I'll start listening to your orders, so could you please stop being angry?" she asked.

After all, he was just doing it for her own good to stop her from entering the research laboratory.

Arvin smiled and touched the top of her head. "Be good my baby, " he said sweetly.

Angela was speechless. She was shocked by his words. She tried to blink a few times and cleaned her ears because she couldn't believe what she just heard.

Did Arvin called her baby and asked her to be good?

Did she misheard his words? Angela said in an interrogative tone, "What did you say?"

Arvin just gave her a hard look and seated in the car without uttering a single word.

Angela seemed to be glued on her spot because of the shock and confusion that she have felt. She doubted whether she had misheard his words or not...

The window at the side of the passenger seat was rolled down and Arvin asked her, "Do you want to go to work on foot?"

'Of course not!' Angela came to herself at once and decided not to think about his words, then she seated in the car.

As usual, she got off the car before they arrived at the hospital.

Luckily, she didn't arrive late.

"Angela, Angela! How nice it is to see you!" Nancy hugged Angela tightly as soon as she saw her.

Angela also hugged Nancy. "My dear Nancy, I miss you!"

Nancy pretended to be angry after hearing her words, "Liar! You have forgotten me since you got a handsome guy and now you're lying to me that you miss me!"

Angela scratched the back of her head out of embarrassment because Nancy was right. Arvin was really a handsome guy. She was really captivated by him.

"Oh, Nancy, you know that you are always in my heart!"

Nancy retrained herself from laughing and continued to pretend to be unhappy. "You are still lying! You have already thrown me out of your mind when you had sex with that man!"

Angela shook her head quickly, "We didn't have sex. We just slept in one bed!"

Although she felt strange last night, she was lucky enough that Arvin didn't do anything to her.

That made Angela feel relieved to live with Arvin.

Nancy approached Angela on purpose and glared at her, "Angela, don't lie to me. You and Dr, Gu, have you... ha?"

Angela shook her head frequently, "No! We didn't do that! I won't lie to you, Nancy."

"Fine!" Nancy nodded because she believed that Angela couldn't lie to her!

But Angela looked into Nancy's eyes with a big question on her mind, "Nancy, what's the relationship between me and Arvin? Are we friends?"

She remembered that she chose to be friends with him last night... 'So we are just friends now?' Angela doubted.

Nancy pushed her glasses and opposed, "No, no. In my opinion, you are... closer than friends but not close enough to be lovers! Yes! That's it!"

"What? Really?" Angela thought for a moment and sh

e admitted that Nancy was right.

"Angela, do you want to be Dr. Gu's girlfriend? In other words, do you feel happy when you are with Arvin?"

Angela nodded her head at once, "Yes. I didn't like him before but now I feel happy whenever I'm with him!"

"So, do you feel your heart's rapid beat everytime you see him?" Nancy put her work aside and became Angela's love consultant.

"Uh... Yes!"

"Do you want to be friends with him?"

"Uh... not really." Because sometimes she wanted to kiss Arvin... How could friends feel this way?

"Do you want to see him in every day of your entire life?"

"Yes, I do! Nancy, you know what? There is a big laboratory in his apartment!"

Nancy was speechless.

She glared at Angela, who was exited, with disappointed eyes. She was talking about love and it had nothing to do with the laboratory.

"Did I say something wrong?" Angela was confused when Nancy showed a disappointed expression.

"You didn't. I'll tell you something and now listen to me carefully!" Nancy commanded Angela in such a way that they were face to face with each other, while she looked at Angela with her serious eyes.

Angela realized that Nancy was serious so she stopped laughing and looked at her carefully, "Teacher, now you can start our class!"

Nancy didn't know how to respond to her. However, as a good friend, she decided to tell Angela directly, "You must protect yourself before Arvin becomes your boyfriend, get it?"

"I know that! We haven't become lovers yet, not to mention a married couple, so we won't do something that far. Don't worry! Nancy!" Angela patted Nancy's shoulder to reassure her concerned friend.

She didn't tell Nancy the fact that Arvin wouldn't attempt to seduce her...

Soon, Angela was invited by Teresa for a talk over a cup of coffee.

At Les Cafes De La Rive Gauche

It had been a long time since she meet Teresa last time. She disliked Arvin when she was first seated in this cafe, but she had totally different feelings towards him now.

She had told Teresa before that she was scared of Arvin... How could she explain to Teresa now?

Besides, she didn't have any idea whether Teresa had known the fact that she was living with Arvin or not.

Thinking about this, Angela decided to call Arvin to ask for help. He answered the phone in a minute, "Yes?"

Angela recognized his voice at once and began to ask, "Big wing! Does your mom know that we live together?"

"Probably, she does." He found that many people were secretly following Angela last night.

He guessed that his grandma and mom ordered them to do this.

"What? Will your mom blame me?"

Arvin was slightly shocked and the line went quiet. However, he responded to her shortly. "Don't worry. If she blames you, you just need to tell her that I required you to live with me. Remember that I did all the things!"

Arvin guessed that his mom must be meeting with Angela again according to her words.

"What? Is it okay? What if your mom gets angry with you? What about telling your mom that I won't go to your house anymore?" Angela didn't want to cause any trouble between Arvin and his mother.

"Angela Si." He called her name suddenly.


"How could you only think about escaping every single time that you get into trouble?" His voice sounded peaceful but Angela felt that he seemed to be angry...


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