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   Chapter 68 Aron Became a Prophet

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6848

Updated: 2018-08-15 15:27

Teresa stared at her son and wondered whether it was Angela or not.

When Arvin came out, Nita stood up from the sofa and came to him with a warm smile on her face. "Arvin, sorry to take up your time."

Arvin slightly nodded his head and answered, "It's fine. Do you have anything to do here?"

Nita picked up several shopping bags from the table and passed them to him. "When auntie and I were shopping tonight, I bought you a new watch and a belt. You may open the gifts and see if you like them."

Arvin looked at the two bags. At the moment, what he wanted to do was to drive them out of his house as soon as possible so he opened the bags and took the gifts out. He forced a smile and told her, "Thank you very much! I like them!"

Upon hearing this, Nita looked very happy. She exclaimed, "I'm glad that you like them! Auntie and I chose the watch together. Let me try it on you..."

"No, thanks! It's okay! I can do it by myself!" Arvin refused directly.

Since Nita knew that he was always squeamish, she didn't feel awkward at all. When she was about to say something, Teresa suddenly blurted out, "Arvin, I want to use your toilet."

Arvin paused for a few seconds. The others didn't notice his hesitation. He told his mom casually, "Mom, you know that I don't share my toilet with others. You can go and use the one in the guest room."

Their eyes met and Arvin seemed very unhappy. Teresa knew that her son was not delighted at the moment, so she didn't insist on this. In her attempt to set a lighter mood, she immediately smiled. "Look at yourself. Your father and I are not neat freaks. I have no idea of the reason why you are born like that!"

Aron went through the financial news in his phone and chimed in causally, "He is not like you and dad. Maybe he is like his future father-in-law and mother-in-law."


Arvin quickly glanced at Aron. If he could tell that the woman in the bedroom was Angela, he could become a prophet.

However, Nita's mother was also a little over the top. Finn worked in the Obst

king her left ear on the door, she heard what they said clearly.

The two brothers were arguing. Aron wanted to make sure if there was a woman in the house, so he asked, "Arvin, is there anyone here?"


Aron was shocked by Arvin's answer. He didn't expect that Arvin would admit this quickly, "Who is it?"

"Aron, we are all adults. Isn't it normal to have a woman here?" Arvin said casually as if the woman in the bedroom was just a one-night stand.

But Aron didn't believe him at all!

It was impossible for Arvin to bring some stranger in his home! Aha! It would never happen to Arvin...

Aron rubbed his jaw with his thumb and index finger while he was lost in his thoughts. Suddenly, he blurted, "Let's see how the woman looks like!"

The door almost opened. Angela was really scared while trying to hide behind the door.

"Aron, what are you doing? Get out!"

Arvin yelled at him and closed the door again!

Upon hearing what Arvin has said to him, Aron became angry and offended. "Arvin, I'm your older brother. I have the right to teach you something!"

"Although you are my elder brother, you have no right to control my personal life!"

"Your personal life? Tell me, who is in the bedroom?" Aron was so curious about the woman inside his brother's bedroom. He couldn't figure out who could be sleeping there.

Was she...

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