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   Chapter 31 Angela Said That You are a Freak

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'As a member of the Gu family, we're not allowed to be crushed in a fight. Especially my elder brothers, who were often kidnapped, have improved their skill in fighting and battling with the kidnappers.'

"Oh, then you can also do it!" Angela wondered, "So tell me, how can I have that paper back?"

"What's your name?" Lulu demanded without turning her back.

"Angela Si. what's your name?" Angela answered quickly because she needed her help. Finally, she revealed her name to show their intimacy.

"Angela Si?" Lulu was puzzled for a brief moment. She was confused whether she had heard of this name before or not. Why did it sound a little familar?

"Yes, what's your name?" Angela began to probe into the details. Later on, they entered the elevator together.

While everyone was watching the floor number on the elevator, Angela focused her attention to the piece of paper in Lulu's hand. She decided to get it back by all means. She even considered snatching it.

"My name is Lulu Gu."

"Oh, good name." Angela answered absentmindedly. Her eyes were glued at Lulu's hands. 'How about to push her out when the door opens later?' Angela thought.

Soon, the door of the elevator opened and Angela asked Lulu to get off first. When Lulu moved a few steps forward, Angela stretched out her hands quickly to snatch the paper.

Unfortunately.. The piece of paper was clutched tightly in Lulu's hand. As a result, it was teared into half. Actually, what Angela got in her hand was only a quarter.

Lulu reacted quickly. Seeing Angela's action, she turned back right away to face her. Then, she dragged her out of the elevator before the door was closed. "Are you trying to run away? There is no way that you can leave without seeing your vice director and getting you punished!"

Lulu had informed Arvin before her arrival, so he waited for her inside the office.

The door of the office was ajar. Angela knew that it was impossible to run away. Her face suddenly paled with fear.

'This Arvin is a freak! I can't be caught by this girl once more!'

"Forgive me! Please!" Angela pulled Lulu back with strength, then she pushed her against the wall.

Angela's arm pressed against Lulu's neck. She stretched the other hand out and tried to grab the paper from her.

Lulu had never thought that Angela would snatch it. She underestimated her. Now, she was controlled by Angela due to oversight. When Angela grasped the paper in her hand, Lulu held it up and yelled, "Brother, help!"

'Brother?' Angela was shocked and confused at the same time by the way she called Arvin. 'Is the girl his sister?'

She had no time to think because Arvin already appeared in the doorway.

'Gosh!' Angela felt really anxious. In order to save her life, she would rather give up the paper! She released Lulu and ran towards the elevator as fast as possible.

But Lulu followed Angela as soon as she ran off. She shouted, "Brother, Angela said that you are a freak. We can't let her go!"

The elevator had just went down and the next one didn't arrive yet...

Because of this, her anxiety grew more. Now, she had to run towards the escapeway. When she was about to open the door, her wrist was suddenly gripped by Lulu.

Since she already knew that she was Arvin's sister, Angela never dared to punch her. With their arms tangled up in each other, the two girls came over to Arvin whose face was distorted with rage.

The door of the office of the director was opened and Hogan Gu walked out.

Angela lowered her head and used her hand to cover her face.

When Hogan saw Arvin and Lulu, he walked straight to them. "Why are you here Lulu? Who is this nurse?"

Hogan narrowed his eyes at Angela as he curiously watched h

er. 'She felt ashamed to see me?

So… That's funny. I think I know this girl.'

She tried to cover her face, but Lulu destroyed her plan on purpose. She pulled Angela's hand away and her face was exposed.

To hide her embarrassment, Angela greeted Hogan, "Hello, Mr. Director!"

Hogan knew that it was her! "Oh, it's you! What happened?"

Lulu held up the paper. She explained, "Dad, she wrote it, it is about..."

"Lulu!" Arvin called her out loudly to stop her and took the paper from her hand.

'Dad?' Angela was starting to have a clearer picture of the whole situation. 'This girl is Arvin's sister. Ah, what's wrong with her recently? Why is she always in trouble with the Gus?' she wondered.

Angela looked at the paper in Arvin's hand and she felt like it was the end of the world. Finally, Arvin saw what was written on the paper.

Hogan glanced at his son Arvin and then back at his daughter. "Lulu, come here. Dad has something to ask you."

"But Dad, Angela was behind this..."

"Lulu! You should go when dad asks you to do so!" Arvin cast a look at Angela and ordered, "Come in with me!"

"Yes..." Knowing that she couldn't escape anymore, Angela followed him inside the office.

Hogan gave a careful look at Angela from outside and he slightly pushed his eye glasses on his nose. Behind Angela, there is the Si family whose status is equal to Gu family. That was the reason why he decided to obey Mrs. Gu's will.

Lulu asked Hogan curiously, "Dad, what Angela did is too much! She cursed my brother. She is asking for trouble!"

The deeper she thought about this, Lulu realized that she actually admired Angela for her courage. It was fine to provoke and curse anyone except Arvin because his eyes could easily scare others to death.

Hogan, together with Lulu, walked back into his office and took off his glasses. He warned, "It is your brother's business. You shouldn't get involved."

"... But I still don't allow anyone to curse Arvin like her!" Lulu was not convinced and she strongly insisted that she was right.

Hogan rubbed between his eyebrows and said, "Let your brother handle it by himself. You shouldn't mess it up. Didn't I ask you to go to the company with Aron? Why are you here?"

"I needed to find Arvin to solve some problems." 'Who knows that Angela would appear unexpectedly!'

"Wait here in my office. When Angela leaves, you can go."


"Why for what? Just stay here! Don't you fear your brother's bad temper?"

Lulu understood what his dad meant. She suddenly felt scared. "Okay, " she said.

In the office of deputy director

Angela looked lifeless as she leaned her head against the door. She was motionless, except for her eyes which only moved when she looked at Arvin.

Arvin placed the paper on the desk and sat on a stool. He was completely silent.

Neither of them spoke and the office was so quiet. Angela moved back and forth. The only thing she thought was whether she could escape or not.

She wanted to go home right now. She was willing to drop anything including her boyfriend! As long as this troublemaker would let her go!

'Yes! It is workable!'

Angela secretly put her hand on the door knob and slowly twisted it...

"Angela!" Arvin suddenly shouted at her. She was terrified and pulled her hand away from the knob.

Out of panic, she nodded her head and she mumbled, "Gu... Doctor Gu."

Arvin stood up and slowly approached her.

His sharp eyes stared at her frightened eyes and said, "You think I'm coward, don't you?"

'What?' Once again, Angela doubted whether she had misheard his words or she was just imagining it because she didn't expect Arvin to ask her if he was coward.

"How could it be possible!"

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