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   Chapter 55 Angela Started to Get Tipsy

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His words made all the people become silent.

Nita looked up immediately at Arvin. "Arvin, Rosa has disappeared for seven years. She would never come back..."

Rosa, the fiancee of Arvin, disappeared the day after her engagement and didn't show up for seven years.

Arvin glanced at Nita coldly. "Whether she comes back or not, it's none of your business."

His emotionless words made Nita calm down. She was too impulsive earlier. "Sorry. Don't be pressured. She will definitely come back!"

Just then, Lily opened the door slowly and retorted, "Arvin, you've waited her for seven years. It's enough! You have the right to pursue your own happiness. Don't waste your whole life on this, okay?"

The environment was a little embarrassing. However, Mrs. Gu broke the deadlock now.

Arvin nodded his head and said politely, "Yes, grandmother."

Teresa thought a little bit and told her son in her soft voice, "Arvin, I'm not forcing you. I just want you to know that Nita is a good girl. I like her very much. You can't miss such a good girl! Otherwise, if Rosa does not show up at the end of this year, can you stay together with Nita?" Now, it was the tenth lunar month. This means that there are two months left before the new year.

"Mum, I have my own plan for my future. Don't bother!" After this, Arvin ignored everyone and left the living room.

He went to the balcony in a bad mood and called Sven.

"Why are you as slow as a tortoise?"

Sven looked at the congested traffic. "Arvin, it's rush hour now. You know that!"

"When will you arrive?" He must have a good excuse to leave since the elders were all here.

"About ten minutes?! If the traffic jam would ease up, I'd be there in a few minutes."


When he hung up the phone, he heard a footstep. It was definitely Nita.

He looked at the night sky without saying any word.

Nita stood beside him and followed his eyes. Outside was the


Arnold took off his coat!

"Take off your shirt! Take off! Take off your shirt!"

Arnold took off his thin sweater and people started to scream...

"Take off your mask! Take off! Take off your fussy! Take off!"

Arnold took off his belt in an instant.

"Take off them all! Take off!"

"Take off! Take off! Take off! Take off!"


The environment reached to its hottest point. After the song, Arnold had taken off his shirt and coat.

Craig came forward and exclaimed, "Let's do it again! I'll participate!"

"Okay!" Arnold put on his coat again and chose the song.

Angela jumped off the sofa and rushed to Craig. "Me too!"

Okay!" Okay!" Craig stood beside her and agreed.

At this time, the door was opened. Because he was Angela's brother, people in the room were familiar with Sven. They greeted to him.




Because of all the fun they were all having, the three people in front of the screen have completely ignored the man behind of Sven. They just continued to sing and dance.

Angela screamed happily, took off her coat and threw it to Sven!

Sven took her coat immediately.

The music continued, "Take off your shirt! Take off! Take off the shirt!"

Angela was too happy and started to take off her shirt!

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