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   Chapter 33 What's His Response

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"Why wouldn't he allow me? Isn't he busy working every day? Look at you, Angela. What's wrong with you? You're so gloomy." Janet stared curiously at the girl who was in a low spirit.

Angela swayed her hand. "Oh, forget it. I've met a super annoying person who always makes me upset!" So, she went home and hid there for a while. Her time away from Arvin was really joyful! However... It seemed that something had changed. Suddenly, she wasn't even interested in doing anything.

"A man or a woman?"

"A man!" Angela said as she unconsciously clenched her teeth.

As soon as Janet heard that it was actually a man who drove Angela so mad, she made a wild guess, "Do you like him, or does he like you?"

"Like him? Oh, come on! I have a boyfriend!" Angela retorted.

"Well, maybe he's fond of you!" Janet continued her guess.

"No way! Did you know? He also attended the wedding ceremony of you and Daniel! That guy is as cold as Daniel! I wanted to ask godfather for several times if he and godmother have another son living outside the city or not!"

After thinking about it for a long time, Janet remembered an outstanding handsome man with an expressionless face. "Is he a doctor?" Daniel had mentioned Arvin to her.

"Yes! He is!"

"Oh, I remember him! His name is Arvin Gu, right?" He also went to the wedding of Colin Li and Sophia Lo. An outstanding man like him was always very impressive!

"Yes! Jane, you know him!" Angela looked at her excitedly.

Janet shook her head. "No, I don't know him. I have only heard his name. It's just that he seems to be quite famous in the field of medicine recently. He's really cold, as you said." Angela thought to herself, 'This kind of man... You couldn't define him easily. It's fine if he was cold outside and warm inside like Daniel. However, if he was cold in mind, heart and body, that would be not so good.'

"Well, he's not only cold, but also hateful!"

'Very hateful! A hateful pervert!'

Janet thought about what she was about to say before she carefully replied, "Since he's so hateful and you have already got a boyfriend, you should just stay away from him!"

"I know! I came back this time to have some quiet days. Maybe I won't go back to the hospital if my mind can get over it!"

"What about your boyfriend? Do you work with him in the same hospital?"

"Whatever, I don't care!" Initially, Angela went to the Yao Hospital for Randal. However, she had never found the feeling that she wanted in him, let alone sweet moments like what others said. Maybe she and Randal really didn't fit each other.

Janet was almost choked by the milk tea. It was the first time she had seen someone dump a boyfriend like this!

"For God's sake, Angela, that's your boyfriend! You are just planning to dump him this easily?"

"Jane, I don't mean to dump him. It's just that I didn't have the feeling that I want when I was with him. Besides, he only gave me insecurity. Do you understand? You know how much I can drink, right?"

"Yes! A glass of wine!" Janet almost laughed out at the thought of this. Angela could only drink one glass of wine, whether it was beer or red wine, let alone the white spirit! She would be drunk after a few sips of that drink!

"Yes. I was drunk twice and he didn't help me at all. The first time he wasn't there, so I let it go. The second time, he told me to find a designated driver! In the end, it was Big Wing who helped me and sent me to the hote

l!" Arvin did have some advantages. After all, he sent her to the hotel twice without taking advantage of her. She was safe and sound.

"Big Wing?"

"Uh-huh. His name is Arvin. Don't you think it sounds like 'a wing'?" With a serious face, Angela told Janet. This time, she was really choked by the milk tea.

After a fit of coughing, Janet laughed out loud. "Angela, does he know you call him like this?"

"Of course he knows it!" Angela gave her a tissue and Janet used it to wipe her mouth.

"What's his response?"

"He didn't do anything! He only glanced at me with his cold eyes! ... Perhaps the evil things he did afterwards were just his ways to get even with me?" For example, he gave her that examination. He said that he wouldn't let her drink wine anymore so as to get him away from all the trouble...

Besides, she called him a pervert on the paper... Did he kiss her in order to punish her?

But it was actually her first time to get such punishment!

He wasn't taking advantage of her, was he?

"... Angela? Angela..." Janet waved her hand in front of Angela's eyes.

Angela hurriedly held back her thoughts and looked at Janet. "What? What's wrong?"

Janet chuckled. "What are you thinking of? Your face is so red. You look like a girl in love!" She laughed at Angela.

Angela touched her face immediately. It was really hot. "It's nothing, Jane. Let's go for a lunch!" She must forget it. The reason why she came home was to hide from Arvin so she'd better not mention him anymore.

Since Angela didn't want to talk about it anymore, Janet didn't force her. "Okay, let's go."

After having a lunch with Janet, Angela went home alone. Recently, Sven's family moved into an apartment. Most of the time, Chuck was in the hospital, so there was only Daisy at home.

Seeing her daughter, Daisy stopped what she was doing and walked towards Angela. "You're back, Angela. Have you eaten yet?"

"Yes, I had lunch with Jane. What are you doing, mom?" Angela was still listless.

"Oh, aunt Liu hasn't been here recently, so I'm cleaning the house." Aunt Liu was a trusted nanny of the Si family and had worked for them for many years.

Angela threw herself in the sofa. "Mom... Let me help you!"

"It's okay, I can handle it. What's the matter with you? Why you look so lifeless?" Daisy leaned close to her daughter and watched her carefully.

Angela shook her head. She did not know what was the matter with her, she felt like she just lost a part of her soul.

"Do you feel uncomfortable? Go find your brother and let him check you." Daisy removed her gloves and touched her daughter's forehead. Angela didn't have a fever.

Angela shook her head again. "I'm not sick. I just feel a little sleepy. I'm gonna sleep for a while, mom."

"Okay. Call me if you need anything!"

Angela didn't know what happened to her until she was in bed. She was just sleepy. Angela checked her phone and soon fell asleep.

When it was about to get dark, her cell phone rang. She opened her WeChat and looked at the message with her sleepy eyes. It was Sven, he told her to go downstairs.

Was he back home?

She yawned and crawled out of the bed in her pink pajamas.

Angela didn't mind her long and unkempt hair. She walked out of her room and went downstairs.

Halfway down the stairs, Angela could hear someone talking in the living room. Sven sat facing the stairs. Beside him, another man was sitting in an armchair.

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