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   Chapter 42 She Will Poison Him to Death

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Arvin said nothing more. Kent understood what he meant and drove them to the Xinhe Garden.

Angela called Nancy on the way. "Nancy, are you in the hospital?"

"Yes, I'm still working. How about you? What are you doing?"

'Life without Angela is so boring.' Nancy thought to herself. She just stared at the caller while she leaned on the table. She looked really lifeless today.

Angela smiled happily. "I just got off the plane. I'll cook dinner later and wait for you at home!"

Arvin would have thought she was talking to her boyfriend if she didn't call Nancy's name.

Her tone was so soft and joyful.

Nancy suddenly sat up straight. "Tonight? Why didn't you say that earlier? I must go home tonight because my brother has come back. He was very angry and urged me to go home since he knew I'm working in the hospital as a nurse..."

"Oh! It's okay, you should go home first!" Angela was a little disappointed that she would not see Nancy tonight.

"I will be back by noon tomorrow. Wait for me at home, sweety!"

"I will. By the way, you should prepare for the graduate school exam if your brother disagreed with you!" She didn't want Nancy to waste time on her.

"Okay, Angela. I will strive for our happiness!"

"Kiss kiss. See you!"

"Bye. Kiss kiss."


After the end of the conversation, Angela suddenly felt that someone was staring at her. Then she remembered that she was sitting in Arvin's car.

She felt a little embarrassed about what she said just now...

So, she lowered her head and looked at her phone to avoid eye contact with Arvin. She found Randal's WeChat ID and sent him a message, "What's up?"

While Angela was absorbed in her phone, Arvin took out the documents and began to work..

An hour later, the car stopped at the gate of Xinhe Garden.

Angela bid a farewell to Arvin, "Thanks! See you later!"

"I heard that you're a good cook!" Arvin suddenly told her.

"Well. How did you know?"

'Who told him this? My brother?' Angela thought to herself.

Arvin put the document down and explained to her, "It doesn't matter whoever told me that. Now that you cook well and you would like to thank me, you should buy some food and cook for me!"


Angela was nearly choked because of Arvin's words.

Cook for him? Was he daydreaming?

"No way! I don't cook that often! Besides, I never cook for men other than my relatives!" She snarled at him as she opened the door of the car.

Arvin was provoked with her second sentence. He took out his phone and said calmly, "Then I have to call aunty."

Aunty? "Which aunty?" The car door was locked, so she couldn't open it...

Arvin looked at his phone and read the number. Angela suddenly realized it was her mother's phone number! His "aunty" was Daisy Tang!

"Why are you calling my mother... Hey, don't!" Seeing that his thumb was about to tap the dial-up button, Angela made a lunge to grab his phone.

However, Arvin raised his hand and dodged her grabbing. Automatically, Angela fell in his arms.


At that moment, there was only silence in the car. Angela rubbed the tip of her nose which was knocked on his arm. "Are you made of steel, Arvin? It hurts so much!"

Kent didn't dare to look back directly, so he looked into the rearview mirror in the car. The scene in the mirror made him astonished.

Mr. Gu was so close to this woman... Was that real? He couldn't believe his eyes.

Arvin waited until she sat up, then he told Kent, "Let me drive."

Kent got off the car and let him sit in the driver's seat.

"Is there any supermar

ket nearby?" Arvin asked.

As she kept rubbing her nose, she pointed to the front. "500 meters away."

Arvin started the car and drove to where she was pointing.

No matter how Angela protested while they're inside the car, Arvin didn't say a word. He pretended as if he hadn't heard it.

When they arrived at the supermarket, Arvin stopped the car in the parking lot and took out his cellphone. He waved it in front of Angela's eyes, "Want me to call your mother?"

"Do it! You can call her! Let's see what you will say!" She didn't believe her mother would scold her for the sake of Arvin.

Arvin glanced at her. "I am going to tell aunty that you hugged me and kissed me..."

"What's your problem, Arvin? It was you who kissed me first!" Angela was nearly getting mad!

'How dare that God-damned Arvin to distort the truth!'

"Let's see who your mother will believe in!" He tapped the dial button casually.

Angela's heart suddenly felt heavy on her chest. "I will! I will cook for you! Don't call my mom!"

'God-damned Arvin, I will poison you to death!' Angela thought to herself.

The man put away his phone with satisfaction and then he warned her, "I don't eat bouilli, oyster sauce or parsley. If you dare to play any trick, I will give you a very good treat!"

Angela said with clenched teeth, "I can only do bouilli and parsley with oyster sauce. I don't care if you love it or not!"

'Order dishes? He could dream it!'

Arvin spoke to her coldly, "The last time you were drunk, I took some pictures of you. What do you think of posting them on the website of Yao Hospital?"


Angela really didn't understand why there was such an annoying man like Arvin in the world!

How unlucky she was to get herself in a trouble with a man named Arvin!

She couldn't help but said, "You are so shameless, aren't you?"

Arvin didn't deny, "Well, shameless, brazen, pervert... I have remembered them all, Angela!"

"... Remember them for what? Revenge?"

"Bingo! Hurry up! I have no time to waste on you here!" But Arvin himself showed no sign of getting off the car.

Angela hadn't been able to talk with him about the photo. "You won't go with me? Do you mean I have to carry all the food on my own? If so, Arvin, I will be really angry! If I get angry, I'm sure the food will be awfully terrible..."


Three minutes later, Angela appeared at the door of the supermarket, beside her was the grim-faced Arvin.

Jesus Christ! She coudn't stop laughing secretly in her mind because she had finally won a round!

"Take a cart!" Angela ordered Arvin in a cheerful tone.

Arvin gave her a cold stare, Angela immediately shrank away from him and took a cart by herself.

Bloody hell! 'Angela, you are such a coward!' she thought to herself.

There were quite a lot of people in the supermarket. Angela asked Arvin who was standing beside her with a poker face. "Any suggestion?"

"Up to you!"

"Well, bouilli?" Arvin glared at her at once.

Angela curved her lips to an awkward smile. "Just kidding. Could you please stop looking at me so coldly?"

Arvin blurted out, "Bitter melon! Go and buy it!"

"I don't eat bitter melon... Okay, I will eat it!" Damn it, she was bullied by Arvin again.

After choosing fresh bitter gourd, they looked around and put several ingredients in the cart before going to the cashier.

With the precedent sent by Randal and Nancy's warning, Angela looked at Arvin naturally when paying the bill.

Arvin told her calmly, "The wallet is in the car, I don't mind if you go and get it!"

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