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   Chapter 30 I'm So Proud of Myself

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"Okay. We will visit Angela some other day. You'd better have a shower so you can sleep! I think you might be very tired. Have a good rest, honey!"

Sven nodded his head. Before going to the bathroom, he hugged Nicole and kissed her forehead.

In the next room, Daisy sighed, "Sven is a good child. He also loves Angela very much. Otherwise, he would have broken out like a volcano since you always pick up a quarrel with him because of Angela."

"I don't care about him. He is a boy and he's Angela's big brother. Therefore, he should spoil Angela under all conditions!"

Daisy was quiet for a few seconds before she blurted out, "Look at you! You have spoiled Angela terribly! After graduation, she didn't prepare for the postgraduate entrance exam. She chose to be a nurse instead! You knew it but you can't even do anything about it! You didn't want to blame her!" Daisy knew her husband so well!

Chuck lay beside her and he insisted, "As long as Angela is happy!"

... "Fine. Forget it! If nobody wants to marry her, you will accompany her for your whole life!"

"It will be much better if she is not married to anyone. I think it's quite good if she stays with us forever!" That was what Chuck really wanted!

Daisy turned off the bed lamp and lay in bed beside Chuck, "Go to bed early. Angela is like a trouble. When nobody wants to marry her, you will be worried very much!"

In the dark room, Chuck shook his head. He proudly claimed, "In my eyes, my daughter is the most excellent girl! She will definitely find her Mr. Right someday! He is surely an exceptional man!"

As for the thing that he said about Angela never getting married, he didn't mean it! Angela definitely had to marry someone! He prayed that Angela would marry someone who loved her very much. Until then, he would feel relieved.

In Yao Hospital

Angela had sighed for a million times already and Nancy could not stand her anymore. "Angela, you'd better go to Ward 2 to look after the patient! Maybe you can go for a walk. Just don't sigh beside me, please!"

Angela nodded and stood up without saying a word, then she walked towards the ward.

She was really curious about her lost first kiss! How did it happen and why? How did she bite Arvin's... lip?

However, she couldn't remember anything and Arvin refused to tell her everything! Angela thought she couldn't survive another day if she didn't know the truth!

Typically, she was the girl who was curious about everything, but the most annoying thing was that Arvin was indifferent to her! What a pity!

She wanted to cut off all her ties with Arvin so much!

She believed that someday, she would go for Professor Ren and look for the explanation.

In Ward 2

The patient was having a rest. Angela entered the ward quietly and cleaned up the room carefully.

Walking to the window, she felt so bored that she took the watering can to water the plants.

Unconsciously, she thought of the place where her hands were injured by the cactus. She remembered the moment when Arvin dealt with her wounds. He looked really gentle and handsome.

'No!' Angela shook her head and tried to get Arvin out of her head.

She should be thinking of Randall, not Arvin!

About ten minutes later, Angela took out of her phone and sent a message to Arvin, 'Doctor Gu, are you free today? Can you drink tea with me?'

Angela waited for a long time. However, Doctor Gu didn't text her back. Meanwhile, Winnie entered the room.

"Angela, can you stop making troubles? You are not allowed to use your phone when you are on duty! Do you know that? If Doctor Gu finds this out, you'll be punished. Do you think you have too much leisure time? Now, go back to the nurse station and write a two-thousand word report and giv

e it to me tomorrow!"

Despite Angela's protest, she decided to do it anyway. She had to look for a pen and a paper for the report.

Later on, she has finished the report. Nancy looked at her. "Haha!" She laughed loudly.

"Angela, don't you think you are very unlucky today?"

Actually, what Angela wrote on the paper were 'Arvin is a pervert!' and 'Arvin is disgusting!'

Angela crumpled the paper and threw it out of window.

However, when she realized that this was a hospital, she suddenly laid her pen on the table and rushed towards the window! VVIP Ward was on the 8th floor. She was not sure whether the paper landed downstairs or not. It seemed like the paper landed on the ... road.

"Nancy, wait for a second!" Angela hurried outside the office. 'My god! If someone picked up the paper and handed it to Doctor Gu. I would be dead!'

When she arrived downstairs, even at her fastest speed, two people were already talking about the thrown paper.

The girl who had the paper in her hand was about 20 years old. She wore a black long jacket over a white sweater and loose pants, with a Chanel bag on her back.

She had a small face with a delicate makeup. Her long flaxen hair was gathered into a bun.

Angela felt like she was looking at herself through this girl! She usually dressed up in this style!

'Who was the girl? She looked very angry!' When she looked around, the girl found Angela who was hiding like a thief!

Angela felt very embarrassed when the girl found her behind the tree. However, she needed to get the paper so she gathered up some courage and walked towards the girl. When she was finally standing in front of her, she said, "Hello, I'm sorry but can I have the paper? I was the one who threw it. Now, I will put that into the dustbin! I'm really sorry!"

Lulu widened her eyes upon hearing this. "Did you write this?" Just now, she was actually worried about how to find the one who wrote on the paper. Now, the troublemaker was right in front of her!

After hearing what Lulu said, Angela immediately put her finger on her lip. "No, no. Keep your voice down! Did you read the paper?"

She prayed really hard and hoped that the girl didn't know Arvin, or else she would be obliged to bribe the girl and make her shut up!

Lulu scowled at her. She looked at Angela's pink nurse uniform and assessed her from head to toe. "Your looks are not very beautiful. Figure is also not good! You are not charming at all! However, the pink nurse uniform makes your skin look white... Anyway, do you know Arvin?"

Angela became very displeased about Lulu's remarks. To show her disapproval, she stood straight and held her chin up, "There's nothing wrong about being in bad shape! I'm so proud of myself!"

Lulu seemed unhappy. Instead, she asked, "Do you know Arvin?"

"Yes. I know him. He is the vice director of this hospital. Everybody knows him! Can you give me back the paper?" Angela pointed at the wrinkled paper in Lulu's hand.

"How dare you say bad things about him! You are dead! Come with me! Let's go to his office!" Lulu grabbed Angela's hands and pulled her to Arvin's office.

"No! I mean we needn't go to his office. Can you give me back the paper?" 'Is it ok to use force?' If she went to Arvin's office, she would be dead!

"No! You can't leave without a punishment! No way!"

"Can you just let it go, okay?"


Angela looked at her. She seemed ready to strike, "If you insist on doing this, I will teach you a lesson! I warn you I'm good at martial arts! I'm not responsible for your pains!"

Lulu's lips curled with disdain. She stared at Angela and challenged her, "Do you think I'm unable to do the martial arts? Well, we wouldn't know unless we do a little competition, right?"

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