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   Chapter 74 He Cared a Great Deal for That Girl

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7487

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Angela was able to prepare various kinds of strange liquid medicines. At the age of thirteen, she managed to make a liquid medicine that could cure eye disease, which could bring high efficacy in patients. This invention had made a stir in the medical field. Because she was too young, Chuck didn't want her to get too much attention. He feared that it would bring her some troubles, so he told the public that Sven invented the medicine.

Until now, recurrent disease or complications had not been found or reported among the people who used that medicine...

Angela thought about many formulas. However, Chuck didn't allow her to prepare medicines by herself. In addition, she was lazy, so she failed to invent anything later on.

Now, she just threatened Randal that she could poison him which would make him mute. Without a doubt, she could definitely make Randal unable to talk for several months.

They all graduated from the same medical university. Susie knew Angela's capabilities and everything that she did before. Of course, Randal had no idea of that.

Susie said slowly, "I believe that Angela is able to do that. After all, she once poisoned my laboratory rat to death."

This statement didn't make Angela angry. Instead, she smiled at Susie. "Great!"

After this, she turned away from them.

Susie didn't know why Angela reacted like that. Could it be possible that she had no idea of her ironic words?

Angela couldn't get through Arvin and she was unaware of the time when he would be finished, so she wandered slowly around the hospital.

Two hours later, she took out her phone and shared an update, "Annoyed."

She included a picture and then posted her mood right away.

It was reasonable why Angela felt annoyed. She was worried about whether Arvin liked Nita or not, or if he would follow his mom's arrangement and marry Nita.


In the operating room...

Arvin took off his gloves and mask, and asked the doctor beside him in an upfront manner, "What's the time?"

"It's already nine o'clock right now, Doctor Gu."

'Nine o'clock? Angela has been off duty for 4 hours! My phone is in the office. Did she call me?'

Thinking of this, Arvin cleaned himself as fast as he could and wal

my office."

"No. It doesn't matter!" Much to her disappointment, Angela grasped his shirt and refused his suggestion.

She was afraid someone would use the video surveillance and share it on the internet. It would bring them some unnecessary troubles again.

Arvin totally understood her worries. "Listen to me. I'll solve any troubles! Don't worry!"

Angela blinked her eyes when she heard this. 'He means... he would solve the problem for her like the last one?'

"Don't think too much! Since you have chosen to... make friends with me, you have to believe in me!" Actually, he meant more in his words.

Angela had an instinct that Arvin meant more in what he said. However, she had no idea if it was true. She nodded her head and promised, "Okay."

"Get on the car!" He held her shoulders as he walked her to the car. Later on, they left together.

Meanwhile, in the house of Gu family...

When Teresa was reading in the study room, her phone started to ring. She looked at her WeChat and checked the message.

Taking off her reading glasses, she immediately opened the message. As she looked closely at her phone, her face suddenly changed when she saw the pictures.

In the lamplight, a man and a woman were hugging each other closely. The man was her son, Arvin, and... Angela.

Right at that moment, Teresa felt sure that the woman in Arvin's apartment must be Angela!

She rubbed her painful temple and wondered, 'Angela... How should I deal with that girl?'

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