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   Chapter 35 Angela Gu

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"..." Angela couldn't even say a word.

This time, Arvin took the opportunity to speak, "Excuse me, Mrs. Si and Sven. I have to go now!"

As soon as he said it, Arvin went out.

Daisy Tang had heard all the words clearly. It seemed that Arvin had helped Angela a lot!

"Hold on, Arvin. Let me cook dinner for you! I must thank you for being so good to Angela!"

"No, thanks. Angela seems to... dislike me!" It was obvious that Arvin was pretending to be sad. His gesture surprised Angela. 'Were those words really from Arvin?'

Daisy gave her daughter an angry look. "Angela is still a naive little girl, just leave her alone. Please come in, Arvin!"


She was a naive little girl? She watched Arvin as he walked in the living room. Angela was dumbstruck!

It was not right! Why would things go on like this? 'Mom, your daughter's naked body had been seen by him, okay? I was also kissed by him, do you know? He's a Wolf pretending to be innocent, didn't you see?' Angela wanted to cry.

"Mom... Sven?"

"Angela, go and get Arvin some drinks. I'll do the cooking."

"Angela, I'm going to talk about something with Arvin. Would you come here and listen?" Sven acted like a kind brother. He waved his hand to his speechless sister.

It took a long time for Angela to find her voice back. "... Why should I listen to you two talking? Besides, he can get some drinks for himself if he's thirsty!"

"Dad is going to let you take over the hospital, so come and listen to it carefully, or you want dad's work to be destroyed in your hands?"

"Will I be able to develop the hospital to the top of the world after listening to your talk?" Besides, she didn't want to take over the hospital at all.

Angela unwillingly took the drink which was handed over to her by Daisy, then she walked slowly to the sofa and sat beside Sven.

"Since you can't develop the hospital to the best in the world, you should find a capable husband and let him help you to run it!"

... That was too straightforward!

Even though Angela didn't quite understood what Sven meant, Arvin understo

me!" Thinking that she was in her own zone, Angela couldn't stop her lips from smiling.

Arvin raised his left hand and touched Angela's lips with his finger when she smiled. "Don't get too excited, Angela!"

Angela was taken aback when Arvin touched her lips. Due to her surprise, she took a step back clumsily. She didn't know that behind her was the threshold. "... Ah!"

Angela grabbed Arvin's hand in a hurry to save herself from falling on the ground. Arvin pulled her in his arms by reflex.

"Oh my god! That was too scary..." Angela patted her beating chest. She would definitely fall down if Arvin reacted a little bit slower...

"What are you doing there, Arvin? Angela?" Sven's serious voice startled them.

Realizing that she was still holding Arvin's hand tightly, Angela immediately released his hands. Her face turned red. She stared at Sven with embarrassment. "Well... I was nearly tripped by this bloody threshold..."

Angela jumped hard on the threshold, and then she just slipped away.

After that, Sven pretended to speak to Arvin in a righteous manner, "Does it feel wrong to hug my sister in my house, Dr. Gu?"

Did Sven think that Arvin hadn't seen his smile?

"I think that's exactly what you want." Arvin left a few words before he strode toward the dining room.

After they both left, Sven couldn't help but lean on the door and burst into laughter.

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