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   Chapter 38 Arvin is Not Your Son

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Arvin hugged Angela tightly and they changed positions. Now, she was on top of him.

When Angela opened her eyes, she tried to get rid of him. But Arvin smiled, then grabbed her wrists and kissed her. Angela was not able to move because of his grip on her.

Suddenly, the door opened and Daisy's startled voice came through. "Oh! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry... I forgot to knock at the door. What is this? Angela?" Daisy said in her panicky voice.

She waited for Angela to respond while she was standing at the door with an incredulous look on her face. Wasn't it Angela who was lying on top of Arvin?

Upon seeing Daisy, Arvin released Angela and she immediately jumped off the bed. She wiped her lips, and her face has gone totally red due to her embarrassment. When she was about to answer Daisy, Arvin interrupted her and explained, "Aunt, don't give it a second thought, Angela didn't do this on purpose."

"Ke-ke..." Angela choked. What did he mean Angela didn't do this on purpose?

In her memory, it was Arvin who had started the kiss!

Angela was so overwhelmed by shock. Because of this, Daisy couldn't speak a word for a while. She was in utter surprise too. Just imagine, which mother in this world would calm down if she saw her daughter be taken advantage by a man in her own house?

"Mom, I can explain... Mom, it's Arvin who..."

"What happened?" Sven and Chuck also appeared in the doorway and looked at the three people who were acting weirdly.

Angela was anxious that they would get it wrong, "Arvin, tell them what happened before! It was you who..."

"Angela, don't worry. I know you didn't do it on purpose. You don't have to blame yourself. Uncle, aunt, and Sven, it's late now. I'd like to go to sleep."

It was clear that he wanted them to leave now. Angela was pissed off, so she patted his shoulder. "Arvin, it was you who took advantage of me, okay?"

Hearing Angela's words, Sven and Chuck basically knew what had happened.

When Chuck was about to defend his daughter, Daisy interrupted, "Well, Angela, if you did something wrong, just admit it. Arvin won't blame you. Why would you lie?"

When Daisy came in, she saw that Angela was on top of Arvin, but she couldn't speak it outin front of them because it was too embarrassing.

Angela was out of words. Looking at her mother who was dragging her away, Angela tried to remind her, "Mom, Arvin is not your son! I'm your daughter!"

"Angela, you're so unpredicatable! Don't be so capricious anymore! Doctor Gu has helped you a lot at the Yao Hospital but you didn't show your gratitude, instead you tried to turn against him! Don't you think I know nothing about what you have done? Look at the pink bed set you prepared for him! Angela, you are so much!"

When the door was closed, Arvin smiled. 'Angela, you're still too naive!'

However, outside the room, Angela was about to go crazy. Even her father wouldn't defend her. "Angela, Arvin is the deputy director of the hospital where you have been working. I have met him several times. He is a mature man, so he wouldn't blame you for what you've done. Don't you dare speak against him! Be more mature in the future! And now, prepare a new bed set for him!"

How can a girl be taken advantage of? Not even a little bit!

Angela was out of words again.

In her mind, 'Oh my gosh! Did Arvin drugged mom and dad? It was me who had been taken advantage of! Why would no one believe me? Was it just because I was on top of him?'

After a few minutes, Angela brought a new bed set to Arvin's room and knocked on his door.

The man who answered the door was exactly the one who had made her angry.

Angela cleared her thro

at and raised her voice. "Doctor Gu, I'm sorry for what I have done. I'm here to change your bed set!"

"Angela, thank you. Please come in!"

When the door was closed, Angela threw away the bed set. She clenched her fists firmly and started to hit Arvin.

"Bastard! You're a bastard! Wing, you're such a bad man! I will let you know how powerful I am!"

Angela's fists fell one after another on Arvin, but he just let her and did not resist.

Angela only cared about letting off all of her anger that she completely ignored the whispering outside the room. "Look, it is Angela who had bullied Arvin, and you wouldn't believe it, I had seen it myself."

When Chuck knew that it was not his daughter who had been taken advantage of, he was relieved and nodded his head. "Then, just let her. A real man wouldn't care much about it."

Daisy didn't know what to say. She just looked at her husband. "Arvin is not Sven, he is not your son. How can you be so calm after knowing that your daughter is bullying him?" In Chuck's eyes, as long as his daugther wouldn't be taken advantage of, then nothing mattered!

Chuck had his hands behind his back and headed to the living room, "Why wouldn't I be calm? Angela can do anything she wants to do. I will be her biggest supporter no matter what happens!"

Daisy followed behind him. Without giving up, she insisted, "And we just let her?"

"Or else? This is our house! Are you afraid of Arvin taking advantage of Angela?"

"Not really, but what if Angela does something too excessive and Arvin was too gentle to blame her? How can we just let Angela bully him and showing nothing?"


If Angela could hear what her parents have said, she would definitely bang her head against the wall...

In the room

Angela was trying to hit Arvin again, but Arvin took a hold of her when he knew Angela's parents had gone.

"Enough!" He used a little strength and thrown Angela into the bed.

Angela looked at Arvin who was showing a cold expression on his face. He had clearly taken an advantage of her and smeared her image. Where did he got the nerve to shout at her?

"Arvin, you must leave my home today!" She jumped off the bed, pulled Arvin's hands and headed towards the door.

Arvin rubbed his painful temple. Angela was really a headache for him.

He exerted some strength and pulled her back. He has seen the anger in her eyes. "Go change the bed set. One more word, you will not walk out of this room tonight!"

"This is..." My home!

The last two words had disappeared in her mouth. What's more, Arvin held Angela in his

Arms and walked towards the bed...

Now, Angela had realized what he meant. Her face had gone total red. "You're a shameless pervert! Let go of me!"

Angela was clearly mad at him and Arvin gave her a warning look. "This is your last chance, will you change the bed set or not?"

Angela felt annoyed of being bossed around by Arvin and the fact that she was taken advantage at her own home!

She immediately climbed up from the bed and stood in front of Arvin. Then she took several steps back and brought her fists towards Arvin's face.

However, Arvin escaped quickly, and Angela had no time to hold back herself, so she went straight towards the bed.

Whoooooooh... "My nose hurts!" Angela rubbed her nose and threw her fists again towards Arvin.

For the first time, the second time and the third time... Arvin had escaped in each punch. She didn't even hit his clothes.

"Angela, you have wasted your last chance! So, it's not my fault!" Arvin stared at her coldly and reached out to her. The next moment, Angela was lying on the bed with no time to stop Arvin.

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