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   Chapter 73 Are You Kidding Me

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One of the nurses replied, "Fine. It's about work, but do they really need to discuss about work every day? Even at lunch time?"

Angela just kept nodding.

It turned out Nita and Arvin worked together every day, even during meals!

While she thought of this, Angela immediately lost her appetite for lunch.

Seated opposite to Angela was Nancy. She held Angela's hand and comforted her. "What are you thinking about? They are talking bullshit. Just leave them alone!"

Angela shook her head. She knew what they said might be crap, but she still felt uncomfortable upon hearing it.

What's wrong with her?

Besides, Angela found something weird. When she went out of the restaurant and was on her way to VVIP inpatient department, she could hear people talking about Arvin everywhere.

She heard some nurses who were seated at the pavilion saying, "You know what? Mr. Gu's birthday is coming in next week!"

"Wow. How do you know that?"

"A friend of my uncle's nephew knew Mr. Gu's uncle, and he told me about it!"

"Maybe we should give Mr. Gu something as the birthday gift."

"Come on, have you seen Mr. Gu receive gifts from any women? You see. Angela had to sneak into Mr. Gu's office to give him the shirts!"

Angela was lost for words.

She really wanted to ask them why she was always involved in any topic related to Arvin? How could she always get attacked verbally without doing anything wrong?

Because she was eager to meet Arvin, Angela felt an extreme suffering during her working hours.

In an attempt to ease up her stress, Angela called Arvin immediately when she was off work, but the phone kept ringing for a long time. He didn't answer her call.

Someone else did.

"Hello. Mr. Gu is in a surgery right now. May I have a word for you?"

It was a woman who answered the call, and the voice sounded much like... Nita's.

Why would Nita pick up Arvin's phone call? And judging from what Nita had said, it seemed that Arvin had not saved her phone number at all.

In this case, things would be much easier. Anyway, Nita didn't know it was her, so Angela replied instantly. "Yes. I'm waiting for him to get off work, and I wonder when he would be available."

This time, it was Nita who got silent. She glanced at the number saved with the name little girl and wondered

even got his tongue tied for a while. After a few seconds of silence, he finally said, "Angela! Don't be pushy!"

Angela looked back and glanced at the both of them. "Susie. Is it time for you to take an injection of hyaluronic acid? Though I doubt if Randal could afford beautifying your face with a regular dosage of hyaluronic acid!"

Before Susie could even respond, Angela told Randal, "If you can't afford providing for her, just tell me. Maybe I can give you a credit card or something? Consider it as charity so that you can afford the hyaluronic acid that your girlfriend can use for her face!"

What did she mean by giving him a card in charity? She was obviously treating him like a beggar!

The two people were so aggravated that they both showed an extremely irritated look. Randal would love to teach Angela a lesson by using his fist if only Angela had not learnt martial arts at all. "I warn you, Angela. Don't be pushy!"

"I am being pushy. So what?" Angela stood in front of Randal and Susie in an arrogant way while her arms are crossed and she shot them a smug look to make them dare not say a word anymore!

Before Angela left, she put her backpack on her shoulder in an elegant manner and then she warned Randal, "Don't you ever bother me again, or I'll poison you and turn you into a mute!"

Angela didn't brag about this for nothing. Maybe, she had inherited some gift from her father, Chuck. Angela was indeed talented at inventing formulas and preparing medicines.

She was really efficient in those fields.

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