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   Chapter 52 I Am Single Now

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Arvin's face took on a ghastly expression. At last, he only said one word to her, "Yes!"

Then, he turned away from Angela and left the restaurant.

Nita looked at Arvin as he walked away and she noticed that Angela seemed very happy. Then, she hurried to catch up with Arvin.

Since Arvin had said 'Yes' to Angela, she could easily sell out the bag in its original price.

She sold the bag to a rich woman at the price of 250, 000 dollars! The woman felt very excited and shook Angela's hands. "Dear, I'll give my number to you. You can tell me anything important about Arvin later!"

Angela took the check with a big smile on her face and nodded her head. "Okay! No problem, dear little sister!"

Actually, the rich woman was already about thirty-five years old. However, when she heard Angela called her little sister, it made her laugh a lot!

Angela took the check and realized what she must do with the money. She came forward, took a wad of bills out of her bag, and threw it on Randal's shocked face. "This is for tonight's dinner!"

The red bills flew around the restaurant. People stared at Angela. Surprisingly, she was so rich!

At last, Angela told the speechless Randal, "Randal, today, I will officially break up with you! Listen to me carefully! I am breaking up with you! Bye!"

Angela dragged Nancy away and left without looking back.

At the Parking Lot of the Western Restaurant

Nita sat on the passenger seat of Pagani. She curiously looked at Arvin who was sitting very still on his seat. "Arvin, we should leave."

Arvin glanced at the door of the restaurant. "Wait a moment."

Later on, the two women appeared at the door and walked toward the parking lot.

Arvin opened the door of his car and got off.

At that moment, Nancy was praising Angela. She was truly amazed on how Angela carried herself during the incident. Angela listened to her an

"If my girlfriend is as annoying as you, I'd like to be single!"

Suddenly, Angela stopped crying and looked at his eyes. "Am I really annoying?"

Her eyes and nose were so red that she looked like a cute rabbit. Arvin shook his head.

Angela laughed, "Big wing, I didn't expect that you are so nice. I..."

'I don't hate you anymore.' However, these words didn't come out from Angela because she was interrupted by a familiar voice.

Nita came out from the car. "Arvin, they have arrived in the nightclub now. We..."

Angela noticed Nita. She released Arvin immediately. She didn't expect that Nita would be in Arvin's car.


When Arvin looked at his shirt, Angela exclaimed, "Sorry! I'll buy you a new shirt!"

Arvin glanced at Angela coldly and told Nita, "Go right now!"

Then, without looking back at Angela, he went straight to the car. He drove away with Nita and left the parking lot.


When the car disappeared, Nancy suddenly hugged Angela. "Angela, you hugged Doctor Gu! My God! Angela, tell me! What's your relationship now?"

When Angela hugged Arvin and cried, Nancy noticed that Arvin didn't look emotionless. He looked even... soft?

Nancy's words brough Angela back to reality. She hugged Doctor Gu and cried...

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