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   Chapter 70 Arvin is Living With a Woman

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Nita sent Arvin a watch and a belt...

Because Angela has already sent Arvin a shirt already, she wanted to send him other things rather than a shirt when she and Nancy were shopping.

Nancy agreed that it was a good choice so they chose a belt. When Angela was about to pay for the belt, she heard a woman who was speaking to her husband. "Darling, I will send you a belt!"

The man asked, "Why?"

The woman replied, "Because it means that I will firmly tie you up with me so we won't break up! We can be together forever!"


"Arvin, what's the relationship between you and Miss Zhen?" Angela asked. Earlier, she heard that Miss Zhen bought gifts to Arvin!

After switching off the light of the living room, Arvin walked towards Angela and replied, "We are old friends and we know each other for many years."

"So, why did she send you a belt?" Angela felt uncomfortable about the thought of Nita giving him a belt.

Arvin shot her a confused look and asked, "Why couldn't she send me a belt? What's wrong with that?"

Angela did not answer because she herself didn't know why she felt uncomfortable. After a moment, she walked towards the bedroom. "Give me a blanket and I will sleep in the guest room!"

It was until then that Arvin noticed Angela's sad eyes... 'Sad? Why?'

"You promised to live with me, which means you have to sleep with me in the same room!" He closed the door and walked to the bed.

Angela suddenly turned around to face him and spoke to him angrily, "No! I refuse! I will go to the other room and sleep there!"

Arvin could not understand her anger.

"What are you thinking about?"

"I think about nothing! I am sleepy and I want to go to sleep!" Angela put her hands on her waist and expressed her anger on her face.

'Angela is so weird!' Arvin said to himself.

However, when Arvin carefully recalled the events earlier, he thought, 'Was she angry when I kissed her in front of Aron?'

Thinking of this possibility, Arvin asked Angela in a cold way, "You like Aron?"

What? She liked Aron? Why did he say that?


'She looked confused and sincere. She might not tell a lie. So, what was she angry about?' Arvin thought to himself again. Still, Arvin really could not understand her. He didn't have any idea why she got angry.

"What are you angry about?"

Angela did not like to conceal her emotions, so she directly asked, "You like Miss. Zhen, then why you insist on living with me?"

"Who told you that I like Nita?" Arvin never thought she would think that he liked Nita! In reality, he liked Angela.

"If you don't like her, why did you promise to tie up with her?" Angela, who was filled with anger, was seated on his bed. She looked like a wife who was trialing her husband, who had an affair with another woman!

"Why did you say that I promised to tie up with Nita? What are you talking about? I can't understand! Angela, you do not want to sleep so you say these things, do you?" Arvin walked to her and lifted her chin. He showed his dissatisfaction in his eyes.

Angela pushed his hands away and explained, "Don't you know what's the meaning of sending a belt to a man?" Since Angela did not know this before, she told him, "When a woman sends a belt to a man, it means that she wants to tie up with that man eternally. Miss Zhen has sent you a belt because she wanted to be with you. And since you accepted the belt, that meant you promised to tie up with her!"

Nita liked Arvin so she sent him a belt! Angela was so angry about that!

Upon hearing this, Arvin was speechless, "..."

How could he know it? If Angela did not tell him, he still did not know what's the meaning of a woman sending a belt to a man.

"Arvin! You a

re a really bad guy! Bad guy! You are dating Miss Zhen and me at the same time! How disgusting of you!" Angela glared at Arvin and stood up from the bed. Then, she walked towards the closet.

"What do you want to do?"

"Go home! I will go home!" She never thought Arvin was such a bad guy! She was so disappointed and sad!

She mumbled to herself, "No man should treat a woman like this! All of you are bad guys! I hate you and I will go home now!"

Arvin was so annoyed at the situation.

He caught Angela and walked with her towards the living room. Then, he threw the expensive watch and belt into the garbage bin in front of her.

And, it worked! Angela's face was filled with satisfaction!

She smiled and spoke to Arvin, "Big wing, let's go to sleep!"

Arvin was completely silent, "..."

How could she change her attitude in such a short time!

Anyway, she was not angry at all. Arvin thought it was time for them to go to sleep, but...

Angela insisted on sleeping on the end of the bed!

"Angela, you don't want to go to bed so you always turn from side to side, do you?" Arvin was seated on the bed and looked at the girl who was sleeping on the end side of the bed.

"No. I am sleepy. I am going to sleep." Angela pretended to yawn.

But Arvin directly pulled up the blanket and held Angela in his arms. Then, he pressed himself onto her and said, "Angela, if you want to struggle or revolt, I do not mind letting you upgrade!"

"Upgrade? Upgrade into what?" That sounded like playing a game!

"Into a woman!" He meant that he would have sex with her!


Angela closed her eyes instantly which made Arvin felt satisfied. She finally obeyed him. While he lay down beside her, Arvin switched off the lamp and went to sleep.

Finally, both of them could rest.

It was quiet in the room and Angela fell into a dream quickly.

However, Arvin... Did not want to sleep anymore when he saw that Angela was already asleep.

As he watched her sleep, he thought that she looked like a child. She seemed innocent and sweet when she was sleeping.

All of a sudden, Angela licked her mouth as if she was dreaming of eating some delicious.

After a long time, Arvin made a conclusion.

He was willing to watch over Angela who has fallen asleep because... It was relaxing and funny.

At Gu's home...

After changing into a pair of pajamas, Teresa continuously walked around the room with a phone in her hand. She constantly pressed the screen as if she was waiting for a call.

Hogan, who was reading the newspaper, took off his glasses and put the newspaper on the table. "Why are you so worried? It's late and you should go to bed."

Teresa stopped and hesitated for a while before she walked back to the bed. Then, she finally spoke, "Hogan, do you know that? Arvin is living with a woman!"

"What!" Hogan could not believe what he just heard so he asked again for confirmation.

Teresa's wrinkles were now visible after removing her makeup. She was already more than sixty years old.

She sat on the bed and came closer to Hogan then she said, "I say your son, Arvin, is living with a woman!"

"How did you know that?" He could not believe her unless she would say that she saw it through her own eyes! How could Arvin live with a woman? It was not his style!

"I saw it! Tonight, I was with Nita so we decided to pass by Shengfeng Mansion. When we went to his apartment, guess what? When I opened the door of his bedroom, I saw Arvin kissing a girl! And that girl was lying on his bed! I am sure that Arvin was really willing to kiss her!"

'Arvin was willing to kiss a woman? And that woman was not Rosa?' Hogan was in utter shock. "Do you know who is that girl?"

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