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   Chapter 48 I Wanna Break up with Randal

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Nita stood beside Arvin while she gazed at Angela.

Nita was so beautiful. Angela thought she looked ideally matched with Arvin when they stood together.

She felt hurt by this fact. Why did she feel the hurt? Her heart? Angela tried to ignore her true feelings.

'Fine. Let me give it a shot!' she encouraged herself. Angela placed the bag onto Avrin's desk. "Sorry for staining your shirt, Arvin. I bought one for you. I am so sorry. Now, you can get back to your own business. Goodbye!"

Then she immediately turned around and left his office without hearing Arvin's reply.

Since Arvin never allowed her to say no, she decided to treat him the same way. Therefore, whether he liked this shirt or not, he couldn't refuse it!

Arvin didn't take the bag instantly. He just stared blankly at it.

Nita witnessed how his emotion changed. She casually asked him, "Who's that nurse, Arv? Are nurses nowadays act rude like that? She just bought you a shirt and then left? That's it? Anyway, you wanna keep this shirt, Arv?"

Arvin didn't say a word. Just when Nita started to feel the embarrassment, Arvin opened his mouth. "Yes."

Nita peered at Arvin's poker face and she felt so surprised. When she was about to ask him why, Arvin added, "I will take it back and give it to Uncle Yang."

The Uncle Yang he meant was a gardener of Gu's family.

"Okay. So the shirt, do you need me to do it for you?" Nita opened that bag and saw a tidy pure white shirt inside it.

After a close look at the brand, she couldn't laugh. Shirts of this brand weren't so easy to buy.

Because these kinds of shirts were made by Tailor Master Michael and his wife by hand.

Due to the huge demands over a little supply, their shirts were always sold out. Because of this, Mr. Michael taught a few apprentices to work for him.

Every shirt would be labelled with the makers' names, either Michael's or his apprentices'.

Most people could only get the shirts made by the apprentices, including Nita herself. She wanted to buy one for her dad and Arvin several times, but she always failed.

However, a nurse successfully bought one! 'Who on

with Arvin made Angela felt uneasy.

"It's no big deal. Arvin gave such expensive pearls to you. Each of you holds one so you won't feel so uncomfortable. Am I right?" As far as she knew, accepting the two pearls she received from Arvin had made her uncomfortable.

Angela considered Nancy's words. "Fine. I'll go and ask my older brother to find a carver for me tomorrow. However, what kind of the design should I use?"

"Oh, my dear Angela! It's not the design, but the meaning behind it is what really counts. Who gave it to you? Who are you gonna give it to?"

"... But why should I give this to Arvin?" It seemed like something a couple would do. However, Randal and Angela weren't lovers.

Nancy was stuck by this question as well. There was something going on between Arvin and Angela, but technically, they weren't lovers. "He gave these two pearls to you, so it's normal for you to give one back."

The question was, what kind of relationship did she have with Arvin?

Nancy's words reminded Angela of something. "Friend! Yes!" Basically, Arvin and Angela could count as friends.

"Okay. It's a good idea!" Finally, Angela had made her decision. It was a great idea that she slammed her thigh out of relief.

"Now you can go to sleep, Angela. I'll go back to my room now. Good night" Upon seeing that Angela had already calmed down, Nancy was not worried anymore. She left the room and closed the door.

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