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   Chapter 53 She is a Naive Young Girl

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Well... 'Nancy is right. Who gave me the courage to hug Arvin?' Angela thought to herself.

"There's nothing between us. I met him on the way and he drove me here. So, I made dinner for him in return." Angela explained briefly. She would never mention those embarrassing things to Nancy.

Angela remembered the day when she was kissed by Arvin, 'That was so embarrassing! I would never tell anyone about it.'

"You met Dr. Gu on your way? And you made dinner for him?" Nancy rubbed her ears to make sure she didn't mishear it. 'Did I hear it right?' she thought to herself.

Angela blinked her innocent eyes. "Yes, I did. He happened to be on a business trip to the C Country, and then he forced me to make dinner for him. By the way, Nancy, I think Arvin is probably a Casanova too. When we went to the supermarket..."

The two girls got on Angela's mini BMW as they kept chatting with each other. With a confused look on her face, Nancy listened to Angela talking about the story between Arvin and her.

Nancy spoke to Angela seriously before reaching the apartment. "I think Dr. Gu is in love with you!"

Otherwise, he would not force Angela to make dinner for him! There were so many five-star and six-star hotels, private kitchens and master cooks in the city. Why did Arvin have to let Angela cook dinner for him by herself?

Besides, he also gave Angela a precious pair of Tahiti black pearls. And then, he asked her to buy expensive shirts with him, although the plan was cancelled later...

Arvin was definitely in love with Angela!

Angela looked at Nancy in astonishment, "How could that be? He's as cold as an ice! Would a guy like him get fond of me? You don't know how he planned traps for me in front of my parents! Let me tell you..."

The two girls were still talking about Arvin after going back to the apartment. Nancy listened to the excited Angela with enjoyment.

Before going to sleep, Nancy told Angela, "I am pretty sure that Dr. Gu was in love with you. You should seize this chance, Angela!"

Angela rolled her ey

cold handsome man like Dr. Gu would accept her shirt?"

Angela stopped and listened to their talk intently.

"God knows. This news has been spread in the whole hospital but Dr. Gu himself doesn't seem to know who did it either."

"Well. It must be from someone who was hooked in him! Dr. Gu is definitely not interested in her at all. Otherwise, he would not give that shirt to his gardener!"

"Yes! Exactly!"

... Not only Angela heard their words, Nancy heard it too.

When the two nurses left, Nancy immediately tried to comfort Angela, "Don't believe them, Angela. Dr. Gu won't give it to other people even if he doesn't like it!"

That shirt had costed Angela several months of pocket money and her personal money!

Just one shirt's price had been so high, let alone two shirts? After buying those shirts, Angela was basically as poor as a church mouse...

Angela still stood there stupidly staring at the two nurses' back after they left. Nancy wondered what she was thinking about.

But she didn't think about anything actually, she only felt a little heartache...

"Angela, you can ask Dr. Gu on WeChat so you check it by yourself!" Nancy didn't believe their gossip at all.

Angela looked down and shook her head. She held Nancy's hand and walk towards VVIP department. "No, I don't want to ask him. Nancy, many gossips are not unfounded."

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