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   Chapter 36 That's My Mum

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"The two must have something going on!" According to his careful observation, Arvin really took the initiative in coming over to Angela's house.

In the dinning room, Angela secretly dialed Lily's number. "How have you been, grandma?"

Lily was pleased to hear from Angela. "You remembered me, my little sweetheart!"

"Of course. Well, I've got one thing to ask you, grandma."

"Feel free to say it."

Angela peered at Sven and Arvin, who was seated around the table. "What does Arvin like to eat, grandma?"

Her question made Lily's eyes lighten up. 'She cared about Arvin! That's a good news!' Lily replied, "Arvin likes nothing special, but he does have something he dislikes."

Angela was so thrilled that she'd like to hit her own thigh. That was exactly what she wanted to know. "So, what is the food that he doesn't like?"

"Arvin doesn't like red-cooked pork, cilantro, eggplant..." Lily was glad to tell Angela all she knew about Arvin's dislikes in food, meat and vegetables.

Angela snickered, "Okay, I got it. Thank you, grandma!"

"Is Avrin with you, Angela?"

"Yes, grandma. My mum's hurrying me and we are going to have dinner soon. I have to go. I'll visit you when I'm free!"

Lily agreed, "Okay. You should go."



After ending the call, Angela walked towards the dining table, where everybody was already seated. Chuck was seated on the main seat, with Daisy on his right hand and Sven on his left. Arvin was seated next to Sven.

Angela's eyes rolled. She moved towards Sven and clutched his sleeves as she smiled innocently at him. "Could you move and sit with mum, Sven? It's rare that Director Gu came to our home. As one of his employees, I need to ensure that he's well treated in our home."

Her words successfully drew everyone's attention.

Earlier, she drove Arvin away, but now she changed her mind and didn't want him to go?

Sven stood up without a second thought and sat next to Daisy. As what Angela had wished, she sat beside Arvin.

It seemed like Arvin curved the corner of his mouth. There was a saying, The weasel goes to pay his respects to the hen - not with the best of intentions.

It was a great dinner toni

t. "It was no good idea to make Arvin eat so much red-cooked pork, Angela. This mushroom soup with winter gourd is good, too. Refill it in Avrin's bowl, Angela. "

"Mum... He can refill it on his own." Angela felt droopy seeing that her plan didn't go as she wished.

"Didn't you say that you have many things to consult with Arvin, Angela? Be friendly, okay?" Then, Daisy passed the scoop over to Angela.

Angela took the scoop over. "That's... my mum! ="

When she was about to take Arvin's bowl, he stopped her. At first, Angela was confused but then Arvin explained, "Guiding you is no big deal. It's just a small case. However, dropping by in this home might have caused Angela to be unhappy, so it's my fault. I am sorry." After saying this, Arvin refilled Angela's bowl with soup.

'Avrin would say sorry too me?' Angela almost choked herself with the porridge inside her mouth. 'Did I mishear him?

But his words suggested that I was being difficult?'

After refilling the bowl with soup, Arvin admitted, "Sorry that I made you unhappy, Angela."

As a matter of fact, Arvin's words did have two layers of meaning. For one thing, he was sorry for the situation right now. Another thing was that he wanted to apologize for the private examination incident. He did a lot of thinking and he realized that he was a little hard on Angela at that time.

Angela was inexperienced at her new job, so it was also a genuine apology for that incident.

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