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   Chapter 58 Live Together With Arvin

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But Angela was so uncomfortable that she couldn't stop talking. She must release those feelings. "So, Randal, do you think you are better than Arvin? No. You're nothing compared to him! Nothing! You didn't care about me when I was with you. You even persuaded me to lose weight even though I was only 120 pounds!" ...

Angela might never let it go. Fine! She admitted that 120 pounds was not skinny. However, she never planned to lose weight. She would feel unhappy if she lost a few pounds.

"Do you know what Arvin said about my weight? He liked girls with a little fat. He didn't want me to lose weight and even persuaded me to eat more but it's a pity that you may never have a chance see how gentle Arvin is! I was a little overwhelmed by his gentleness. So, I dumped you. I never thought you would call me again just to insult me..."

When Angela was quarreling with Randal, Nancy was also worried that Angela's words would be heard by Arvin on the other line. She was afraid to hang up on Arvin.

Arvin did hear Angela's words. However, when Angela said, "Do you think you are better than Arvin? You're nothing compared to him..." he smiled happily.

Adam was startled when he saw Arvin's smile. 'Isn't he talking with Nancy? Why is he smiling?'

Angela was still arguing with Randal. She even walked closer to Nancy, who looked anxious right now. Angela kept on saying, "Slept together? You didn't know about that? Since we have lived together, what do you think will happen between a hot-blooded man and a young woman in a room? Oh, Randal. You know what, I have been cheating on you! Ha ha ha ha!"

At that moment, Nancy immediately covered Angela's mouth with her hand.

However, it was too late...

Angela got rid of Nancy's hand and then covered her cell phone receiver, "Wait a moment, Nancy. We're already late, so we don't need to hurry. I want to finish this phone call with Randal first."

Nancy finally got a second to explain to Angela what was going on. She pointed at her cell phone and whispered, "It is Dr. Gu. He's on the phone..."

Angela froze and her eyes were full of shock. "Dr... Dr... Dr. Gu? Which Dr. Gu?" She was so startled that she immediately hung up on Randal, who was still talking to her.

"It's Arvin!" Nancy pointed at the holding time on the screen display. "Two minutes and thirty seconds..."

Angela couldn't pretend to be calm. She tried to recall what she said just now... Holy mama! She said everything, including the words "slept together" and "lived together."

Suddenly, a voice came from Nancy's cell phone, "Angela..."

"Oh!" Angela was frightened by this voice. It was really Arvin and Nancy wasn't kidding. She just ran towards VVIP of the hospital. She didn't dare to answer Arvin.

"Oh my God. Look what I said just now. 'Live together with him and slept with him...'" All these words were bad to his reputation. She must be dead.

"Don't run so fast, Angela! Wait for me!" Nancy yelled.

The phone was cut off by Arvin when he didn't receive an answer. He figured out what was happening on the other line.

Avrin was about to comfort Angela. However, it seemed like his worry was not needed.

It was no need, actually. 'I, Angela, wouldn't be hurt by these gossip!' All her life, Angela never feared someone except for Harry and Kevin... And also Arvin.

'Just be brave, Angela. You don't fear anybody!' Angela comforted herself.

After changing her nurse uniform, Alice glared a

t her with furious eyes. Then she heard Winnie talking, "As the head nurse of VVIP, why did you do such insulting things to the morals of this hospital, Angela? It didn't make any sense! This event brought so much damage to Dr. Gu's reputation..."

Angela abruptly stopped Winnie's reprimand, "Winnie..."

"What! I am not done talking!"

Angela knew that she wasn't finished scolding her yet. But if she allowed her to educate her, her ears couldn't stand it!

"Before you scold me, Winnie, I want to explain this thing." Hurt Arvin? So, she didn't feel hurt? Hmph!

Winnie cleared her voice and peered at Angela with curiosity in her eyes. "Explain it! If you can explain this, it may not cause problems for VVIP."

"Well... I did come to Dr. Gu's office, but I have my reason. I stained his shirt a couple of days ago so I bought him one and sent it to him. So, it's reasonable for me to go into his office, right? There is no such thing as tempting him!"

But as a matter of fact, she didn't know whether Arvin accepted it. Did he really give it to his gardener?

If so, she wouldn't buy him anything more!

While Winnie and Angela were still talking, Alice came along and interrupted Angela. "How come you stained Arvin's shirt?"

The question was quite incisive... Angela didn't know how to respond to Alice's question...

Facing everyone's eyes, she came up with a great excuse. "I went out to have dinner with Nancy, but I got drunk. I accidentally bumped into Arvin and spread wine on him. He was about to sit down and have dinner with his girlfriend."

Nancy nodded to support her friend. "Yes. That was true! I was drinking with her at that time. I can testify for her." Upon hearing this, Angela felt relieved.

"So, Angela, does Dr. Gu really have a girlfriend?" Xenia asked and looked a bit surprised.

Eh... She couldn't even know whether he had a girlfriend because they were not so close. But at that moment, he had one! Otherwise, she couldn't get through this mess. "Of course he did! Dr. Gu is so excellent. Why is it surprising to you if he has a girlfriend? You can give up on him now!"

Alice almost cried, "How come Dr. Gu has a girlfriend already! No... I feel hurt."

Lucy was confused so she probed more questions. "Why are you so sure that the girl you saw is his girlfriend? Who is this girl? Do you know more about her?"


Angela was trying to think a cover up for her lie. However, Winnie shushed their questions, "Enough! Now it's time for the morning assembly, not a time for you to talk about Dr. Gu's personal affairs!"

"That's right!" Now, everyone echoed Winnie. Angela stood straight and nodded.

When the morning meeting was over, Angela kept pondering who was responsible in releasing the video online and even labelled her as that.

That person must have bad feelings towards her!

'Let me see, in the hospital, there was no one hating me except for Randal... Oh! No... Would it be a fan of Arvin's?'

How come... She didn't do anything with Arvin. If she did, how come they would know about this...

To help her get rid of her confusion, Angela decided to call Sven.

"Could you help me investigate one thing for me, Sven..."

After she hung up, she started to worry about another thing. What she told Randal about the thing between Arvin and her had never really happened. She purposely made those remarks to save her face.

But it seemed like bigger troubles would come soon.

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