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   Chapter 59 Thank You for Thinking Highly of Me

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7160

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At around 10 this morning, as soon as Angela finished getting a patient's blood pressure, Lucy came to her and pulled her out of the ward.

"What's up? Why?"

Lucy dragged her to a quiet place and let her hand go. "Have you seen the BBS, Angela?"

"No. I have been busy at work." What Angela said was true. As time went by, she got busier with her work in the VVIP department.

Lucy took out her phone from her pocket and explained, "I saw a post on the way to the bathroom. Do you know Director Wang? He released a post just now. Look!"

"Director Wang? Isn't he the director of VVIP Department?"

Angela saw the title. It was something about Angela from the VVIP department.

It was mainly about the whole thing about Angela sending a shirt to Arvin. It was known by everyone in the hospital and had a bad influence to the people who were involved in the matter. However, after the investigation, he got a statement from Dr. Gu. According to Dr. Gu, Angela didn't give a shirt to him. He denied what the previous post had described... It was telling everyone in the hospital to focus on work since the whole thing was just made up by someone.

Angela realized this post was to clear her name!

Nobody would talk about this event in the public after Director Wang's clarification. If there were some people who would gossip about this, they would do it privately.

Angela felt relieved. She returned the phone to Lucy then turned around and started to walk away.

Suddenly, she was stopped by Lucy. She looked at Angela with a look of malicious smile. "What's going on between you and Dr. Gu, Angela? Tell me about it. I promise not to tell anyone!"

Angela gave in and told her, "Okay, I'll tell you! My brother and Dr. Gu are good friends. For my brother's sake, Dr. Gu occasionally takes care of me in the hospital. That's all."

What she told to Lucy was true except in private, Arvin was a hooligan! Who tried to kiss her for several times!

Lucy was a little skeptical but she said in an excited tone, "You said your older brother and Dr. Gu were good friends. So, what are you still waiting for? You have special advantages for a favorable position! Arvin's an excellent man and he's available to you."

At first, Angela was speechless. It took her a few seconds to regain her composure. "So you think I am capable of taking Arvin? Thank you for thinking highly of me, Lucy!"

Lucy looked at Angela from head to toe. "As your colleague and friend at the same time, I want to tell you, yes! You can! Look at your small face! You have this smooth and tender skin. You also have big eyes and small pink lips... Wow, what a beauty!"

Angela couldn't help but chuckle. However, she realized something and gave Lucy a frown, "Are you kissing my ass?"

"Yes, I am! Do you feel a little happy?"

Angela laughed out loud. Her behavior was far from a lady. Then, she carefully put her hand on Lucy's shoulder. "Yes, everyone loves to listen to compliments. I am quite happy hearing yours!"

"Your're good, Angela. Ha ha! I'll take that as a compliment." Angela felt better. She was very pleased with herself.

She seemed so happy now, perhaps because her trouble has been solved...

But that was only a feeling, in fact the trouble was far from being over.

Later on, Angela and Nancy walked hand in hand towards the parking lot. However, when they were halfway near the garden, they were stopped by three women.

Because it was already off work, everyone had changed to their casual clothes and put on some makeup. It became so hard

to recognize their faces at first.

"Angela!" A woman with a fair and clear skin stopped her. She looked quite aggressive.

It was obvious that she prepared for this moment because she instantly recognized Angela and Nancy.

While holding Nancy's hand, Angela turned around to the direction of the voice and asked calmly, "What's wrong?"

The woman, who looked white, was called Amanda. She was a surgical nurse in Yao Hospital. She angrily looked at Angela and snarled, "What's wrong with you? Don't think you can get rid of tempting Arvin just because of Director Wang's clarification! I tell you, we won't let you get away with it if you don't come up with an appropriate reason!"

Angela smiled with contempt, "Come up with an appropriate reason? Who do you think you are? Why should I explain it to you?"

Angela's words irritated Amanda. "You really don't know chalk from cheese, Angela! Believe it or not, we were here to teach you a lesson. And you will be crying and looking for mama!"

Angela did not pay attention to them. She just looked at Nancy and placed her hands on her shoulder. In her calm and gentle voice, she warned Nancy. "Nancy, they are so powerful. Remember this, okay? Later, you record a video of my worst look!"

Nancy got what Angela meant. Her lips curved into a smile and nodded. "Okay, but watch yourself, Angela!"

"Kisses to you, my best Nancy."


The three women in front of them was confused by their words. They couldn't figure out what Angela and Nancy planned to do.

After a while, Angela and Nancy were still talking in low voices. Amanda got a little angry at them, "Enough, you two! I give you one last chance, Angela. If you would say that you give up on Dr. Gu, we'll let you go now!"

"Are you finished?" Angela put her hands behind her and moved her fingers.

If she didn't do something today, they would keep on doing this to her.

"Yes. I'm done."

Suddenly, Amanda was thrown to the ground. Angela hit her and made her uncapable of moving.

"Oh, my God. Amanda! Ouch!" It was followed by another shout from a woman. Now, she was lying beside Amanda.

On the ground, the two women were crying in pain. Their mouths were left open and they couldn't say a single word. As for the third woman, she was frightened by Angela's fists. When she saw that Angela was approaching her, she ran immediately. "Oh, my God! Help!"

As soon as the woman disappeared, Angela shook her head. "She must be in a sports team back in school."

'Okay, the three women would never bother me again.' Nancy ran over to Angela with the phone clutched in her hand. "You're awesome, Angela!"

Angela took the phone and saw that the whole thing was recorded in a video. Later on, they left the area as if nothing had happened.

In the parking lot

Angela found her own car and was ready to get in when suddenly, a figure appeared.

After a careful look, she recognized it was someone she knew. It was Randal. However, she just gave him a frown and didn't say anything.

In spite of that, Randal had the guts to block her and Nancy's way then he let out an angry voice. "Angela!"

"What!" Angela didn't bother to look at his face.

"Leave Yao Hospital!" Before, Angela saw Randal as a handsome guy. However, after everything that has happened between them, his presence disgusted her. She just saw an ugly man.

"Why do I have to leave the hospital?" First, that three women gave her a warning. Now, Randal told her to leave the place. It seemed like no one in Yao Hospital wanted her to be there.

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