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   Chapter 72 How to Handle These Dolls

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6838

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When Angela approached the inpatient department, she received a call from Nancy, "Angela, you are so late! We've already finished the morning meeting!"

"I'll be there soon!" Actually, it was not her fault to be late. It was because of Arvin's laboratory! It was too fascinating!

She was going to wash herself in other room. However, she found the lab unintentionally.

"Okay. Where are you?"

"Downstairs. I'll be there in three minutes!"

"Okay. I'm waiting for you!"

When Angela hung up her phone, she immediately received another call. It was Sven.


"Angela, I have information about the video. It showed that the person who released the surveillance video is Susan Bao! She is the assistant of your chief from the obstetrics and gynecology department."

'Susan Bao?' She had no idea of this girl! It was her first time to hear this name.

She was sure that she didn't know Susan so she decided to approach and ask her later after her work!

"Okay. I get it. Thanks! Bye, brother!"

When she got to the VVIP inpatient department, Angela was reprimanded by Winnie. However, Angela was in a good mood, so she didn't talk back.

Although her salary was deducted due to her tardiness, Angela was pretty fine with it. She went to the ward to help Nancy.

Xenia took out one of the patients to get more fresh air, while Nancy was adjusting the equipment. When Nancy saw Angela, she felt very excited. "Angela, how was it? What was it like to live with Doctor Gu?"

This question made Angela's face became red. She answered, "It's fine, but his mom went to his home last night."

Upon hearing this, Nancy got nervous. She pushed her eyeglasses up to her nose and asked, "Did she make things difficult for you?"

"No. She didn't know it was me. It was Aron who found me! I don't know whether Aron would tell his mom or not!" Angela looked really worried.

Although she thought Aron would not tell his mom, she was not sure about it.

Nancy also had no idea whether Aron would tell Teresa or not. But all of

in his white shirt and coat!" Angela nodded her head.

"Of course! Doctor Gu looks handsome in black shirt too!" To show approval, Angela nodded her head again.

"I think he looks more handsome in a white shirt!" For the third time, Angela nodded her head again!

Suddenly, Angela notices that some women were looking at her in an unfriendly manner. "Angela, did you send that white shirt to Doctor Gu?"

Because of Arvin, everyone in the hospital had known her right in an instant!

Although Angela wanted to nod her head, she didn't want to bring herself any troubles, so she didn't say yes. "You can ask Doctor Gu! I don't know!"

"You can't say that! You said this on purpose, right? If you gave him the white shirt, you should obviously know that!" The nurse was very displeased.

Angela scooped and ate some rice while she nodded her head. "I don't know anything about that!"

The nurse was easily annoyed that she wanted to throw her food at Angela's face.

Just then, the nurse's friend comforted her, "Don't be angry. It was said that Doctor Gu has given the shirt to his gardener! It was definitely not bought by Angela!"

Another woman cut in the conversation, "Have you noticed that Doctor Gu gets closer with Director Nita everyday?"

"Yes. They do discuss their work together, don't they?" Both nurses exchanged a confused look.

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