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   Chapter 63 You are So Nice

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Updated: 2018-08-12 18:20

Twenty minutes later, Angela threw the used towel into the basket. Then, she ran to Arvin and stretched her right hand to him.

Now, he could give her phone back to her, right?

Arvin sat on the sofa and gave the phone back to Angela. Once the phone was in her hands, he exclaimed, "You took twenty-three photos of me, which means you should live with me for a month!"

'What? Live with Arvin for a month? That sounds good!' However, Angela got curious so she asked Arvin a question. "How did you know that I took more than twenty photos for you?"

"Because I saw your photo gallery." Arvin admitted without any hint of hesitation.

Angela could not believe it! She looked at her phone screen and blurted out, "Arvin, how could you do that? Do you think it's right to see my album? It is private... By the way, how did you open my album?"

Last night, she wore a lovely pair of pajamas so she took pictures for herself before she went to sleep. She wondered whether Arvin has seen these or not!

"I cracked your password!"

"So, what's the password of my phone?" She had a difficult time processing what Arvin has told her because she was so sure that her phone was protected by a password!

Compared with her excitement and puzzlement, Arvin was obviously calm. He spoke to her in an indifferent way. "Generally, people who are as naive as you would set their birthday or phone number as their password."

... Angela's excited face has changed into a gloomy one. She questioned Arvin again. "So, how did you know my birthday?"

"You had some information about your birthday in your WeChat, so I knew it."

Last year, Angela took a picture for herself with the birthday cake prepared by Chuck and she uploaded it on her WeChat account.


Angela had no choice but to admire Arvin's resourcefulness! No wonder he was regarded as the black horse in medical field! He was so smart!

"Have you seen anything else?" She asked him and wanted to know how many photos he has seen in her gallery.

Arvin looked at her with a serious face and replied, "I saw everything in your gallery."

Besides, he also sent two photos... Of Angela... To his phone.

Yes! One of these was taken by Nancy. The photo showed Angela while doing a headstand. She was wearing her lovely pajamas and her belly was exposed. This photo looked so particular and special...


ulled him up and answered, "No problem! Definitely, no problem! I promise that I will live with you but I have one condition. You should buy everything that I like tonight!"

Arvin was surprised when he heard Angela's condition. He had a feeling that Angela did not fully understand what were the implications of living with a man!

Was it because of her overprotective family?

Or, Angela really wanted to have sex with him?

It was until that evening when Arvin knew that he was wrong.

When he changed his clothes and walked out of his room, Angela rushed to him. She took his hands and carefully stared at it.

"What do you want to do?" Arvin hesitated.

With a disappointed voice, Angela mumbled, "My friends say your hands looked really nice. Well, they are right. I would never notice if they did not say it to me. Arvin, my friends want me to send more of your photos to them. Should I give them—" Angela was interrupted because Arvin has walked out of the room. He did not give her the chance to continue her talk! "Hey, big wing! Wait for me!" she yelled.

Arvin was so angry when he found out that Angela planned to send his photos to her friends. He went at the door and changed his shoes. Then, he walked straight out of the house and left.

Angela remained motionless at the living room. However, when Arvin was out of her sight, she rushed to the door and hurriedly changed her shoes.

It was not her fault! It was her friends' faults! In reality, they did not care about what she has cooked, but they were all curious and attracted by Arvin's hands!

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