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   Chapter 43 A Bad Woman Who Cheated on Her Boyfriend

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"It's okay to pay using your cellphone." She kindly reminded him.

"My cellphone was also left in the car." Arvin stared at Angela without caring about the cashier's expression in her eyes.

Angela accepted her destiny to pay the bill and took her card out of the purse.

Seeing her reluctant action, the cashier girl told Angela, "It is your honor to pay for your handsome boyfriend. If I were you, I am willing to pay even thousands of dollars for him. How about giving your boyfriend to me?"

Angela refrained from commenting and showing her anger so she said, "... He is not my boyfriend. If you want him, you can take him right now! I would appreciate it if you do it!"

The cashier's eyes sparkled with happiness, but when her happy eyes met Arvin's cold eyes, she immediately took Angela's card and checked out for them.

Then, Arvin began to tease Angela. "Angela, I just forgot to take my wallet. And because of that, you want to break up with me? If you like, I would buy the whole supermarket for you and let you be its boss!"

The cashier had just finished checking out. She looked at Arvin with admiration when she heard his words. 'Wow, that man is rich! How could it be possible that a man like him is supported by a woman?' she thought to herself.

Angela felt sick and she stopped herself from vomiting. "I don't need it! Arvin... Big wings... Well done! You should pray for me not to see your girlfriend. Otherwise, I will separate you from her!"

"Let's go home, Angela. Don't be naughty. You should care for our baby in your womb, my dear..."

Angela was nearly shocked. It felt like she was about to faint.

The cashier was watching them with a pitiful expression on her face. She thought, 'What? They have a baby already, so there is no chance for me!'

Angela contained herself as she walked out of the supermarket with Arvin.

Angela was about to kick Arvin as soon as they reached the parking...

It seemed that Arvin had eyes on his back. Angela didn't expect that Arvin was able to dodge her attack quickly and he grasped her right leg tightly.

Then he pulled it forward. "Oh!" Angela fell into

get married!' she thought.

"Do it if you like because my grandma likes you very much!"

Before Arvin got in the car, he led Angela to the passenger seat and urged her to sit. Once she was seated, he fastened her seat belt, then he locked the door to keep her from running away from him.

After ten minutes, they arrived at Angela and Nancy's apartment. Arvin carried her suitcase as they went inside.

This apartment was bought by Sven back when Angela was in college. With an area of more than one hundred square meters, it's actually too big for one person to live in so she invited Nancy to live with her.

It's enough for two girls to live in such an apartment with four rooms and two halls.

"You don't need to change your shoes because there are no slippers for you." Because Chuck and Sven hardly visit her apartment, she didn't prepare men's disposable slippers.

Angela is not a thoughtful girl. When they were in the supermarket, she was overwhelmed by anger and forgot to buy slippers for Arvin.

Arvin didn't say anything. He took off his shoes and walked into the living room wearing white socks.

He put Angela's suitcase aside and put the groceries from the supermarket on the dining table.

Angela wanted to tell him that the floor was cold but she refrained herself from speaking.

"You can sit there. I am going to cook dinner now!" After saying that, she took the food bags to the kitchen.

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