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   Chapter 44 It was Widely Spread that Angela was Brought up in a Well-off Environment

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Now, she just wanted to finish cooking a meal and send away the crazy guy who was desperate to eat something she cooked!

Later on, Angela went into the kitchen. At the same time, Arvin looked around at Angela's apartment. Because they hired an hourly employee on a regular basis to clean the apartment, it was clean and orderly.

There were two closed doors, one of which hung a wooden sign, which wrote Palace of Heavenly Purity.

'Palace of Heavenly Purity? Isn't that the palace where emperors in the old times lived? There is no doubt that this room with the weird door sign belongs to Angela! The knight under the sun? Palace of Heavenly Purity? She was placed in a wrong family.'

After pushing this door, Arvin felt an instant relief seeing its decoration style was quite feminine.

Its color mainly focused on light purple, pink and white. The wide, round and light purple bed was covered by a purple drapery attached to the canopy, with some hairy trolls at the end of the bed.

On the head of the bed, there were several decorations, including a crystal photo frame.

Inside the frame was a solo photo of a beautiful girl.

In the photo, Angela, who wore a customized pink horse-riding suit with a pink hat, rode on a white horse in a vast stud farm.

She smiled under the bright sunshine. Her eyes glimmered when she looked at the camera.

He had to admit that Angela had a pair of smiling eyes which were truly expressive.

They seemed to be able to talk and convey her different feelings.

Angela was only 23 years old if he was not mistaken.

She grew up like a carefree princess under the protection of her family.

'Randal might be her first boyfriend!' he presumed.

Angela was fooled by the guy who cheated on her.


The dresser nearby showcased all kinds of makeup and skin care products, which amazedArvin.

There were high-class toners, lotions, essence, and creams... Each had two bottles at least.

As well as sealed and unsealed lipsticks, which were a good... Two or three dozens.

Let alone her supply of foundation, BB cream, air cushion makeup... They occupied most of her dresser.

She had more of these than Lulu and mum, which was quite a phenomenon.

He grabbed a bottle of essence. He recognized this brand because Lulu called him to buy one for her when he was in Great Britain.

He remembered Kent buying it and holding the receipt which wrote over 2, 000 pounds. The point was each bottle only had 20 ml.

If he weren't in Britain at that time, and Lulu was sure that he would buy one for her, she wouldn't have bought the essence of this brand.

Angela went to work not long ago and she couldn't buy these expensive products all by herself. It must be her parents who bought these for her. No wonder that it was widely spread that Angela was brought up in a well-off environment.

'Thanks to my own savings, I could afford supporting Angela's luxuries...' Avrin thought to himself.

Beside the dresser, there was a book shelf. The books on it were all world-famous books and bestsellers worldwide.

The books all looked new. He guessed she bought them as decorations and never tended to read them at all.

Unconsciously, he walked into her coatroom. He knew that walking into a girl's room was not appropriate, but he couldn't help walking into it.

The coatroom of her apartment wasn't big enough compared to that of her villa's.

Although a sparrow may be small but it has all the vital organs.

All of the drawers here was occupied by Angela's clothes from spring to winter.

Everything was quite orderly. It seemed like an hourly worker might help her tidy up.

Her jewelry was no ordinary thing, but all looked bizzarre. She did own a set of ladylike pearl ornament, but the way it was carved was kind of funny.

Like the necklace he was holding at this moment, it was a rare and an expensive south sea pearl, called the queen of pearls. However, the pearl was hollowed out. The outer surface was carved in a weird grain. Its elegant quality was covered, although it could have been a personalized pearl.

In simple words, it was a reckless waste of God's good gifts!

Angela found Arvin holding her favourite necklace in her coatroom. She stared at him intently.

She couldn't stand it. She lifted the pancake turner in her hand and yelled, "Arvin! Put that necklace down!"

Arvin peered at her. "So you like pearls, huh?"

He looked at her jewelry cabinet, where all various kinds of pearl ornaments with different styles were kept.

"Yes. What? You're gonna give one for me?" After rubbing her hands on her apron, she snatched the necklace in his hand and placed it where it was.

Avrin put his hands in his pockets, "So, do you want a pearl from Tahiti?"

It so happened that he got one.

"Oh my god! Do you really have a pearl from Tahiti? Are you serious, Arvin?"

Knowing how rare and expensive these pearls were, she was so thrilled by this news. She ran towards Arvin and looked at him with her excited eyes.

Pearls from Tahiti were pretty valuable. People could see them only during annual auctions. Not all pearls from Tahiti were black. It also had colors like grey, green, blue, and brown.

Arvin nodded, and said proudly, "Yes, I have one. If you cook well this time, I will give it to you as a present."

Angela nodded instantly. "Okay. Okay. I'll go cook now, Dr. Gu. You can walk around at your ease."

She was gone quickly.

Back into the kitchen, Angela felt something wrong. She was going to get even with him when she saw he was in her coatroom. But now, here she was, in the kitchen!


After half an hour.

Avrin was busying talking to someone on the phone, seeing Angela placed five dishes on the table, he went to the bathroom and washed his hands.

After Arvin came out of the bathroom, Angela already prepared two bowls filled with wheat porridge. One was for him and the other was for herself.

Five dishes which inlcuded two meat dishes and two vegetable dishes with a bowl of soup. There were no red-cooked pork or celery this time.

Crab meat with bamboo shoots, chicken, fried balsam gourd, scrambled eggs with gumbos and kelp soup.

For the sake of the pearl of Tahiti, Angela picked up a piece of fried eggs with gumbos for Arvin. "Taste it, Doc. Gu, to see if it hits your pot?"

Arvin didn't eat it at once, but asked her first, "When did you buy the gumbos?"

"Just now. Don't you see me buying it?"

... Actually, Arvin didn't see her buying gumbos at all. At that moment, Angela muttered something on her breath while facing all these dishes but he did not pay any attention.

But it sounded fine because he could make fun of her.

"So, you think I should get some nutrition? What are you up to on earth, Angela?"

She got a nasty shock by his words, "What do you mean?"

Arvin picked up a gumbo and chewed it. He thought Angela's cooking was quite good. "Google gumbos' effect, please."

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