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   Chapter 71 You Have to Offer Me a Bribe

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7086

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"No. At first, I wanted to enter the room, but Arvin refused me. I was afraid that Nita would see something unpleasant, so I left the house with Nita immediately!" When she went outside, she hired two guys to put the house under surveillance to find out the woman in Arvin's apartment.

She ordered them to inform her once they found out something unusual. She specifically instructed them to send the photos to her as soon as possible.

Hogan thought for a bit and tried to persuade Teresa. "Arvin is almost thirty years old. Let him decide his own life! You need not to worry about this. Stop making this foolish match. Do not play the crazy matchmaker anymore! You know Arvin. He might turn against you if you give him too much pressure!"

"How can you say that I'm making a crazy match? I just like Nita and I really want her to be our daughter-in-law. Am I wrong for choosing an amazing woman for our son?" Teresa couldn't understand why they couldn't understand her. What she did was actually good for Arvin! How could they say that she was wrong!

From every perspective, Nita was very excellent. She was definitely the best woman for Arvin!

As for Teresa herself, she followed their family's arrangement and married Hogan.

But now, she lived a happy life and had three excellent sons! And the eldest son had his own child now. Wasn't everything great?

Hogan was not interested in these things so, he didn't say anything more. "Have a good night! You should care more about your grandson!"

Teresa sighed, "Bob is already 8 years old. He is a precocious child and he was unwilling to stay with me!"

Bob was Rom's son. As the eldest grandson of Family Gu, he shouldered a lot of responsibilities. When he was a small child, his father, Rom was very strict with him. He was very smart. At present, although he was in grade two, his mental level was comparable with those students from grades five and six.

"Ok, then focus on Aron. Persuade him to get married as soon as possible and give us a granddaughter." Hogan had his own plans. At present, Arvin was faced with the selection for the next di

Wash yourself and let's go to work!" They would be late if they continued their conversation.

Angela nodded her head and rushed to the bathroom.

Because Angela spent too much time preparing, they were already late for work.

Arvin was late for about ten minutes. It had never happened to him before!

Arvin has already changed his clothes when he came out of the bedroom. On the other hand, Angela was changing her shoes. When she saw Arvin wearing a white shirt, her lips curved into a smile. She remarked, "Big Wing, did anyone tell you that you look really handsome in white shirt?"

'Too handsome! He looks like a summer boy in white shirt!'

Arvin put on his coat and told her, "A lot of people have said that."

Angela suspected his words. 'Really? Well. It might be true! People know that Arvin is really handsome and they all wanted to make friends with him!'

Like her!

Angela had a guilty conscience. To avoid of some troubles, she asked Arvin to go first when she opened the door.

Since Arvin suspected that they were being monitored closely by the men hired by her mother, he hid Angela. Fortunately, she wasn't found by the two men outside Arvin's apartment.

When they were close to the hospital, Angela asked Arvin to drop her off the street to avoid any rumors.

Since she was already late, Angela walked in the hospital casually instead of hurrying to the VVIP wards.

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