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   Chapter 69 Now the Truth Came to Light

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The cute girl from the hospital suddenly came across Aron's mind.

No way!

"Aron, curiosity kills the cat, don't you understand?"

"Yes, I do!" Aron answered Arvin absently. As a CEO, he knows this fact better than anybody else. But when it relates to his younger brother, Arvin, he wanted to know everything about him, even though his brother may feel bad about the invasion of his own privacy.

Later on, Aron came upon an idea. He took out his phone from his pocket, and started to check his contacts.

He remembered he had added Angela's number during his stay at the Yao Hospital...

After a few seconds of going through his contact list, he did find Angela's number!

Then, he called Angela...

Soon, a childish voice was heard from Arvin's room. "Master, I can't stand it anymore! I always dream of going to the Shaolin Temple in Songshan to learn Kung Fu. I want to fly through the air and help the weak just like the handsome Superman..."

This song was Angela's ringtone, it was called "Heroes of the Shaolin Temple". It was sung by a lot of famous stars.

The two brothers exchanged looks upon hearing the ringtone. But Angela, who was inside the room, didn't have an idea that the call was from Aron. She rushed and took her phone from the nightstand to check who was calling her. She was totally dumbfounded when she saw the name flashing on her phone screen.

Now the truth came to light.

Angela was worried whether she should pick up the phone or not. But eventually, Aron hung up.

Aron put his phone down and walked toward Arvin. He fixed his gaze over his brother and said, "Arvin, when I was in hospital, you told Angela to stay away from me. I didn't expect that you have your own purpose!"

Arvin didn't respond to the question. He just looked at Aron and asked him, "Do you want to stay?"

... Actually, Aron wanted to stay because he was trying to figure out who was in Arvin's room. Now that he already knew who it was, why would he stay?

"Arvin, don't you think you should explain it to me?"

Arvin steered his brother to the bedroom. When the door of the bedroom opened, they both saw Angela in her pink pajamas. She was standing in the middle of the room while holding her phone. She was still at a loss for words when Arvin came in. Arvin took her out by her waist. When she saw Aron, her face instantly turned red out of embarrassment.

While holding Angela's waist, Arvin asked Aron, "Bro, do you still want an explanation?"

They had already been living together! What kind of explanation did he need?

Besides, Angela was not his girlfriend. He didn't have to be so determined to get an explanation from his brother. But it just felt like... he was fooled by Arvin.

Aron didn't say anything. Despite Angela's great embarrassment, she greeted him politely, "Hi... Aron."

Angela felt extremely regretful now. Why did she agree to live with Arvin impulsively? The situation was quite awkward because they were not even a couple.

Much to his surprise, Aron smiled and said, "Angela, what a coincidence!"

Angela was out of words, "..." Since she was unable to find the right words to say at that moment, she just scratched her head.

Arvin knew that she felt embarrassed so he stood in front of her and told Aron, "You already saw the truth. Can you leave now? We need to take a rest!"

'Those words were not explanation at all, ' Aron thought to himself. He intentionally let out a deep sigh and replied, "Well, I see. I'll go now! Have a good rest!"

"Aron, it's not what you think. Arvin and I are not..." Angela was anxious and frustrated at the same time. She wanted to explain this situation, but she didn't know how.

Aron held his smile back, and asked Angela who was apparently having an anxiety, "You and Arvin are not what?


According to her expression, she was probably going to explain that there was nothing... going on between her and Arvin?

When she was about to say something, Arvin clutched her hands and asked her impatiently, "Why are you doing this?" Before hearing her answer, Arvin gave Aron an ultimatum. "Will you leave or not?"

Aron was amused in what he just found out. He didn't pay attention to his brother's rage, instead, he asked Angela, "Did you two establish a relationship secretly when I was in hospital?"

'What does "establish a relationship secretly" mean?' Arvin folded his arms and thought about throwing Aron out of the house.

Angela was not confident enough, and now, she was even flustered. She shook her head to show her innocence, "No, no, no... there's nothing going on between Arvin and me. I'm just..." What should she say? Should she say that they were living together? It didn't sound right, so she decided to say, "I'm just staying overnight. If you don't believe me, I'll leave now!"

When she was finished talking, she immediately walked away to get her bag so she could change her clothes and leave the place.

However, Arvin grabbed her hands immediately and pulled her into his arms. All of a sudden, he kissed her in front of Aron.


Angela was totally stunned.

Thinking that Aron could see them kiss, Angela felt annoyed. Didn't Arvin's behavior show that there was something between them?

She took a step back to stay away from Arvin but he reached out and held her in his arms tightly. Angela couldn't move.

Aron rubbed his eyes to convince himself that everything was real. Arvin kissed Angela in front of him!

It felt like the sun rose in the west today...

Holding back his shock, Aron cleared his throat. "Well... You two may continue. I think I need to leave now!"

Arvin let go of Angela. "Then I won't need to walk you out!"

Angela was still in surprise. Aron glared at Arvin, and then he looked back at Angela with a smile. "Angela, will you walk me out?"

"She is busy!" Arvin turned him down without any hesitation!

"She is not busy at all..." Aron protested. However, those words vanished when Aron saw Arvin kiss Angela again.

... 'Fine!'

Aron knew exactly what Aron was doing. He was showing off! Okay! He would go!

"Arvin, good for you! I hope you will have a child soon!"

Child??? Angela cried out in her mind, 'It's not what you think! It's not what you think!'

The room became went quiet again after Aron left the apartment.

Angela was breathless when Arvin nudged her back to the bedroom. He fixed his gaze over her red lips and smiled. "Go back to sleep!"

"No! I want to go home!" She regretted what she has done. She felt that the biggest mistake she made in her life was to stay in Arvin's apartment!

"Go home?" Arvin smirked, "Do you think my mother will let you go if she knew that you were in my home?"

"What do you mean?" Angela blinked away her confusion.

Arvin seized the chance and kissed her again. After a few seconds, he released Angela and explained to her, "If I'm right, my mother have already sent someone to keep an eye on me!"

And she must be waiting for Angela to appear!

Angela was unable to say anything at first because she felt a wave of panic in her heart. Finally, she spoke, "Then what should I do?"

"You don't need to do anything for now. Just take a rest tonight!" Because of what happened earlier, they weren't able to track the time. It was almost 11:00 P.M. now.

"How about tomorrow?" She had to go to work in the morning.

"You don't have to worry about it. I'll handle it." Then, Arvin made his way to switch off the light.

When Angela accidentally saw the shopping bags on the table, she decided to put everything that she wanted to say behind.

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