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   Chapter 47 Arv

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"Angela, what happened to you? You look unhappy." Lucy curiously looked at Angela who was in a low spirit. Angela was always cheerful. She was rarely seen in a bad mood.

Angela shook her head and answered, "I didn't have a good rest last night. Now, I want to go to the changing room and change my clothes first!"

"Don't rush! Angela, have you heard of Nita Zhen?" Lucy stopped her again.

Angela was about to shake her head, but when she understood what Lucy planned to say, she nodded.

"Do you know? Nita will work in our hospital. It is a big news. Have you known it?" This news spread all around their hospital and almost all of them knew it. It seemed like only Angela, who asked for leave in last few days, didn't know it.

Angela looked at Lucy who was very excited and cheerful. She didn't want to hit her good mood so she showed a bit of interest in the conversation and replied, "Really? When will she come to our hospital? Does she work in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department?"

"Yes! It is real! She will come here in the next week! She is an authority and expert on obstetrics and gynecology. She must work in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department!"

"Well. All right. I know it and I want to go first!" Angela has heard of Nita's name so many times, but she never saw her in person. She was not interested at her except in her ability, which she really admired.

It seemed that Angela was uncomfortable, so Lucy didn't bother her this time.

Angela called Nancy when she got into the changing room. Nancy asked for leave today which made Angela upset. She could not tell Nancy about her confusion and annoyance to Arvin's actions. She had to bear this problem alone.

Everything went well at work. Supposedly, Xenia was scheduled to be on duty tonight. However, she had to deal with some family emergency, so she approached Angela and changed shifts with her.

Angela had nothing to do at home, so she agreed to stay in the hospital to be on duty.

About 11 o'clock in the evening, almost all the people on night shift have already left. Angela was feeling sleepy as she stayed at the nurse station.

"Angela? Angela..."

It seemed like someone was calling her name. Angela opened her eyes and found a man standing in front of her.

After a few seconds, Angela recognized the man who was smiling at her. He was Kent, Arvin's assistan

ever expect that she was an obstetrician-gynecologist. She didn't look like a doctor.

She looked very elegant even as she spoke, "Hello. What's up?"

Angela immediately recognized her. She was Nita, an authority of the Obstetrician and Gynecologist Department. Almost all of her colleagues were talking about her.

'She has come back yet? She was really planning to work here?'

"Hello. I came here for Arvin!"

Angela easily impressed Nita because she called the vice director in his first name.

She worked in this hospital and was wearing nurse uniform, but she directly called Arvin's name rather than Mr. Gu...

Nita smiled to Arvin and told him, "Arv, a nurse is looking for you!"


A nurse...

She has shown the difference between her and Angela just by calling Arvin as Arv. She wanted to show off her close relationship with Arvin. Angela felt so uncomfortable about it.

"Come in." Arvin knew it was Angela there. He could recognize her voice.

Nita made her way and let Angela enter the office. Arvin was sitting behind the table and was looking at Angela.

He looked at her in an indifferent way, just like looking at a stranger...

Suddenly, Angela felt so nervous. She hesitated and she couldn't even move her hand and give the shopping bag which contained a men's shirt she chose for Arvin. She had the courage before she came here but now she was nervous. What's wrong with her? Why did she feel a little scared when she saw Arvin?

Arvin didn't urge her to speak. He just stared at her and he already knew that she was in hesitation.

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