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   Chapter 60 The Famous Taekwondo Coach

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8148

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Randal was about to get angry, but he suppressed his anger as soon as he remembered Angela's family background. He tried to talk to her as calmly as he could. "Because your existence brought me trouble."

"Really? Does it also bother you that I'm alive? Do you mean I have to die so I could not bother you anymore?"

'That was so funny!' Angela thought to herself.

Since the beginning, Nancy was disgusted with Randal's unmanly behavior. However, she got more furious when he blamed Angela for bringing him trouble. She had never seen a man who had played with a woman's feelings with such an unjustifiable cheating! "How dare you say that? In the first place, you were with Angela only because of her money. And now you're there just shedding all the pretenses of cordiality since she had discovered your real aim? You should be ashamed of yourself!"

After hearing what she said, Randal was even more angry and speechless because Nancy was totally right.

After a long time of quietness, he finally spoke, "Angela, you better pray to God so you would never fall in my hands!"

Angela waved her hand casually. "Fuck off. I won't give you any chance of this! You're just a complete waste of time."

In fact, she had thought about breaking up with him for so many times before. And of course, she had also considered whether she would be his friend or just a stranger after they ended the relationship. But what she didn't expect was that Randal was going to be her enemy!

Randal left the parking lot with his eyes full of anger. As soon as he left, Angela felt the world became quiet again.


"Angela Si." A cold voice stopped Angela when she was about to get inside the car.

'Oh my God!' Angela thought to herself, 'So, those that I have met today were just little monsters. The big boss is waiting here for me! Oh no!'

Thinking of what she bragged to Randal earlier, Angela broke out in a cold sweat! She caught sight of the handsome man who was leaning on the Pagani sports car.

Although it was hard to see who he was in the dark, Angela was sure that the man was Arvin!

Having all the lessons from Arvin for a few times before, Angela thought that it would be better for her if she would escape now and ran away!

"What a coincidence! But I really have to go now, so I guess I'll see you later, Dr. Gu!" Angela blurted. Angela tipped Nancy with a wink and got inside her car in a hurry. Nancy

Because Angela was dazed at his once in a blue moon smile, she followed Arvin to the elevator obediently. Angela didn't recover until Arvin got off the elevator and opened a milky white wooden door.

However, it was too late. She had already entered the "wolf's den". Well, in fact.. It was Arvin's apartment.

Covering a few hundred square meters, the spacious apartment was colored mainly in black, white and gray. It included four bedrooms, two living rooms, a kitchen and a storage room. Only the living room was nearly a hundred square meters.

Even though she had seen how neat freak his Father Chuck was, Angela was still astonished at what she just saw.

It was spotless everywhere. All the furniture looked so new, as if it had never been used before.

Arvin took out a pair of white disposable slippers and the dumbfounded Angela wore them at once.

Once she had changed the slippers, Arvin said to her, "Angela, come and follow me."

His tone was still gentle as heaven.

Without having any idea what she would encounter next, Angela nodded and followed him into the innermost bedroom.

Angela regained her presence of mind immediately when Arvin opened the bedroom door. It was obviously a man's bedroom. "Why... Why did you bring me here?"

Arvin suddenly closed the door. He stared at her with joy in his eyes. "I thought you know."

She knew? How could she know?

But why did she have a bad feeling about them being alone in the same room?

She had an instinct that something was about to happen but since she had no experience of this kind, she just didn't know what exactly it was.

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