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   Chapter 49 Thank You so Much, Nicole

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"Okay. Good night, Nancy."

"Kisses to you, babe. Good night."

"Kisses to you, too"


The two girls exchanged an instant smile before they separated.

When Nancy returned to her room, she opened the photo gallery of her cell phone. Her lips curved into a smile when she saw a photo of Stanley in his police uniform. As she stared at him, her eyes watered.

"Would he... be the one?"

Tears fell down her cheek. She would like to model herself on Angela and take the initiative to Stanley, but she dared not to do it.

Of course, he was Stanley! He was different from other men. He was so strict that his poker face always frightened her.

As the night got darker, the two girls fell asleep eventually.

Early next morning

Angela got up early and gave Sven a call. While his wife was still asleep in his arms, he was woken up by the ring of his phone.

"Sven, good morning. Could you please help me find a professional to carve my two pearls?"

Sven replied, "Didn't I already find you two carvers before?"

Angela always liked pearls with patterns, so Sven had introduced two professional carvers to carve the pearls as she wished.

"Yes, but these two pearls are really valuable. So could you please find me a high-class carver?"

Angela tossed her fluffy hair and walked out of her room with her cell phone in her hand. She knocked the door of next room, "Wake up, Nancy! You have an early shift today!"

Hearing her loud voice, Sven gently touched his ear. "What kind of pearls are these?"

"Two pearls from Tahiti!" Angela replied.

Sven was surprised. "Didn't I buy you one? You shouldn't be so fussy about this."

"Because someone gave it to me. That's why it's so special." The corners of Angela's mouth turned up. At the same time, she pushed Nancy's door open. Nancy was waken up by the sound and looked at her sleepily.

"I see flying pigs, Angela. Why are you up so early?" Sven heard what Nancy said on the other end of the phone and imitated her words. He was wondering why Angela was so early

to someone!"

"Never mind. There's only 5 minutes left. Come on!" Angela kept running.

A silver-gray Pagani stopped in front of the outpatient building. A man and a woman got off the car.

Two lines of doctors and nurses stood at the entrance of the building and greeted the people who just arrived. "Good morning, Dr. Gu and welcome Director Zhen!"

Arvin handed his car keys to his assistant, Adam, while Nita smiled politely at everyone.

When Adam was about to receive the key from Arvin, a force hit him and he fell onto the ground. This person couldn't slow down and also ran into Arvin.

"Ouch!" Nancy, who was following Angela almost crashed into Angela as well. If Angela hadn't grabbed Arvin's sleeves, she and Nancy could have fallen to the ground.

Everyone looked at the luxurious car key on the ground. There was a sense of embarrassment in the air.

Angela felt ashamed too. Earlier, she saw the distance between Arvin and Adam. She definitely miscalculated it. She thought she could run past Arvin but she didn't expect that Arvin would pass on the car key to Adam.

Arvin stared coldly at Angela, who was rubbing her nose due to the crash onto his back.

He snarled at her, "What are you doing? Angela!"

Everyone turned their eyes to Angela. Thanks to Arvin's words.

Oh... Angela's cheeks turned red. She felt so awkward.

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