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   Chapter 40 Because of Her Stupid Idea

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Arvin took out his cellphone and typed some messages, then he sent them through WeChat.

"Angela, don't be naughty. Your brother is very busy, go with Arvin!" Daisy urged her with a smile.

Angela wanted to say no, but her cellphone rang immediately. After reading the message, her eyes widened because of shock.

'If you don't go, all the nurses in VVIP department will be fired.' Angela was in utter shock...


'Have we really spoiled Angela?' Daisy sighed.

"Angela, Arvin is your vice director. Now that you treat him so badly, I can infer that you must often bully him in hospital, don't you?"

What? In her mom's eyes, she is such a naughty girl? This time, Angela didn't speak any words. No! Need! To! Explain!

Her silence seemed to indicate her guilt, which gave Arvin more chance to complain. "She didn't bully me too much but gave me many nicknames like big wing, ice slag, bastard and so on... Auntie, Angela is still a little girl, you can't be too particular with her!"

Angela didn't know what to say. She felt so sick that she wanted to spit blood.

Daisy was so worried. How could Angela be so naughty? Arvin was much more polite than Angela. It will show her failure in teaching daughter if she didn't blame Angela. Therefore, she went on, "Angela! You are more than twenty years old, not a kid any more! Mr. Gu is too busy to argue with you, so can you promise me not to bully him any more?"

Angela was still speechless.

Sven always wanted to make a match between Arvin and his sister, but when he saw Daisy blaming Angela, he can't help speaking for his sister. "Mom, does Angela really have the ability to bully Arvin?" He asked.

"Auntie, you shouldn't do wrong to Angela because she has never bullied me really." Arvin lightly smiled.

"How gentle and polite Arvin is! It's all Chuck's fault to have spoiled our daughter." Daisy sighed.

"Mom, Arvin must be your natural son and I must be adopted" Angela only said this after a long time.

"How could it be? When you were born, your father delivered you by himself..."


After half an hour

Angela walked down the stairs with her luggage. Now that Arvin had achieved his purpose, there was no need to discuss the end of project.

He took the luggage for Angela like a gentleman and she had to follow him reluctantly.

Ten minutes ago, Angela told Arvin through WeChat, "I quit! You can do as your will if you want to fire me!"

It seemed that Arvin was in restroom and he sent only voice messages to her. 'A project of Yao Hospital and Chengyang Private Hospital involves Billions. If you resign, I would withdraw our finance and your hospital will be at risk of failing.' ...

"Does a project of Yao Hospital and Chengyang Private Hospital involves Billions, brother?" Angela wasn't startled by his threat but she called Sven downstairs to confirm the information directly.

"How could you know that?"

... Fine! It is true. Angela decided to sacrifice herself to prevent Chengyang Hospital from being in crisis. She packed up right away and left with Arvin.

Chuck sent them to the airport by car. After the security check, Angela entered the waiting hall without saying goodbye to Sven.

That was because she was in a bad mood. She was so anxious and even wanted to punch someone.

Arvin glimpsed at Angela who was seated in a chair. He noticed her gloomy mood so decided to enter the cafe nearby.

After a few minutes, he brought a cup of coffee to her. "You feel wronged?" He asked.

Of course! He ha

d twisted her mom's impression on her through a visit! She had no chance to speak for herself.

She snorted, pretending not to see the coffee, and turned her head.

Arvin took out a handkerchief, then he put it on the chair and sat down. "If you are not convinced, you can take a revenge on me!"

"How can I take a revenge on you?" She suddenly turned back to look at his perfect side face.

"For example, if I kissed you then you can kiss me back..."

Angela blushed instantly with what he said. She hit his shoulder forcibly.

"Angela, break up with Randal!" Arvin looked into her eyes while saying these words.

For the sake of Sven, he thought it was necessary to remind her. 'Don't be fooled too much by that disloyal bastard!'


Angela stared at him with a puzzled look. She fell silent for a long time.

After giving her the coffee, he didn't say anything because he believed that she was recollecting the things happened between her and Randal.

Five minutes later, Angela asked Arvin. "You have fallen in love with me, haven't you?" Arvin was in great surprise due to her directness in asking the question.

If he didn't love her, why did he always tease her to draw her attention? Why did he kiss her, took her advantage and now return to Shine Empire with her?

Arvin was annoyed at first but he felt disoriented when he saw Angela smile because he realized that he didn't hate Angela so much.

For an instance, he wasn't annoyed when she touched him. He didn't feel sick for kissing her.

When he dated Rosa Yin, he had never thought about kissing her because he was such a neat freak.

However, how could it be possible to love Angela? "It's impossible!"

Angela's face fell. She also realized it was impossible. How could Arvin fall in love with her?

"Ha ha ha!" Angela burst into laughter because of her stupid idea.

"Why are you laughing?" Arvin cast a glance at her.

"I'm laughing for my... nothing." Angela stopped laughing and took a sip of the coffee Americano that he bought.

At the same moment, two tall women stopped in front of them. "Hey! Is the seat beside you taken by someone?" One woman asked Arvin in a shy expression.

Arvin's good mood disappeared. He didn't want to respond to the two women in front of them and he did so.

"It has been taken!" He glanced at them with cold eyes when they were about to sit down beside him.

"Besides us, is there anyone else?" Angela looked at him with confusion. She realized something when she saw the disappointed expression on the two women's faces.

"Hey, girls, you can sit here!" She stopped them instantly when they were leaving. Angela stood up and gave an evil smile.

'Arvin doesn't like these women. I will ask them to stay around him.'

Arvin caught Angela's arm quickly before she could make a step.

It seemed that he pulled her a little too hard which made Angela bump into him unexpectedly. Without knowing what happened, Angela had seated on his... lap.

Inhaling Angela's scent, Arvin was attracted to her more. He had never thought that Angela could be pulled to him so easily.

Arvin reacted quickly. When Angela was about to stand up, he hugged her immediately and said to the two women, "Are you sure you want to stay here and to watch me flirting with my girlfriend?"

Girlfriend?! Angela felt extremely embarrassed.

The women stared at them angrily while Angela was in complete shock. Then they walked away in heels and seated on the other seats which were not far away from them.

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