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   Chapter 39 What's Wrong with My Sister

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"Ah! Big wing, you bastard! I will beat you up! You want me to change your bed sheet? No way!" She threw away her slippers, got up and stood on the bed. While she was resting her arms on the hips, she looked at Arvin.

In an instant, Arvin stared back at her strangely and kept silent.

Angela was a little curious. So, she followed his eyes. It looked like that she was about to scream. Arvin knew what she was going to do. Therefore, he pulled her into his arm immediately and covered her mouth.

"Shut up! Do you want to attract more people here?" Later on, he fell silent and didn't say anything any more.

However, Arvin couldn't speak this time because it seemed that he had touched something that was in the forbidden zone...

Angela lowered her head and saw his hand. 'Oh, my god!' She was gonna kill Arvin!

To her shock, she didn't expect that he... took advantage of her!

Son of a bitch! She pulled Arvin's hand and bit it in her mouth severely!

Arvin frowned, closed his eyes and kept silent without stopping her.

When Arvin's hand was almost bit through the skin, Angela shook off his hand, "Bastard!"

After this, she became red in the face and ran out of Arvin's room.

In the hall, she met Sven who was going to visit Arvin. When he saw his sister ran out of his room, he hurried to Arvin's room.

"Arvin, what's wrong with my sister?"

Arvin was rubbing the tooth marks on his hand and glanced at Sven coolly. "She was unwilling to change the bed sheet."

'Unwilling to change the bed sheet? It could not be the reason. Angela seemed to be taken advantage when she ran out of the room.'

Sven didn't believe it. But as for Arvin, nobody could make him say anything that he didn't want to.

Therefore, Sven just let it go, "Just now, the researcher called me. We have talked about the scheme..."

Then, the two men talked about their work.

Angela returned to her room, jumped onto the bed, pulled back the quilts and wrapped herself in it!

'Oh, my God!' Arvin had made her crazy! He kissed her and even touched her...

He was such a pervert! Now, she felt that it was too unfair to Randal! She cheated on him again...

When the night came, there were two people who didn't sleep well.

Of course, Angela was not one of them because she was a heartless girl. What she wanted to do was to have a good rest. She decided to throw Arvin out the next morning instead.

Actually, Arvin and Chuck were the two people who didn't sleep well.

Arvin was thinking of Angela's face and the part of her body that was touched by him.

On the other room, Chuck believed that something happened between Angela and Arvin. But he couldn't tell the exact thing...

In the next morning, Angela got up lazily when Sven woke her up.

"Angela, the breakfast is ready. Get up! Let's have breakfast... Angela, did you hear me? Angela."

"Okay. I'll be there right away." With her heavy eyes, Angela got up, opened the door and found Sven standing at the door.

Looking at her, Sven rubbed her long tangled hair and said, "Wash your face and rinse your mouth immediately. We have a guest here. Don't go downstairs in this way!"

'Guest? Guest!' In a minute, Angela finally realized who the guest was. She was awake completely.

"Sven, when will Arvin leave?" She asked anxiously.

"Today. What's the matter?"

'Today? Great!'

Angela laughed, "It's okay. Never mind. I just asked. I'll wash up now!"

Angela closed her door and went t

o the bathroom happily. 'Arvin, leave my house right now. You can no longer take advantage of me if you leave.'

However, Angela was too naive.

Twenty minutes later

Angela went downstairs happily. All of the people already sat on the table.

"Angela, be quick and sit here. Let's have breakfast!" Chuck waved at her.

Angela snorted when she saw Arvin's blank expression and sat down beside Daisy.

Today, she wore a simple pink sport suit, which made her look younger. The soft skin was white touched with red...

Arvin stopped gazing at Angela and focused on his breakfast.

After the breakfast, Chuck went to the hospital. Sven and Arvin were working together to finish the project, while Daisy was busy in the kitchen.

Angela sat down beside Sven happily. She watched him and Arvin as they opened the document.

Sven glanced at Angela and teased her. "Angela, you seemed very happy. Tell me about it."

"Of course. I'm happy because someone is leaving." Angela swayed her head and felt satisfied.

Everybody knew who that "someone" was. Sven pretended to cough, "Angela, don't do this!"

However, Arvin took out of his phone and started to make a call.

"Chief Nurse, how many days did Angela ask for a leave...? Who gave you the right to permit her such a long vocation...?"

Angela's face was suddenly filled with rage. Ignoring Sven, she stood up from the sofa and angrily glared at Arvin.

When he hung up the phone, Angela asked him with an obvious hint of irritation in her voice, "Arvin, what's the matter with you? I just took a few days off. What's the big deal! Why did you call the head nurse?"

"I was just asking. What are you worrying about?" Arvin answered her calmly.

Angela was definitely worried! It took her a lot of time to get rid of Arvin. She didn't want him around.

"Stay out of my business!" She directly refused Arvin with clear voice.

Arvin smiled quietly, "When you were drunk, you called me dear Arvin intimately! You were not like this at that time!"

"..." Angela opened her mouth and couldn't say a word any more.

Sven looked at them and listened to their argument silently. He felt entertained hearing their exchange. 'Angela wants to win over Arvin? It is impossible! She is such a green hand!' However, it was necessary for Angela to win over Arvin. Otherwise, Angela might be bullied if they stayed together.

Right at that moment, Daisy brought over some fruits and put them on the table. "Angela, why do you look so angry?"

"Never mind!" Angela was reluctant to explain the whole thing because her mum would not believe her.

But at this time, Arvin said, "Auntie, here is the thing. I'll go back to Shine Empire after a while. Since Angela's holiday is over, I want to go back with her... So, what do you think?"

"No. I still need to take a leave! Mum, I don't want to go to work!"

However, Angela's plead was ignored directly. Daisy looked at Arvin happily, "It sounds great! I feel relieved if you two go back together. Sven will not be bothered to accompany her any more!"

As for Arvin, Daisy believed in his good moral quality deeply.

She thought her daughter was self-willed, but she did not believe that Arvin would do something inappropriate!

"Mum! You didn't even ask for my opinion!" Angela stared at Arvin and her mom in confusion. They were deep in conversation. What she couldn't understand was why did her mum talk to him so nicely? Arvin was such an annoying guy!

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