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   Chapter 32 Angela Has Asked for a Leave

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Recently, Angela was having an unlucky streak. She decided to go to the temple to pray when she was on a leave.

Arvin stood in front of her, lifted her chin and made her look at his eyes.

She only wore a lip gloss and this made her lips look so attractive.

They stared at each other in silence. Angela's mind froze because she never looked at Arvin in this way. She felt a mixture of fear and excitement.

But, Arvin was... Totally attracted by her beautiful eyes and angelic face.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the room changed. At first, they were having a conflict and both of them hated each other. But now, Arvin showed a different side of him. Angela saw the tenderness in his eyes...

"Doctor Gu..." 'Arvin.'

Before she could even finish the sentence, she was stopped by a kiss. Arvin kissed Angela! It was slow and soft...

"Bang!" It seemed that something exploded in Angela's mind. She couldn't fight against the thoughts flooding her mind that time. She never thought Arvin would kiss her. She was so shocked that she didn't know how to react.

Despite the fact that they both kissed each other before, that didn't count because she was drunk and dizzy at that time. She couldn't even remember what she has done.

But now, they had a kiss when they were both sober!

His kiss was so sweet, his lips were warm and tasted like mint, and just like that Angela couldn't refuse it.

Arvin pressed himself onto Angela. Her body leaned against the door so she had no chance to escape. There was no distance between them. Arvin firmly held her in his strong arms.

She was so nervous that she had to grip his clothes which caused his white coat to wrinkle.

After a long time, Arvin still didn't want to let go of her. Angela was so scared that she might bit him again. As expected, she couldn't control herself and bit him fiercely.

The result was...

It seemed like... She tasted blood...

Even when his lip was bitten by Angela, Arvin still held on to her and didn't move.

He only released her when he finally felt satisfied.

His lower lip was bleeding, which made Angela uneasy and unable to breathe in easily.

Arvin knew that she could not stand the sight of blood, so he bit his lower lip to hide it.

As a result, Angela's pale face turned better.

His smell made Angela blush. She raised her right hand, but her hand was grabbed by Arvin. Angela was so angry that she cursed at him loudly, "Arvin, you... You are a bully!"

Why did he kiss her? She... She has a boyfriend! She might turn Randal into a cuckold for this kiss!

Angela felt guilty when she thought of Randal who just said that he wanted to settle down with her.

Arvin didn't respond but he gave her a cold look.

Angela began to squirm out of his grasp. However, it was useless because he didn't want to release her.

She wanted to kick him but she could not make any move at all.

Arvin no longer bit his lower lip and asked her in an indifferent way, "Will you make troubles for me in the future?"

Suddenly, Angela understood what he meant! "So, the reason why you kissed me is to punish me, right?"

Last time, he insisted on doing that private examination for her in person and now he kissed her. He did all of these things just to punish her!

"Yes! You are right!"

Angela felt so upset when she heard him say yes. She tried very hard to get rid of his control and said, "Mr. Gu, I have a boyfriend. From now on, I will stay away from you! I will not make any trouble for you anymore!"

"I hope you can do it!" Arvin glanced at her swollen lips.

If she could not keep her promises, he would punish her in this way again!

"Arvin, you are too much!" Angela was so upset and angry. She pushed him away, opened the door and rushed out.


the same time when Lulu walked out of Hogan's office, she noticed Angela ran out of the office of the vice president. She looked at her with her curious eyes.

'Arvin has punished Angela?'

Lulu opened the door and walked inside Arvin's office. She asked his brother, "Arvin, how did you punish the woman who cursed you?"

Arvin stood with his back against the door but when he heard Lulu's voice, he walked towards the windows and looked outside. "I have my own ways. You go home first. I will be very busy today and I won't go back home until I finish my work."

That smart and crazy woman bit him again. If he went home now, his wound on his lips would be found by his grandmother and his mother. For sure, both of them would ask him what has happened. He didn't want to answer this question.

"Arvin? What are you looking at?" Lulu could not understand why Arvin didn't want to face her. Lulu, who was very curious, walked towards him.

When Arvin heard footsteps, he yelled, "Lulu, go home!"

Lulu almost saw him but his anger and coldness made her stop. She didn't dare to move any more.

"Okay. All right, I will see you in another day!" Lulu had to go first.

It was quiet in the office. Arvin thought about what just happened. It made him frown. Why did he do that just now?


There were a lot of rumors about Arvin in the hospital. However, Angela flew back to C Country.

In the 8th ward of the VVIP department, Arvin stripped of his stethoscope and said to the boy laying on the bed, "You are doing well except a slight fever."

The boy was named Darren. He was Stanley's nephew. His parents were so busy that he was taken care by Stanley.

Stanley, who was still in his police uniform, looked at his nephew. "Have a good rest. I will let Aunt Li send dinner to you."

Darren shook his head and pleaded, "Uncle, I don't want to stay at hospital. It's so boring!"

"Then you should take care of yourself and make yourself recover in a short time. At that time, I can take you home." Stanley could not stay here for a long time because he still had tasks to carry out.

Darren curled his lips and tilted his head to other side. He didn't want to speak any more.

Stanley had no time to comfort him. He left in a hurry after he said goodbye to Arvin.

Looking at Darren, Arvin thought that a pretty face could help him, so he commanded the nurse behind him. "Go and call Angela to come here!"

Angela liked children and she was always willing to play with them.

It was Nancy who stood behind him. She answered him in a weak voice, "Mr. Gu, Angela has asked for a leave."

Stanley knew Nancy was there, but he didn't spoke to her even when he left. What's more, he even didn't give her a look... Nancy was so upset.

"Ask for leave?" Arvin gave Nancy a puzzled look. "Why?"

"Recently, Angela felt uncomfortable so she decided to ask for a leave. She went back home to have a good rest." Nancy truthfully replied.

Arvin frowned, "She filed a leave? For how long? How long has she been gone?"

"She asked for a one-month leave. She has gone for four days now." Nancy had a feeling that the reason why Angela suddenly asked for a leave was because of him!

Arvin didn't respond. He was so busy that he had to go to the operating room. He let Nancy stay there to look after Darren.

Jane's Cake Shop in C Country

Angela bent over the table in a low spirit. She was eating the dessert and said, "Jane, your Tiramisu tastes better than before!"

Jane proudly answered with a smile on her face, "Of course! I learned it for a long time! I'm working very hard!"

"All right. But I really couldn't understand why Daniel allowed you, a really rich woman, also a mother of three children, to operate and run this dessert shop!"

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