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   Chapter 76 Have a Guess

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Angela took off her mask and gloves without any words and threw the sterile clothes into the storage box.

When she was leaving the sterilization room, Arvin said reluctantly, "You really like staying in the laboratory."

She looked back at him with a bitter expression and nodded. 'Of course! That's why I chose biological agents as my specialty in the university!'

Arvin threw the sterile clothes into the storage box and stopped in front of her, "If you want to work in the laboratory in the futuer, just let me know." He couldn't feel at ease if she was out of his sights. So, he had to accompany her in the room.

'It's not a big deal! I will let him know!' Angela felt excited at once. She jumped and caught his arms, "No problem! Big Wing, you are a really good guy! Much better than Sven!"

'Much better than Sven?' Arvin was satisfied with her praise.

He rubbed his head, "Go to bed!"

Angela nodded her head immediately, "Okay, okay!"

When she came out of the bathroom, Angela ran to the living room and took the doll into her arms from the wine rack. She got to bed immediately since she thought Arvin wouldn't find it.

Although Angela felt very nervous during the whole process, she finally made it!

She had a feeling that Arvin wouldn't find that she had taken her doll in the bed when he came inside the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Arvin shook his head speechlessly. When he looked at her perky face, she really believed he had not noticed it!

After the bath, Arvin found that Angela already fell asleep.

After changing his bathrobe, he got to bed carefully and quietly, then he found the doll when he searched the bed...

It seemed that Angela had known the doll was taken away. She kept groping in the bed while her eyes were still closed.

Until she touched a 'big doll', she stopped moving around and found a good position to sleep while hugging the 'big doll'.


She slept tight while the 'big doll' was not happy now!

Although Arvin felt very uncomfortable, he could move himself at his own will because he was afraid to wake up Angela.

However, Angela smelt so sweet that Arvin couldn't control his mind anymore.

Unconsciously, he lowered down and kissed her red lip.

"Ah..." Angela let out a soft sigh sigh which irritated Arvin so much. However, he was lost in her beauty that he could no longer control himself.

Whenever Angela slept, she felt cold, but sometimes, she also felt warm. When she felt a little cold, she exerted all her strength to pull the blanket and cover herself, but it seemed that she had touched something else.

When Arvin immediately ran to the bathroom to take a cold shower, the whole room became quiet again!


Next morning, Angela wrapped herself up with the blanket. When she noticed that her pajamas were lying on the ground, she was in shock. 'When did I throw my pajamas on the ground?'

As for Arvin, he got up already. Angela was left alone in the bedroom, without her clothes on...

At that moment, the door of the bathroom was opened. Arvin came out in his bathrobe. She looked at him and asked him in an unsteady and hesitated voice, "Last night... what... what... did I do?"

Arvin felt a little awkward and told her calmly while avoiding her stare, "Last night, you had a dream."

"What kind of dream?" 'Why did I take off my pajamas?'

Arvin seemed very calm. He answered, "I don't know."

"... Then, did I... No. Did we do anything else?" Upon asking the question, Angela hid herself under the blanket except her eyes. She fixed a gaze at Arvin.

However, her face under the sheet has became as red as a cooked shrimp.

Arvin came forward and picked up her pajamas and thr

ew it to her... "Have a guess."

Angela thought for a bit. She turned over and checked her body. 'Great!' She didn't feel uncomfortable now.

She smiled, "We didn't have sex!"

However, here came another question. She asked Arvin beside her, "Did you... see anything? or touch anything?"

Actually, she had no idea whether Arvin had seen or touched anything. Only Arvin, himself knew everything. For fear that Angela would escape from him if she knew the truth, he said, "No, I didn't."

'Great!' Angela felt relieved when she heard Arvin's reply. With a big smile, she exclaimed, "I'm getting up!"

"Okay." He nodded his head.

Then, they said nothing and the room was quiet again. Two minutes later, Angela said, "Why are you still here?" How could she wear her clothes if he was still here?

Arvin nodded his head again and moved to the walk-in closet.

While inside the walk-in closet, Arvin looked at his hands. He thought of what he touched last night. He couldn't believe that they were so tempting...

Angela changed her clothes quickly. To avoid being late again, she washed herself as fast as she could.

In the dining room, Arvin sat on the table and waited for Angela so they could have breakfast.

Shortly, Angela arrived and sat on the chair. While picking up a fried bread stick, Angela asked, "Who bought the breakfast?"

Nobody replied.

Okay, she had forgotten that Arvin refused to talk while eating.

However, Angela didn't give up. Even though Arvin didn't answer her, she asked him again, "When will you get off work?"

Again, the room was quiet because Arvin didn't answer.


At last, Angela had to stop talking.

After breakfast, Arvin cleaned his mouth and told her, "Kent sent me the breakfast. I have some operations today. Wait for me in my office!"

"Can I wait for you in your apartment?" She looked at him with an expectation that he would agree. If she was allowed to stay at home, she could enter the laboratory.

'Wait for me at my home?' Upon hearing this, Arvin curved his lips into a warm smile.

However, he immediately refused, "No way!"

He couldn't feel at ease to leave her alone in his house. Otherwise, he was unable to come back in time if she caused some big troubles!

Angela was a little disappointed. She knew too well that she shouldn't insist on it. "Okay. Or, I would go shopping with Nancy!"

"Okay. And..."


"Are you free next night?" Arvin asked her casually when he buttoned up his golden sleeve buttons.

Since Angela found a big laboratory here, she wanted to stay here forever! "Yes. I'm free next night!"

Arvin nodded his head with satisfaction, "What's your shift tomorrow?"

"Let me see... I'll go to hospital at noon." That meant she could sleep late, go to work at noon and she could have an off duty at eight o'clock in the evening.

Upon hearing this, Arvin thought, "Next night, you can ask for an hour leave and wait for me here at 7 o'clock!"

"Why? What's the matter?" She asked him curiously.

Arvin nodded his head and stared into Angela's eyes, "There's something I want you to do."

"What is it?"

Arvin looked at her face and found out that she must be very curious about it. So, he said right away, "Don't ask too much! Just wait for me here at 7 o'clock in the evening!"

Angela curled her lip and changed into her new sneakers prepared by Arvin. "Okay, okay. You are my big boss, Doctor Gu! I'll do everything for you!"

"Great! And don't go to my research laboratory."

Of course, Angela disagreed with him. "That's unfair! I reject your arrangement! Reject! It's boring to wait for someone! And you don't even allow me to go to your research lab!"

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