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   Chapter 65 Go Home

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6566

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"Wow! That's her boyfriend!"


Angela was too happy to make any scene when she heard this.

When they came out from the video game hall, Arvin asked her, "Is there anything that you like?"

She shook her head with satisfaction. "That's enough!"

Arvin was speechless. The girl was easily satisfied.

They came back to Arvin's apartment. "Can I leave these dolls in your house?" Angela asked Arvin in a serious tone.

"No." He refused directly.

How was it even possible to leave these dolls in his house? He was a man! A true man!

Angela made a sulking face and curled her lip. "Okay... Now, I want to go home!"

"Kent has asked Nancy to pack your stuff and it's here. If you want to go home right now, you have to take them with you!" Arvin pointed at the four bags on the table.

Of course, Angela knew that the four bags were hers. These bags contained her personal hygiene products, clothes and pajamas!

Angela looked at the nine dolls on the sofa and demanded, "Give me a bag, then I will go home!"

"I don't have any bags!" He took off his coat and hung it up.

Angela curled her lips and the nine dolls were left on the sofa.

When Arvin went to the bathroom, Angela hid her eight dolls in his house and the smurfs doll was placed on Arvin's bed.

Angela felt excited about the thought of hugging the doll at night while she slept with Arvin. Haha!

When Arvin came out from the bathroom, he saw Angela tumbling with the smurfs doll on his bed. The bed sheet had become wrinkled. Angela seemed very excited. He looked at her and said coldly, "Smoothen out my bed sheet. Otherwise, I will throw you out of the room!"

"... Since we are going to sleep, it doesn't matter if the bed sheet is wrinkled or not! Arvin, do not tell me that you have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!" All of a sudden, Angela felt regretful to live with a neat freak like him!

Besides, the man might have a severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

was what he disliked.

"..." Angela got out of the bed and carried the doll back to the bed but Arvin stopped her. "Do not take it here on the bed!"

It was his bed! No one had slept in his bed except himself since it was bought.

"But I want to hug it!" Angela tried to get the doll onto the bed.

"No way! Angela, are you a child?"

She shook her head. Of course, she was not a child! However, this doll was a gift from him which made it more special. She liked it very much!

"You know that you are not a child anymore. Throw it away!" He shot a disapproving look at her. That made Angela a little sad!

"Arvin, you dislike me!"

"... I don't." He just disliked the doll!

Angela thought for a minute before saying, "No. You lied. If you like me, let me take the doll to the bed!"

"No way!" He stood quickly!

Angela pretended to compromise and took back her foot, "Okay! I will..."

When Arvin was about to feel relieved, Angela moved quickly and took the doll into the bed. She was too fast!

Then, she laughed a lot!

Arvin uncovered the sheets and grabbed the doll, but Angela screamed, "I'm in the bed. Look, you have touched it!"


Angela clutched her doll so tightly which made Arvin give up again!

Feeling hopeless, Arvin put his phone aside and lay down.

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