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   Chapter 45 He Must Be the Most Excellent Man

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Angela went to take her phone and searched for okra. When she read the first of the many effects of an okra, she couldn't believe her eyes and her face turned red!

She really didn't know that. The only thing she knew about okra was it could help lose weight.

But now... This was so embarrassing! How could she explain this? Angela put her phone down and drank some porridge. She dared not look at Arvin. So, she explained to him in her low voice, "I didn't know that before. Don't eat that."

After this, Angela went to take away the okra fried eggs and exchanged it with the bitter gourd instead.

However, Arvin stopped it. "It doesn't matter. It will eat it this time. I don't need to strengthen my kidneys. Keep it in mind."

She nodded her head without too much thinking. "Okay, okay."

With a satisfied expression, Arvin retracted his eyes and focused on his meal.

Neither of them didn't expect that their first dinner would happen in Angela's apartment and the meal was even cooked by her.

"Doctor Gu, can I not go to work tomorrow?" She couldn't help asking.

Arvin sipped some hot porridge and answered, "No talking while eating!"

Angela seemed to listen at Arvin. She didn't utter any word.

It appeared that he was talking seriously! When he was at her home, he talked more than anyone!

About ten minutes later, Arvin finished his dinner while Angela still had her porridge.

Arvin took out the tissue, wiped his mouth and sat at the table. He looked at Angela.

The girl didn't have good table manners. Instead, she ate too much without being pretentious. Besides, she wasn't picky at all. She ate what she liked.

Angela was really different from other girls!

In Arvin's eyes, Angela obeyed the rules he had set for her. Finally, she also finished her dinner.

Without wiping her mouth, she couldn't help asking, "Why are you looking at me? Are you full?"

"The way you eat your dinner makes people gain appetite!" He answered honestly.

"Ah? What do you mean? Can you just tell me whether you are full or not?" After throwing the used tissues into the trash can, Angela started to clear the table.

She could do nothing even if Arvin was not full because the food she just made had been eaten up...

Arvin didn't say anything. He stood up, opened the refrigerator and found a bottle of water for himself. When he was about to rinse his mouth...

Angela stopped him. "Can you wash the dishes?"

This was the very thing that she hated to do!

Usually, Nancy washed the dishes and she was not bothered to do the housework.

Arvin agreed, "Yes!"

"Wow, that's great! Go and wash the dishes!"

"Where is the dishwasher?" Arvin didn't find any machine in Angela's kitchen! It was not like her.

Angela felt embarrassed and smiled. "Actually, there was one here but it was damaged by the cleaner we hired. So, I gave the machine to her. I haven't got the chance to buy a new one!"

To avoid the troublesome maintenance, Angela gave the dishwasher to the hourly employee!

Arvin told her with a blank face, "I can wash the dishes, but I'm not going to do the work!" Then, he went to the bathroom with the bottle of water in his hands.

It was too irritating! Angela was too angry to say one more word.

At last, she had to put the dishes into the sink, poured into the detergent and left them alone.

After Angela cleaned the table, Arvin came out from the bathroom.

After taking off his coat and rolling up his sleeves, Arvin went to the kitchen.

Angela looked at him with distrust, "What are you doing?"

Walking up to her, he said coolly, "I'm going to wash the dishes!"

'Excuse me? You just

said you would not wash the dishes, okay?'

Angela followed him into the kitchen and asked with distrust in her tone, "Can you wash them? I bought the tableware from Europe. If you break them, it will be very difficult to find the matched ones..."

"Shut up!"

"I want to stop talking! But have you ever washed the dishes?"

'Children from Family Gu must never do the housework. They must live an easy life with everything provided!'

"If you don't shut up, I might break the dishes!"

... Well. Whatever! She chose to stop talking!

Angela watched him as he picked up one bowl and the dishcloth. Later on, he started his cleaning. Arvin reluctantly looked at the oil stains on the dishes.

Several minutes had passed and Angela was still obsessively looking at the back of Arvin. 'He is so handsome, ' she thought.

'That big wing! Why did he look so handsome when he did the housework? He is not only good at the medical skill, but he also does well in the housework. If he were not too emotionless, he must be the most excellent man!'

"Angela." Arvin called her without looking back.


"Why did you buy the okra?"


"Since you are watching me in deep thought, I can't help thinking that you might want to make a move on me!" Otherwise, were there any other reasons why she stared at him?

His words instantly brought Angela, who was immersed in her imagination, back to the reality. "Excuse me?! You can't say that! I have a boyfriend! Hmph!"

That was so disgusting! Arvin, this obnoxious man, said these impolite words to her! That was so insensitive of him!

Angela covered her embarassed red face while she ran to the living room angrily.

However, with his back to Angela, Arvin smiled deeply. On the windowsill, Nancy cultivated some beautiful narcissus, which were in full bloom. However, compared to Arvin's smile, these flowers seemed overshadowed.

Later on, Angela went back to the kitchen for a check. She was completely surprised at what she saw!

The kitchen was thoroughly cleaned by Arvin who even made the corners neat and tidy! The clean dishes and bowls were dried and placed in the dish rack. The sink was cleaned without even a splash of water...

He deserved to be called an outstanding man. Angela couldn't imagine how Arvin could make the kitchen to be so neat and tidy!

"Are you satisfied with my work?"

Arvin went out of the bathroom and he found Angela who was standing in the center of the kitchen with her mouth wide open.

'The little girl is not only impulsive, but also difficult to stay calm. I just washed the dishes! It's nothing important at all!'

Angela hurriedly nodded her head. "Yes. Definitely!" Then, she ran to him and made a joke, "If you quit working in the hospital, you can work for me as a cleaner!"

He picked up his coat and looked at her with disdain. "That's a wild idea!"

Even if he was not a doctor, he would never work for Angela as an hourly employee!

Arvin took his coat and wore it. Then he told Angela, "My shirt was damaged by some water when I washed the dishes. You should buy me a new one!"

"... Can I wash it for you?"

'No! It would be silly to buy him a new shirt just because he helped wash the dishes!' His shirt was too expensive! It must cost him 100, 000 dollars! About 100, 000 dollars for one housework? The money could hire a great number of hourly employees!

She would never have asked Arvin to do the housework if she had known that he was so demanding!

"Can you wash the clothes?" He would never believe it! He didn't look down upon Angela. He believed that Chuck would never let his dear daughter do such work!

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