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   Chapter 64 Be Her Brother

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Even Lola was asking if Angela was dating a hand model. If he was a hand model, then he might consider working for SL Group...

Of course, all the other messages she had received just now were all about Arvin.

'Oh my gosh, ' Angela said to herself. She had just posted only the hands of Arvin. What if she actually posted pictures of Arvin's extremely handsome face?

Her WeChat would definitely blast with messages!

"Whoops! Big wing, wait for me! Big wing..." Luckily, right before the elevator door was closed, Angela has managed to squeeze herself inside.

Later on, they got on Arvin's Pagani. Before the car was started, Angela asked Arvin who was seated on the driver's seat. "Where are the shirts that I gave you?"

Arvin quickly glanced at her without saying a word.

Angela felt disappointed when he didn't answer. 'He didn't say anything. Was it because he has actually given them to one of the Gu's gardeners?'

Angela opened the door and stepped off the car. Her heart felt heavy and sad when she closed the door of the passenger seat. If he had really given them to the gardener, then she never wanted to see him again!

Before she could walk any further, Arvin went out of the car and stopped her. "Angela Si!"

She turned around and glanced at Arvin with a hint of heartache and mellowness in her eyes.

Angela didn't have to say anything but Arvin was certainly attracted by her expressive eyes. The resentment in her eyes was enough to make him nervous. Arvin had no choice but to tell her. "The shirts are in my closet."

Upon hearing this, she couldn't help but smile.

She jogged towards the car and asked, "How many?"


"Will you wear them or not?"

"Yes, I will!"


While facing all of her ceaseless queries, Arvin felt glad that he was not her boyfriend! If he had a girlfriend as quick-witted and weird as her... Hmm... It might not be bad at all!

"The day after tomorrow!" He had to be back at the old house and pick up the clothes there tomorrow.

However, Angela was not contented about Arvin's answer. "You don't like the shirts, do you? If you don't like them at all, fine, I'll take those shirts back and give them to—" Angela was supposed to say Sven Si.

However, he interrupted her words and spoke as fast as he could. "Tomorrow! I'll wear them tomorrow! I will ask my assistant Kent to bring them to me later."

Angela felt delighted upon hearing it. She immediately climbed back to the car and claimed the seat next to Arvin. At that exact moment, she thought Arvin was really a nice man!

Arvin massaged his temple. It seemed to hurt just a little bit, so he decided to search on the Internet about "why women were so fickle-minded." He wondered why they were frequently changing their ideas in an instant!

Later on, Arvin's car drove inside the underground parking lot of a shopping mall. After getting off the car, they went upstairs together.

Arvin looked around and asked, "What do you want for compensation?"

Angela thought for a while and glanced up to the ceiling before she replied, "Would you buy me anything I want?"


"What do you mean by 'basically'? Is it a yes?" Angela wondered and looked at Arvin curiously.

Eventually, Arvin nodded his head.

Angela's eyes gleamed and her lips curved into a happy smile. Then, she hooked her arm on Arvin and said, "Come on. Let's go to the third floor!"

At the third floor of the shopping mall

Arvin stood still with a stiff look on his face while eyeing the rows of machines in front of him... It was unexpected of Angela to take him to the arcade and play video games!

Angela pushed him gently and pointed at the bar counter. She urged him, "Come on. Buy some coins there! I want to catch one of those dolls!" She pointed to the claw crane nearby the counter.

Realizing what she actually wanted to do, he refused decisively. "No. Let's go back. I'll buy you a pair of pearls tomorrow. I promise the quality will be as good as the ones produced in Tahiti!"

She shook her head in disapproval and said in

a disappointed voice, "I just want to have fun with this! When I hung out with Sven, he would always stay on my side in whatever I wanted to do!"

"But Sven is your brother!"

"But you said before that I should call you brother, too!"

"..." Being a man that he was, he still felt that it was somewhat awkward to catch dolls, so he kept protesting. "He's your biological brother!"

"If you like, you can also be my brother!"

"..." 'Be her brother? No way!'

Arvin was tired of explaining, so he asked her to wait aside while he went to the counter to buy some coins... Later on... Angela counted the coins in her hand. There were ten coins in total!

Much to her surprise, she wondered, "It's weird you've got changes in your pocket!"

"No, I left the remaining ninety coins to him!" Arvin raised his chin slightly to his right.

Angela peered over and saw a little boy not far away from them. He was holding a basket of game coins in his arms and sharing the coins with his others friends happily.


'Fine, I'll buy on my own if the coins are not enough, ' Angela thought.

God knew why they didn't catch even one doll with ten game coins.


When they both looked at the machine, they were dumfounded. After trying to play for a few times, Arvin told her, "Stay here!"

Arvin left and she waited for several minutes.

Later on, he was back with a basket full of game coins.

'There must be at least three hundred game coins, ' Angela guessed.

Yes, Arvin did buy three hundred yuan of game coins, and then they started to catch dolls again.

Angela was really not good at playing this. She was so unskillful that she failed to catch even one doll after spending five hundred game coins...

Anyway, they were both determined to catch dolls in front of the claw crane. Arvin just stood aside and watched Angela spend two hundred game coins!

However, no doll was caught yet!

Honestly, he really admired Angela's patience on catching dolls.

Since two coins were needed per game, she could try a hundred times with the two hundred game coins she have! A hundred times! She had failed every time, but she kept fighting.

As the game coins in the basket were slowly disappearing, Arvin grasped the hand of Angela who was about to insert more game coins into the machine.

Feeling confused, she looked at him. At the same time, Arvin signaled her to move away.

To give way to Arvin, Angela moved to her side and pouted her mouth.

"Insert two game coins, " Angela tried to teach Arvin how to use the machine. "Catch that one. I want the smurfs!"

According to her direction, Arvin moved the iron claw towards the smurfs and caught it immediately!

Angela's eyes widened out of excitement, but she held her joy because she was afraid that the smurfs would be scared by her loud voice and fall down.

Arvin was calm regardless of Angela's amusement. Although it was his first time to catch dolls with Angela, he was completely confident about doing it!

As expected! The smurfs... 'Oh! Arvin did it so well!' Angela was amazed. He managed to catch the smurfs successfully!

Angela was so thrilled! And she was very excited to get her new doll! She couldn't help screaming out of joy, which attracted the attention of every person in the hall.

She took out the smurfs from the machine and gave it a kiss. Then, ignoring what others might think of them, she hugged Arvin and glanced at him with a smile plastered on her face. "Arvin, Arvin, I adore you so much! You are exactly my prince!"

Seeing her as happy as a kid, Arvin slightly patted her head and said, "Wait and see!"

Then, accompanied by Angela's excited squeals, Arvin used up the rest of the game coins and successfully caught another nine dolls!

Angela held all the dolls in her arms as they left the hall, leaving other girls casting an envious glance behind the two.

Angela could still hear one of the girls as she complained to her other friends. "Look at that girl's boyfriend. He is so handsome and skillful at the same time! I'm so jealous of her!"

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