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   Chapter 50 You Do Not Deserve It

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Nancy's reaction was instantaneous. She pulled Angela back to her and said sorry to Arvin. "Sorry, Mr. Gu and Miss Zhen. We didn't mean it. We're so sorry!"

Nita stared at Angela who was teary-eyed. She met the nurse again and she was always causing troubles for Arvin!

Arvin gave a cold look to Angela who was very silent. He was about to leave but Nita asked Nancy and Angela, "Which department are you in?"

Nancy truthfully replied, "Miss Zhen, we work in the VVIP Department."

"Okay. I know it. You'll be late for work. You'd better go inside now. Be careful on the way!" A director of a department should be generous and forgiving. Nita knew it so she helped Nancy and Angela get rid of the embarrassment.

"Thank you, Miss. Zhen. Angela, are you okay? Let's go!" Nancy looked at the tight-lipped Angela. 'Why did she look like a little upset?'

Finally, Angela shook her head and answered, "I'm okay. Let's go!"

Arvin rebuked her in front of so many people. Besides, he didn't give her a glance. Alas... She was so upset about it!

After Nancy and Angela have left, Nita's dissatisfied gaze pierced through Angela's back. That girl was too impolite!

Two seconds before their duty, Angela and Nancy punched in for work.

They went to the nurse station after changing into their nurse uniforms. Alice and Lucy were gossiping. Being a big fan of Arvin, Alice always talked about him.

"I never thought Miss. Zhen would have such a good relation with Mr. Gu!" Alice sadly looked at the picture sent by others in Arvin's fan group. This picture showed that Arvin and Nita got off the same car at the same time.

"Yes. Somebody saw Miss. Zhen getting into Mr. Gu's office before she is on duty formally!" Xenia cupped her chin in her hands and responded in a low spirit.

Thinking of something, Lucy looked at everybody with excitement. "I saw Mr. Gu kissed his girlfriend that night. What would Nita feel about it?"

"Really?" Suddenly, Alice stood up from the chair and looked at Lucy with her eyes wide open. It seemed like she just caught Arvin with another woman in bed...

Lucy was scared by her reaction. She pulled Angela to her and said, "However, that w

ted her to break up with Randal.

"You crazy woman! Take the tissue and wipe it for me!" What happened there drew a lot of people's attention. Randal was so mad that his face looked so gloomy. That looked really bad! Having a dinner in this restaurant costed him a lot of money! He planned to enjoy this night but Angela ruined it!

"Take the tissue for you?" Angela fumed. She threw the empty glass on the floor and it shattered. Angela snarled at Randal, "You don't deserve it!"

Randal was scared by her behavior. Susie did not dare to say a word because she knew Angela was good at taekwondo.

To prevent something bad from happening, Ellie stood up and pulled Angela aside. "Angela, do not be so angry. You should calm down. Once you're more composed, we can have a talk!"

"Calm down?" Angela was so angry! How could she calm down? "What do you want me to talk about with this bad and disgusting guy?"

Her answer made Ellie a little awkward. She tried to keep calm and defended her brother, "Angela, there must be some misunderstanding. Randal could explain it to you."

Nancy, who was silent the entire time, stood beside Angela and said to Ellie, "They have kissed each other and we saw it through our own eyes. How could you call this a misunderstanding? You and your brother treated Angela like a fool! How disgusting of you!"

Ellie could not restrain her anger and asked Nancy, "Who are you? How dare you to speak with me like that!"

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