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   Chapter 57 Who do You Think You are

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7011

Updated: 2018-08-09 19:00

Suddenly, a voice came up, "Are you Angela?"

Two women in their nurse uniform walked toward Angela. They both looked at her from head to toe.

Angela took the lollipop out of her mouth and asked them, "That's me. What's wrong?"

"Oops! It was you? Who gave Dr. Gu a gift the other day? Look at you. You're not pretty at all. What kind of witchcraft did you use to Dr. Gu?" One of them sneered at Angela with sarcasm.

Nancy pushed up her eyeglasses and peered over the two nurses furiously, "What witchcraft? What's wrong with you?"

Angela was outraged, too. Although she was having a headache, she glared at them and barked, "What're you talking about?"

One of the nurses was frightened by Angela's anger and lowered her voice, "What are we talking about? The surveillance video of you giving gift to Dr. Gu was revealed. You sneaked into Dr. Gu's office and gave a shirt to him. But you know what? Dr. Gu gave it to his gardener. Ha ha! It's so funny!"

"What kind of surveillance video? Let me see!" Angela put the lollipop back into her mouth and stretched out her hands for the video.

"You can go online and check our hospital's BBS. Let me remind you first, Angela, your work time was revealed. Just be careful when you're not in the hospital..." After their intense conversation, the two nurses walked away hand in hand.

Angela and Nancy took out their cell phones instantly and opened the BBS of the Yao Hospital. Soon, they found a post which was named, Angela in VVIP sneaked into Vice Director's office and sent him a shirt.


Then they saw a surveillance video of the deputy director's floor. In this video, Angela lifted a handbag into the office and left. All details were revealed.

Just 20 minutes after the post was released, Angela's name was famous among Yao Hospital.

The comments behind the post were all dirty words towards Angela. Some even revealed that she was Randal's ex-girlfriend and she was closely related to the owners of the hospital. Everything private about Angela was discovered except her family background.

Nancy's hands were

a message from Kent.

Arvin dialed the phone number right away, but all he heard was, "Sorry! The subscriber you have dialed is busy right now..."

However, he couldn't wait to get through to Angela. He was afraid that she would be quick to assume things and get hurt in return... He immediately decided to call Kent again. "Get me Nancy's cell phone number!"

Arvin got Nancy's phone number and quickly dialed it. "Hello? Who is this?" Nancy answered. When Nancy accepted the call, Angela's swearing words were so loud that Arvin, who was on the other end of the line, heard what she was saying. "Who do you think you are? You think everyone likes to two-time their lover? Fine! I tell you, not only did I go out with Arvin, but we also Lived... Together! Aha! And you? You're just a backup! So? How do you feel about this?"

At the same time, Nancy was wondering who called her because the number wasn't registered on her phone. "Who is this? I'll hang up if you don't say your name!"

"It's Arvin."

Nancy was startled when he heard the words. She quickly turned around and glanced at Angela, who was busy scolding Randal.

'Oops! Arvin must have heard what Angela was saying.'

Nancy was immediately filled with panic so she interrupted Angela who didn't have any idea that Arvin had already heard her. To prevent her friend from saying more, she signaled her to shut her mouth.

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