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   Chapter 75 You Wish

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8137

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Aside from Teresa, there was also another woman who received the photo in which Arvin embraced Angela.

It was Lily. She immediately put on her eyeglasses, looked at the photo and laughed out loud. 'I know! Arvin and Angela are meant for each other! And Angela hasn't let me down. She let Arvin bring her to his apartment and they even hugged together. Even if they hadn't officially announced their relationship, they were definitely together! Never mind. I'll take my time and see how it goes. Good things came to those who waited. They would love each other more as long as they spent more time together...'

Angela didn't know about the fact that she was followed by a bunch of people. She was eating dinner with Arvin in the restaurant called Private Kitchen.

"Big wing..." Angela recalled the incident in his research and development laboratory and became really excited that she blurted Arvin's nickname out.

Arvin coldly glared at her. Angela instantly covered that embarrassment with a big smile. "Oh, dear handsome boy!"

"You know, decent people usually don't talk when they are eating."

"..." Fine! She would shut her mouth for a while.

After half an hour, Arvin and Angela walked out of the resturant. Arvin walked in long strides while Angela followed him in her baby steps. Soon, there was quite a distance between them so Angela had to run to keep up with Arvin. She grabbed his hand and said slowly, "Mr. Handsome with long legs, could you please walk slow?"

Arvin peered at her and opened his mouth, "Do you know why girls in South Korea call boys 'Handsome oppa with long legs?'"

Angela did not know about this. She just went there three times and they were all about sightseeing. Who ever cared about this stuff?

Calling boys 'handsome' was just a fashion. In most TV shows, the main characters always called boys 'handsome oppa, ' wasn't it?

"According to age, you're my 'oppa, ' aren't you?" 'Oppa in Korean meant big brother in Chinese. There was nothing wrong in it!' Angela thought to herself.

"Yes, it does mean big brother, but it was usually used for calling a person whom you are really familiar with and..." Suddenly, Arvin stopped walking and gazed into Angela's eyes while saying in a serious tone, "And only between close relationship."

Oh... The last sentence sounded a little over the top to Angela. She felt awkward.

Arvin didn't stop talking. He added, "If you are

hat, so he just looked at Angela in confusion, waiting for her to speak out and explain her reason.

Angela felt awkward but she had no other choice but to tell Arvin the truth. "Since I burnt Sven's laboratory twice, my dad and Sven forbid me go into their territory, let alone building my own research laboratory. It drove me crazy! Now that I have met you, Big wing, you helped me with my dream! You allowed me to emerge myself in inventing and creating new things. I am so excited and moved... Stop! What are you doing? Why are you pushing me away, Big wing?"

Upon hearing the reason why she was not allowed into her own laboratory, Arvin instantly pushed Angela out of the room.

After walking into the disinfection room, Arvin took off his mask and gloves and warned Angela, "Do not come close to my laboratory again!"

For Arvin, it was a small deal if Angela would accidentally burn his center. However, much dangerous substance in it would explode after being burnt and give off toxic air... He couldn't imagine Angela being harmed in such situation. After all, her safety was the most important.

Angela couldn't understand Arvin's good intention and just felt like she was unwanted, again. "You are so like Sven and my dad! I hate you!" Angela barked.

All along, she thought Arvin was good to her because he allowed her to get into his laboratory, unlike Sven and her dad. However, she was wrong.

When Arvin saw Angela got mad, he explained to her patiently, "You misunderstood me. You know things in the laboratory are quite dangerous. What if something explodes and I'm not there to save you?"

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