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   Chapter 54 You Don't Have a Girlfriend, Do You

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Angela received a call from Arnold. "Angela, we are back now in the city. Shall we hang out tonight?"

Angela asked in a low spirit, "Who's gonna be there with us?"

Feeling excited, Arnold answered, "Benson and Craig were back here too. Ask your girl friends if they could join us. Let's get some fun tonight!"

"Okay!" She happened to be crossed in love these days. This caused her to be in a low mood which was also because she has never went out of the house!

"What do you mean by okay? So, it's a deal. I'll see you at seven o'clock this evening at the old place!" Arnold instantly made the decision for Angela.

Angela nodded her head. "Fine, I'll see you tonight!"

Upon hanging up Arnold's call, Angela thought for a while and checked if Arvin has messaged her on WeChat. However, when she saw no messages, she turned it off again. Later on, without further thinking, she called Sven.

"Sven? Where are you?"

"D City. I'll go back this afternoon. What's wrong?" Sven was in the branch of D City and was about to go back to C Country.

"I'm going out with Arnold and some other friends tonight, but I want to have a drink..." Arnold couldn't drink much. His drinking capacity was just as lousy as Angela! If she could drink one glass at most, then Arnold could drink only half a glass more!

Benson, however, was a kindhearted guy. He would keep persuading her. "Angela, stop drinking. You've drunk too much. It's bad for your health..."

Craig was even more unreliable. He was busy all the time, so he would always came late or leave early in parties.

Besides, she would take Nancy with her. Since they were both girls, she had to find someone to rely on.

In this case, her brother would be the best choice!

There were many times when Angela went out with her classmates, Sven would always rush to Shine Empire immediately to get her upon receiving a phone call from her.

This time was no exception. "What time? In the old place?"

"Yes, yes! Tonight at seven o'clock!"

"Okay, wait for me there. I've got to change my air ticket first." Upon hanging up the call, Sven changed the air ticket from C Country to Shine Empire.

He also called Arvin. "Hey, bro, I'm dropping by your place tonight. Are you gonna treat me well?"

"Of course, how about ten beauties for you?" Sven was speechless when he heard what Arvin said.

"Come on, we are friends, aren't we? You knew I have a wife!"

"When will you be here?" After the joke, Arvin asked seriously.

He assumed that his sudden visit to Shine Empire was most probably because of Angela...

"I'll be there at about six in the evening. How about going for a drink then?"

"Okay, just call me when you have arrived at my house!"

The two men, however, were both planning something different in their minds.

"Your house?" Sven was confused.

Arvin said, "Yes. You pick me up there, so that we can go together."

Teresa had asked some cooks to handle the dishes and arranged a welcome dinner at home for Nita this evening. If Sven went there...

"Don't you have an assistant, or a car? Why do you need me to pick you up?" Sven was puzzled.

"Nope. Come on. Cut the crap! Would you come or not?"

"Yes. Why not?" Sven said yes to Arvin loathly. He had to go, even for his little sister!

He had to figure out some way and find someone reliable for his sister. Although he didn't mind flying to Shine Empire now knowing that his sister needed his help whenever she was in a mess, it would be a lot better if someone reliable would take over this job...

At six o'clock in the evening, Angela and Nancy hurried to their apartment. They dressed up and applied makeup in their own rooms. Later on, they rushed to the bar.

In the House of the Gus

There were many

people talking and laughing happily in the spacious living room.

The Zhens were invited here, and they were chatting with the Gus.

Nita's mother Finn was a little sister of Arvin's aunt Susanna Su, so Arvin's uncle Zack was also there with his family.

Nita and Arvin were both outstanding and talented, so the elders kept smiling all the time when they talked about the two kids.

Without their noticing, Finn secretly tipped Susanna a wink.

Susanna suddenly comprehended. She glanced at Arvin, who was sitting quietly aside and Nita who was sitting next to Teresa. Then, she asked with a smile on her face, "Arvin, you don't have a girlfriend, do you?"

Arvin nodded lightly and didn't say anything. As for his coldness, The Gus had already been used to it. Even though they felt a little uncomfortable, nobody had expressed any objection about it.

"What about you, Nita? You are so outstanding, so you must have a boyfriend?"

Nita was a smart girl, and she immediately realized what her aunt actually wanted to ask. So she replied in an elegant manner. "Not yet, aunt Susanna, I've been busy with work all the time, which leaves me no time to date."

Finn seized the chance and said with sadness on her face, "Yeah. She's almost in her thirties. I'm so worried about her marriage life, but she seems like she doesn't care about it at all!"

The two sisters talked much about these stuff. Now, not only Nita had comprehended, but even Lily and Teresa had understood what they actually meant.

Of course, so did Arvin. When he was about to stand up and leave, Teresa stopped him. "Arvin, you've promised to your mom that you would try to date Nita, don't you forget that?"

Reminded by Teresa, Arvin remembered the time when Nita dismissed the thought of going abroad to study so she could further enhance her expertise. He had promised that he would try to date Nita in order to get rid of Teresa's ceaseless bothering.

Despite of this, Arvin still refused to do so. "Things are different now. Since Nita is so excellent, I don't think I deserve her love."

His refusal was so decent that Finn even liked Arvin more.

So, no one felt uncomfortable about the situation.

Nita didn't say anything because she knew that everyone was on her side.

Yes. She's right. Teresa was the first one to say, "Other people might not know why Nita went abroad to study, but I did. Arvin, Nita has told me that she chose to study abroad because she wanted to be more perfect for you."

Susanna was surprised when she heard this, and she looked at the two young people. "Oh? It turns out you two have already been loving each other! Ah-ah."

"Yeah. The two kids are both humble and excellent. I think they could match with each other very well!" At the same time, Teresa automatically held Nita's hand.

No matter how strong and capable she looked, she was still a woman anyway. So, she lowered her head and was too shy to say anything about the topic.

However, Finn couldn't say much about that, either. Otherwise, others would think they wanted to claim kinship with the Gus. Though it was true, she couldn't show it up, but it was fine that every one knew it in their hearts.

Being the aunt of both Arvin and Nita, Susanna was the most suitable person to say something about this topic. "I think so, too. They are perfectly matched. Right?"

Seated not far from them was Nita's father, James, who was playing chess with Hogan and Zack. They didn't bother getting involved in the women's talk.

Arvin was about to go upstairs when he arrived, but Teresa insisted that he sit in the living room with everyone.

Regardless of others' enthusiasm about his marriage, he directly refused all the people indifferently. "Don't you know? I was already engaged seven years ago."

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