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   Chapter 56 Look at Me

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Nancy screamed and Sven pulled Angela into his arm. He stopped her hands from waving and finally prevented the accidental exposure.

"Angela, are you crazy?"

Angela let out a silly laugh then she took off her coat and told Sven, "Sven, I want to sing and dance. Leave me alone!"

Sven said reluctantly, "You are a girl! Don't take off your clothes like those two guys! Besides, look over there! Who is he?"

Sven pointed at the man who stood nearby. Angela followed Sven's gaze and found a familiar face. The man looked at Angela coldly. 'My God!'

Suddenly, she regained consciousness!

"Big Wing! Why are you here?"

Arvin told her, "I'm here to watch you do a striptease!"

Sven was totally speechless.

Angela released herself from Sven's hands and ran to Arvin. "Great! I want to see you dance!"

When she was completely sober, she knew that Arvin was obviously in good shape!

Finally, she could see that well-built body! That thought made Angela very excited!

Arvin didn't say anything. With his hostile eyes, he fixed a gaze on her. "Put on your clothes!"

'Angela was an annoying girl! How dare she dance a striptease with other men!'

Every time Angela got drunk, he would always see a different side of her, which greatly widened his horizon

"No! I don't want to put on any clothes!" Angela pulled away from Sven who was trying to help her put on her clothes. She ran to Nancy and drank some beer.

Benson saw how drunk Angela was, so he warned her. "Angela, no more beers for you! If you would get involved in drunken brawls later, then Sven will take you home!"

When Sven and Arvin sat beside Angela, Nancy immediately greeted them.

Angela was so drunk that she didn't care too much about her actions! She just broke up with her boyfriend who didn't love her back. She was definitely out of love. Because of this, she thought that she should be forgiven for anything!

When Arnold and Craig finished their dance, Angela ran to the front and chose her song. She took the microphone and sang a sad song. "It should be peaceful to break up. We needn't say sorry to each other. We don't owe each other..."

Sven crossed his arms while giving a strange look at

ssed the relationship between the two.

Xinhe Garden

Arvin put Angela on her round bed. As soon as she was laid down, she turned over immediately and was about to fall off the bed.

Arvin panicked a little and hurried to catch her. He was just in time to catch her in his arms.

Arvin had no choice but to put her on the bed again. This time, she grasped a doll into her arms and fell asleep again!

The next morning...

When Angela heard what happened last night, she was deeply absorbed in her thoughts.

She couldn't help but to think of the way she clung to Arvin and his reaction toward her. Why did Arvin take her home instead of kicking her away?

Angela sucked on a lolly while overthinking of all the questions until her head got painful. Later on, she went to the hospital.

Nancy told Angela, "Angela, I think Doctor Gu had crush on you!"

Due to her reluctance, Angela stopped in her tracks and told her carefully, "Nancy, you've said this for ten times since morning!"

"I meant it. This is true! Doctor Gu looked at you in a particular way when he put you into bed last night..."

"Okay. I get it!"

'How could it be possible?!' Earlier, she asked Arvin whether he had a crush on her or not. But Arvin said that she was only dreaming!

Angela rubbed her head. She only had a half bottle of beer, but her head was so painful! She was really not good at drinking...

She swore that she would never drink again! That was for sure!

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