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   Chapter 41 What a Cool and Handsome Face

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Until then, Arvin released Angela's waist. "You can stand up now!"

Angela was unable to speak, "..." She stood up from Arvin's lap and put aside the coffee on her hand. She grabbed his neck and gritted her teeth. "Arvin, you've destroyed my reputation! It's either you or me! One of us will die today! I will beat you up!"

Angela grabbed Arvin tightly. Despite this, he still looked at her calmly. "If you were not in the common waiting hall, I would not have talked to women!"

She chose to sit in the common hall instead of the VIP departure hall! He couldn't understand it. Maybe Angela was the first person to make such dumb choice!

"Are you blaming me? How dare you!" She didn't understand why an arrogant man like Arvin would exist in this world!

Arvin just blinked and said nothing.

His silence made Angela even angrier! She finally released her grip on his neck and angrily sat beside him.

Arvin finally breathed in some fresh air and looked out the windows of the waiting hall.

Both of them said nothing to each other before boarding.

It was almost a week since Angela left the hospital. At that very moment, she got a call from Randal.

The two words, 'Dream Guy', appeared on the screen of her phone. But Angela didn't answer the phone even though it had been ringing for a long time.

Arvin coldly stared at her while she looked at her phone.

In the past, she would always expect a call or message from Randal even if he only said just one sentence. She even couldn't sleep when she was expecting a call from him. She would often wake up to check if she had missed some of his important messages or calls.

However, Randal never called.

Strangely, Angela received the call from Randal just now. But even stranger was the fact that she was not as happy as she thought she would be.

She remembered what Arvin said, "Angela, break up with Randal!"

She muted the phone, and asked Arvin, "What do you know about him?"

'Randal does not love me at all.' Angela thought to herself.

Arvin looked in her eyes and understood what she was thinking about.

"For the sake of my brother, you don't want me to get hurt, right? So you asked me to break up with Randal. Is that right?"

After a short pause, Arvin nodded. 'She is not a fool!'

She asked again, "Do you have any evidence that Randal might hurt me?"

Actually, she didn't need the evidence. Randal's behavior and action could explain everything! However, Angela would not give up her hope until the last moment!

"Be patient! I know what I'm doing."

After saying these words, he looked away.

Then they started to have their tickets checked. After boarding, Angela was surprised to find out that she would be sitting beside Arvin. She thought the first class seats were already full.

She curiously asked Arvin, "When did you book the ticket?"

Her brother helped her book the ticket and she didn't even check it. Her brother was always in charge of this matter.


"Yesterday? Are you sure? Then why are we sitting next to each other?" She was sitting by the window and Arvin was on her left side.

Of course, Arvin wouldn't tell her that he asked his assistant to book her ticket together with his.

Since Arvin didn't answer her question, Angela curled her lip, 'You emotionless weirdo!'

When she was already sitting comfortably, Angela was shocked to find the two women who aggresively approached Arvin sitting on the other side of the aisle.

When they saw Arvin, the two women looked obviously excited. They talked to each other in low voices.

When she was about to sit down, Angela was suddenly pulled up. "Exchange seats with me!"

He was almost choked to death by the two women's perfume.

"No! I like sitting at the window!" Angela sat at the window directly.

Arvin put his two hands into th

e pocket, staring at Angela firmly. He had never met such a tough girl!

A few seconds later, Arvin bent down and held up Angela. "My..." Angela was about to scream when she was carried but since it was on the plane, she immediately shut her mouth.

Then, she was thrown to the seat next to her original one. Ignoring Angela's bitter eyes, he fastened his seat belt.

"You are such a pain! Why not take the private plane?" Angela fastened the seat belt angrily.

"The private planes were taken by my mum and brother." If the two private planes were not already taken by his relatives, he would never book the plane tickets!

Angela sneered at him, "I'm so disgusted of you! Why not have one for yourself? You're rich, right? You don't need to share a plane with other people, then!"

"I already have one. It is still not released by the factory." He casually leaned against the chair and looked out the window.

'What a cool and handsome face!' Angela immediately felt something strange. She loved and hated him at the same time.

"You can buy all tickets in the first class!" Sven, that reckless and wasteful man, always did such things!

Arvin replied, "It's the peak hour for passengers. My assistant has found out that most tickets have been sold out when she was just booking for one."

Well, she could say nothing right now! She'd better just sit down quietly and patiently wait. Before turning off her phone, Angela looked at the two women with a cold glare. They have been looking at her the whole time and she just wanted to return the favor.

Before taking off, the sweet-smiling airline stewardess came forward and checked their safety belts.

But when the stewardess glanced at Arvin, her eyes suddenly brightened. However, she looked away when she sensed that Angela saw her.

Angela was so speechless...

As soon as the plane took off, Angela leaned against the chair and slowly fell asleep.

Arvin watched her while she slept. She was so innocent and pure, like a child...

He couldn't help but shake his head and called the stewardess, "Give me a blanket."

The stewardess glanced at Angela and brought a blanket. When she was about to cover her with it, Arvin quickly took the blanket.

He covered Angela with the blanket by himself. His sweet gesture touched the stewardess deeply.

Arvin was reluctant to read magazines that have been read and touched by so many people. Instead, he leaned against the chair, and looked out the window. He was lost in his deep thoughts.

Suddenly, he felt something fall over his shoulder.

Looking back, he found it was Angela who suddenly leaned her head on his shoulder. Moreover, she rubbed her head on his shoulder and fell asleep after finding a comfortable position.

... Arvin raised his hand and was about to push away her head. However, he stopped when he saw how satisfied Angela's face looked.

Angela had been sleeping until the plane landed. The stewardess's sweet voice from the broadcast woke her up. Three seconds later, she opened her eyes and she heard, "You're a slobber! Your saliva is all over my shoulder!"

'What?' Angela found out just now that she had leaned on Arvin's shoulder. And she slobbered... She wiped her lips embarrassingly.

.... 'No! He's lying!'

Angela sat straight, covered herself with the blanket again and glared at him angrily.

"You slobbered! Not me!"

But was she really leaning on Arvin's shoulder while sleeping? 'Oh, my god! How humiliating...'

When they came out from the airport, Kent, Arvin's assistant had been waiting outside. He took the luggage from Arvin and Angela and put them in the trunk.

They were in Arvin's Porsche. Kent started the car and left the airport quickly.

"Mr. Gu, where are we going?"

Arvin glanced at Angela. "Where do you live?"

"Xinhe Garden" She answered.

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