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   Chapter 34 The Man Who Comes to Our Home is Our Guest

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Angela, who just woke up, totally ignored the man seated beside Sven.

She yawned again and asked, "Sven, what do you want me to do here?"

Wearing her pink pajamas, she walked to the living room, and glanced at Sven...

"Sven... What? Big Wing? How is it possible!" It was Arvin who was standing beside Sven! Angela looked at him with her eyes wide open.

Was she daydreaming? Or how could she see Arvin at her home?

Angela could not believe what she just saw! She rubbed her eyes and tried to confirm it but later on, she heard Daisy's voice. "Angela, we have a guest. Go back to your room, change your clothes and then please come down."

Now, Angela believed in what she was seeing! The man, who stood in front of her and looked at her blankly, was indeed Arvin!

He wore a black T-shirt and a black leisure suit. He was seated on the sofa. He looked so charming and powerful, which made people afraid to get close to him.

"Why are you at my home?" Angela walked to Arvin and asked him.

"I'm just passing by." Daisy served him a cup of tea. He took up the cup and drank a little to conceal the emotions in his eyes.

Looking at his sister, Sven had an impulsion to kick her out of the room. She was wearing pajamas and her hair was a mess...

"Angela, go back to your room and change your clothes!"

It was until then that Angela was aware that she was wearing a cartoon pajamas which had Micky Mouse on it... Gosh! Oh my God! Her imagination! She hurriedly went upstairs.

When Angela disappeared out of his sight, he noticed that Arvin was still looking at the staircase of the second floor. 'He is looking at Angela, ' Sven thought to himself.

He knew what this meant so he requested to Daisy, "Mom, it's too late for Arvin to leave tonight. Can you cook something for us? I want Arvin to go back to his home tomorrow. What about staying the night here? Arvin, what do you think?"

Arvin looked at him. He knew what Sven was thinking about because he asked his opinion at last!

After glancing at the staircase of the second floor, he answered, "That's fine with me. Sorry for bothering you, aunt Daisy."

Daisy knew Sven had a close relationship with Arvin. However, she was a little shocked when she heard that Sven wanted Arvin to stay the night there.

Anyway, Daisy had a good impression on Arvin because he was excellent. Also, she has considered that Angela was working at his hospital at present. Thinking of this, she warmly greeted him, "You have a good relationship with Sven, and you are welcomed here. Please feel at home! Don't be too polite!"

Angela quickly changed her clothes, and tied her hair into a ponytail. Afterwards, she rushed downstairs.

When she walked to the staircase, she heard Daisy's voice. She was so shocked to find out that Arvin would be spending the night there. "Mom, it is my house!" Then she looked at Arvin with her aggressive eyes. She was always bullied by him in Yao Cheng Hospital. She would not allow herself to be bullied by Arvin in this house!

Daisy thought Angela didn't know what Sven meant, so she replied with a smile. "Yes. It's your home, not Sven's!"

"No. Mom, I mean..."

Sven interrupted her, "Angela, your sister-in-law and your two nephews went back to the Eastern Manor. Tonight, I will stay here and I have something to talk with Arvin. You go and clean up a room for him!"

"He can go to the hotel! Why does he have to stay here?" Angela didn't believe that Arvin could not afford it! Besides, how could Sven command her to clean up a room for Arvin! She must complain this to her father!

Daisy gave a puzzled look at her daughte

r. "Angela, what's the matter with you? You're always hospitable. What's wrong with you today? How could you let our guest go to hotel?"

Ignoring Daisy's confusion, Angela walked towards Arvin and pulled him up in his seat. He was obedient to her and stood up.

But, it seemed like Angela overexerted and this caused her to become out of balance. She was about to fall down...

"Angela!" Sven screamed out.

Right at that moment, Arvin held her with his right hand just in time to prevent her falling down...

While being held in his arms, Angela lowered her head to cover the blush on her cheeks. "Get away from me! It's all your fault!"

She never thought he would stand up so easily. If she knew, she would not pull him with all her strength.

Arvin released her and kept some distance from her.

Daisy sighed with relief and then she looked at her daughter with curiosity. "Why did you pull Arvin? What do you want to do?"

Angela blushed and grabbed Arvin's wrist. "Go and check in the hotel. I don't want you stay at my home!"

It was difficult for her to get away from hospital, let alone to get away from him. She didn't want to see him at her home!

Arvin didn't revolt. He was obedient to Angela and walked towards the door. He even said goodbye to Sven and Daisy. "Aunt, Sven, sorry for bothering you. I'm leaving!"

Then he followed Angela while looking at her hand on his wrist.

Whoever saw this would think Angela was the unreasonable one. Daisy was displeased with Angela and stopped her. "Angela, the man who comes to our home is our guest. How could you treat a guest like this?"

Sven also walked to her and stopped her. "Yes. Angela, Arvin treats you well and gives you a lot of help in the hospital. Last time, it's Arvin who sent you to the hotel when you got drunk. How could you bite the hand that feeds you?"

Sven touched a sore spot in Angela's heart when he mentioned about the drinking. The resentments between she and Arvin all caused by drinking!

Angela was so angry that she almost could not control her emotions. She stomped and asked them, "Sven, how did you know it? Arvin, did you tell this to my brother?"

"Of course not! Arvin isn't the man who liked to complain! It was me who called him at that time, so I knew it. Did you know you puked all over him? How dare you blame him for that?" Sven called Angela at the same night when she got drunk for the second time. It was Arvin who answered Sven's call.

Arvin gnashed his teeth and called Angela's name. Sven was curious about what happened so he asked Arvin and that was how he knew that Angela got drunk and puked all over him.

"When did I puke all over him?" Angela tried very hard to recall what happened when she got drunk the first time. Sven must have lied to her. She was sober when she was in hotel and didn't remember that she vomitted!

Sven explained to his sister, "What you said was the night that you joined the party of the pharmacy department. Did you know, if it wasn't for Arvin that night, you might have lost your purity and you would not be clean now!"

"Wait... Wait a moment!" Angela released Arvin's wrist. She was confused about what Sven actually meant. She asked Arvin, "So, my brother is telling me now that it was you who sent me to the hotel that night, right?"

Arvin nodded but didn't speak anything.

"And I puked all over you..." Gosh! How could she do such a disgusting thing!

Arvin nodded again.

Angela was speechless, "..."

Sven pulled Angela to his side and said, "So, you still insist on letting your savior stay at the hotel? Angela, I'm ashamed to be your brother!"

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