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   Chapter 67 Arvin was Kissing a Girl

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8072

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"Why does someone come to your house at this time, Arvin?" Angela was so nervous that she could hear her heartbeat. They are in Arvin's house and wearing pajamas...

What if that someone was from the Gu family? No, no matter whom it is, if he or she saw them in pajamas, she doesn't know how to explain for herself.

She couldn't be found! And she decided to hide.

Arvin watched Angela rush to the balcony of the bedroom. She closed the door and switched off the light so nobody could see her...

The cold breeze of autumn welcomed her as she stepped outside. She shivered because she was only wearing her thin pajamas....

He didn't care who came into his apartment. Instead of going to the front door, he opened the door of the balcony to pull Angela back into the room. He cared so much for her that he didn't want her to freeze out in the cold.

"What are you doing, Arvin? I don't want to come in. If someone found us like this, we wouldn't be able to explain for ourselves!" Angela tried to release her hand from Arvin's grasp.

Of course, Arvin was stronger than her. He was able to get Angela inside the room and he put her back to bed. He covered her with the blanket and ordered, "Don't move!"

Angela was fascinated by his profound eyes and nodded in approval. She didn't make any attempts to move at all.

That was when Arvin decided to release her. Before he left the bedroom, he switched off the light and closed the door immediately.

He opened the front door of his apartment before it was about to get kicked.

It was Aron who was calling Arvin, "Arvin, what were you doing? I have seen your car in the parking and do you want to pretend that you are not at home?"

Aron began to blame Arvin. He barked, "Do you know how long I have been here? It's for almost four minutes! If you didn't open the door, I would have kicked it!"

Arvin was accustomed to his brother's bad temper. He stopped Aron who was about to come inside his apartment. "I'm ready to sleep now, why are you here?"

"Mom wanted to come here with me but I had some business in the neighborhood so I arrived before her." Aron stepped forward but Arvin was still blocking the way. Aron looked at Arvin with confusion.

Arvin tried to push him out. "Why does mom want to come here?" he asked.

"Uh, you let me come in first. It's a little cold outside." Aron wore only a thin gray shirt.

Arvin stepped asi

vin's place after going to a shopping that night. She said that she wanted to visit Arvin and Teresa agreed to come with her.

Teresa, Nita and Aron sat and waited n the living room. Teresa folded her hands and constantly glanced at the door of Arvin's bedroom. She couldn't help but think, 'Who is the girl inside my son's room? If Arvin took a girl to his house, he must have been living with her!'

Accidentally, she saw a doll behind the television and she got a hunch based on the toy.

'Is that her thing? A girl who likes such childish things...' A cute face came into her mind immediately...

'Angela? Could it be Angela?' However, she couldn't enter the bedroom to find out herself. She also couldn't ask Arvin because Nita was there with her.

In the bedroom

After the door was closed, Angela was scared and she looked at Arvin with worried eyes. "What should we do? What should we do?" she asked Arvin repeatedly.

There was no sign of worry on Arvin's face. He remained his composure and just told Angela in a calm tone, "Go on sleeping. I'll deal with everything!"

It seemed that his words worked like a magic because Angela had calmed down quickly after hearing them.

Arvin stood up and walked toward his closet. Seeing his back, Angela suddenly realized how handsome Arvin was and she felt a sense of safety when she was with him...

She wanted to find this sense of safety from Randal before but he failed to make her feel it.

After a few minutes

Arvin dressed neatly in his black shirt and camino pants. He walked out of the bedroom and closed the door right away.

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