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   Chapter 61 I Will Take You to the Hospital

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8018

Updated: 2018-08-11 23:49

"Big wing... I warn you... Do not screw around me..." Arvin took off his coat and threw it on the sofa.

He only wore a tight shirt. Angela could see his strong and muscular body in the dim light.

Arvin's muscles looked ripped. Angela could not help but swallow. It seemed like Arvin had a perfect built for a man. She liked what she was seeing...

"Screw around you?" He stared at Angela who had an obvious blush on her cheeks. He walked a step toward her, while she stepped backward.

As their chasing game continued, Angela had no other choice but to sit on the bed. Then, Arvin pressed himself onto her with his palms against the bed and closed the distance between them.

Arvin was going to kiss her. This made Angela so nervous that she had to lean her body. However, when she looked into Arvin's eyes, she was unable to say a word. He has dark but arractive eyes. He was so handsome!

Then, Angela lay down on Arvin's bed...

Arvin felt Angela's heartbeat and he knew that she was nervous. He smiled slyly and moved closer to her. He held her with his left arm and loosened his tie with his other hand.

The room was full of ambiguity and the atmosphere was intense because of what Arvin has done.

Angela blinked away her confusion. Oh my God, was Arvin... Seducing her?

Right at this moment, Arvin threw his tie to other side and unbuttoned his shirt. The way his body moved was so seductive that Angela almost could not control herself. She wanted to hold him and kiss him.

"Big... Big... Dr. Gu... Arvin, what do you want to do?" Finally, Angela chose to call him in his first name rather than big wing.

"What do I want to do? I want you to experience the feeling of living with me." His lips curved into a playful smile.

"The feeling of living with you? What do you mean?" Angela couldn't understand what he meant. Because Arvin was so charming that she was caught in his spell. She could not think straight and understand what he meant when she was with him.

"There's only you and me in this room. Everything could happen to us... Do you like this feeling?" He slightly moved her bangs to her ears. He was so gentle with her.

Uhmm... Angela finally understood what Arvin meant! She knew it! Arvin was angry about what she has said to Randal and he would not let her get off the hook easily. He wanted to punish her!

The reason he took her to his place

illet... Here! Potato..."

Half an hour later, Angela was shocked when she saw that Arvin was already standing at the door. He was only wearing a night robe!

His face was serious. He crossed his arms on his chest and stared at her.

"You are silly, aren't you? Why do you have to take a bath now?" Angela waved the spatula in front of Arvin's face.

Arvin rolled his eyes and turned around, then he left the kitchen.


"Frozen guy! Frozen wing! Big wing... Fire, fire, fire... I will fire you... Lalala..." Angela wanted to curse Arvin. However, she just sang a song for him.

Arvin was seated on the sofa. He looked at Angela who was busy cooking at his kitchen. He couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing.

She was cursing him, wasn't she? How could she change it into a song? How could she quickly change her attitude in just a snap? It's faster than turning the page of a book!

Twenty minutes later...

Angela clapped her hands when she placed fish with sauerkraut on the dining table. "It's done!"

Arvin put his phone into his pocket and sat on the dining chair.

The smell of the food made his mouth water. He took the chopsticks and aimed for the fish, but he was suddenly interrupted by Angela. "Wait a moment! This dish definitely has a great look and taste so I want to take a picture of it first!"

Arvin was speechless about it. However, Angela totally ignored him and hurriedly went back to the room to take her phone.

When she came back to the dining room, Arvin was already eating the tomato and the needle mushroom with a smile on his face.

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