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   Chapter 37 I'm Sorry

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Angela didn't felt she was flattering. Instead, she was rather shocked by his words. 'This man is really the cold and indifferent vice director of our hospital?' Angela wondered.

She did not take the bowl in Arvin's hand right away. She just looked at Daisy and asked, "Mum... He's Arvin, right?"

Arvin smiled after hearing Angela's funny question.

As for Daisy, she wanted to knock on her daughter' head, whose behaviour was kind of weird today. "Yes, of course. Don't you see him? He's right in front of you!"

"Take the bowl from Arvin, Angela. He is holding it." Sven reminded Angela, who looked a little confused.

Later on, Angela took the bowl from Arvin and tasted the soup. 'Which cook made this? It's quite delicious...' She thought to herself.

As the dinner ended, Angela was still confused.

After Arvin went to the bathroom to rinse his mouth, Daisy patted Angela's head, "What's going on with you, my sweetheart? Do you have problems with Arvin?"

To confirm, Angela nodded her head. She did have strong opinions about him. "Mum... Could you ask Arvin..." To check into a hotel?

Just as she was about to finish saying those five words, she was interrupted by Sven. "Have you tidied up a clean room for Arvin?"

"Why did you ask me to tidy up for him? He himself should do it." Angela unconvincedly glared at her older brother, who didn't pick her side. "You're treating him as if he was your younger brother but remember, I am your younger sister, Okay?" Angela barked.

Seeing her daughter being arrogant and unyielding, Daisy shook her head. "Go downstairs. I'll go tidy up a clean room for Arvin."

After that, she went upstairs.

Right at that moment, Arvin came out of the bathroom. Angela stopped Daisy, "Mum!"


"You don't have to do it. I'll clean Avrin's room." Angela went upstairs right away, leaving everyone in confusion.

In the guest room

Angela closed the door, opened the closet's door and took a grey duvet set out. 'No!' Angela felt this was not good enough so she put it back.

She went into her own room, found a clean

apologizing?' She couldn't believe it. "Why... did you apologize?"

Arvin didn't respond to her question right away. At this moment, the room was so quiet that Angela could only hear was his heart beating. She suddenly blushed.

"Don't ask me the reason." There was no explanation so he didn't say anything.

"If you don't explain why, I'll take it as the apology for everything you've done wrong to me." Angela was in a shock that she didn't realize how inappropriate their gesture was.

Arvin just stared at her with a blank expression on his face. He didn't utter any word.

Angela took his silence as a yes... But why?

Why did he apologize to her?

His apology nearly made her forgive for every wrong thing he had done to her.

"Don't ask." Angela smelled like roses which captivated Arvin and made him move closer to her.

He reminisced their kiss last time, which left him with sleepless nights and thoughts.

Their kiss was like opium. It was very addicting. It was hard to quit which made him try one more time, and now... He did it again. He kissed her.


Arvin's lips were so warm that Angela almost forgot to breathe. He kissed her again!

Holy mama! And there they are! At her house! Avrin was too brave!

After a while, the sound of footsteps was heard outside the room. Arvin looked at Angela in his arms. Her eyes were closed but his eyes glimmered.

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