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   Chapter 46 What I Did Before Goes Too Far

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'How could Arvin knew it?' Angela thought.

"No problem. I can wash the shirt!" Angela scratched her head out of embarrassment. She can wash clothes although she can't do it well.

All her clothes except underwear were washed by laundry rooms or hourly workers. She had never washed clothes by herself.

"I don't trust you!" Arvin refused immediately. He looked at his watch and said, "You can continue your rest tomorrow. I have two operations and they should be finished at night. Then I will buy some clothes with your company."

"You should pay for them!" He added.

"Are you extorting money... from me?"

"I exchanged a black pearl for a shirt with you, so who is the victim, Angela?" Angela was speechless for Arvin's words.

Angela knew the fact that the black peal is extremely valuable but a shirt is cheap.

"Mr. Gu, see you tomorrow night!" she said with smile.

"Okay, you are good at cooking and my grandma might love the dishes you prepared. I will schedule a time and invite her to taste the dishes you will make!" Although Angela is stupid, she has one advantage at least, and that is her good cooking skills.

"..." Angela didn't know how to respond to Arvin.

"Then I will fix this on Sunday night. I will go on a business trip on Friday and return on Sunday afternoon. I'm free on Sunday night and you can prepare food at home and wait me to take my grandma here!"

"..." Angela was speechless.

Without thinking if Angela would agree, Arvin had already arranged all the things by himself.

The only thing she can do is to obey his will. What a pitiful creature she is!

When Arvin was about to wear his shoes at the door, Angela immediately regained her courage to speak, "What? Why should I listen to you, Arvin?"

"On one hand, I'm your boss. On the other hand... Because I am your brother's best friend, you should call me brother. All in all, no matter what happens, you should listen to me. It should be a natural thing for you!"

Angela curled her lips, "Call you brother? How about brother Gu? Ha ha, It sounds like google, bye Mr. Google!"

'Mr. Google?' Arvin who was wearing his shoes cast a glare a

ry. What I did before goes too far.'


In VVIP Department

When Angela arrived, all the nurses were sitting together and talking. Alice was listening to Lucy's gossip with an expression of being lovesick.

Lucy was shocked when she saw Angela. Because she didn't expect Angela to come back so early from her vacation. Lucy pulled Angela and asked her with a tentative tone, "When did you come back, Angela?"

Realizing what Lucy was going to ask, Angela looked away and lied. "This morning."

Fortunately, she had to work this afternoon. Because Arvin had refused her invitation to go shopping, she had to go to work.

"Okay!" Lucy sighed and whispered to her, "You know what? I saw Dr. Gu kissing his girl friend in the parking lot of the supermarket last night!"

How couldn't Angela know that? She knew about this thing more than anyone! "He... Maybe it wasn't his girlfriend. He doesn't have girlfriend, does he?"

"How could you know that Mr. Gu has no girlfriend? Because he is such an excellent man, there are so many girls who want to be his girlfriend and it's natural for him to have one. Besides, if the girl were not his girlfriend, how could Mr. Gu kiss her?"

Angela was speechless. Angela was in bad mood since she received Arvin's messages this morning. She clearly didn't want to go on talking about this topic with Lucy. "Oh, it's fine if Mr. Gu has a girlfriend! I'm going to change clothes now!"

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