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   Chapter 29 Do You Think I'll Piss That Little Princess Off

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"No, it's because of Nancy. She suddenly asked me for your WeChat ID. I'm a little curious about your relationship with her. You two are quite close lately, huh?" His good friend and his sister... 'This combination is not bad!' Many thoughts flashed through Gage's mind.

Nancy Dong asked for his Wechat ID? Arvin figured it out in a few seconds.

"When will you come back?" He asked.

Gage ignored his question. Instead, he asked him something else. "Are you developing some kind of a relationship with Nancy?" Despite his cold and distant nature, Arvin is a nice man.

No! He nearly forgot the most important thing about Arvin. He was already in love with someone! It was better if Nancy wouldn't be with him.

"You've thought way too far!" Arvin broke Gage's daydreaming. "If I'm not mistaken, she probably asked for my Wechat ID because of Angela Si!"

"So what's going on between you and Angela?"

"I have nothing to do with her!" Arvin answered him without any trace of hesitation.

Gage was even more confused by his answer. "Then, who are you seeing right now?"

"No one! I'll go now if you don't have anything else to say. I'm too busy to talk about these things with you on the phone!" In order to give Gage no more chance to speak, Arvin pushed the end call button to stop the conversation.

When Arvin logged on to his WeChat account, sure enough, a notification of a friend request came over. The WeChat ID was Sun Knight.

... Sun Knight!

If Angela didn't use her selfie as a background of her Moments, Arvin would regard it as a man's WeChat account!

He tapped accept.

It seemed that Angela was very anxious. She sent him a message immediately. 'Dr. Gu?'

Arvin sneered. Isn't that nonsense? He typed... 'Just say it.'

She typed back and sent him a reply in an instant. 'Can we talk?'

'I don't have time to waste!' That was true. Arvin's schedule was jam-packed today.

Angela took a deep breath and suppressed her anger. 'Then tell me what happened in the men's room!'

'I have a job to do later. I have no time to talk about this meaningless thing with you.'

Angela was so angry. Why did she even message him? 'I'll bother you until you say it!' Angela insisted. She would never give up.

'I don't care!' He dismissed the thought.

...... Angela was unable to speak her mind. With her hands tightly clenched into a fist, she pounded the table hard.

Arvin was really annoying, she thought. Angela was so furious that she sent a sentence to him without even thinking. 'You pervert! I haven't beaten you yet since you took advantage of me! And now you treat me like this! Do you have any grudge against me?' Then, she took a deep breath and sent the message.

After she have tapped the send button, she immediately regretted it. Oh no! She should have not sent the message!

However, it was too late. Arvin, who had been staring at the screen, already saw it. His face became gloomy. It seemed like Angela didn't learn any lesson from what happened last time. She dared to speak to him like this again!

'I didn't mean to say it like that. I just chose the wrong words. Dr. Gu, let's bury the hatchet. I'll forgive your behavior! But you have to tell me about that kiss, okay? Is that a deal?'

'No way!' Arvin exclaimed.

Angela was about to get really mad. 'This man must be a Scorpio! He's such a narrow-minded, fussy, and stubborn man! And so vengeful!' She thought to herself.

'In that case, I will see your grandma tomorrow. I remember the last time we met, she seemed to like me a lot.' Soon, Angela found an animated emoji holding a knife, and she pressed send.

Did she just threaten him? Arvin's face darkened. He put away his phone and ignored Angela.

That night, Angela couldn't sleep. She spent two hours tossing and turning on the bed beca

use she never received any reply from Arvin anymore.

Shit... She was dying to kill that man! She was extremely overwhelmed with her feelings.

In the Si Family's House in C Country

Sven was whistling when he entered the house. As soon as he walked by the entryway, the door was opened.

The sullen face of Chuck welcomed him. 'Oh, no!'

Sven knew his father's expression too well! 'Did Angela complain about me again?'

"Dad! I didn't..."

"Didn't what? Come to my study!" Chuck turned around and walked to the study. Sven followed him.

He knew that Chuck would start to nag him!

"Sven, how old are you?"

"In my early twenties... I mean, thirties." Sven, who was careless and casual at first, changed his words just before Chuck raised his hand.

"Yes. You're over thirty now! You're way older than Angela. Why didn't you take care of your little sister? Look at what you've done to her. Sven, I'm so disappointed with you!"

....... "Father, you are too cranky. Besides, I didn't do anything to Angela, okay?" Angela was his sister. He also loved her very much. How could Chuck misunderstand him every time?

He was always the one to be blamed whenever Angela complained to Chuck.

"I'm not fussy! Angela was crying! She's crying, you know? You want to experience it too?"

... 'Fine!' He'll keep his mouth shut!

Half an hour later, Sven was weary and left the study. He went back to his bedroom and hugged his wife, who was putting a night cream on her face. "Honey, you are the best wife in the world!" Sven said to her.

Nicole glanced at him. "How did you piss Angela off?"

"Do you think I'll piss that little princess off?"

Nicole shot him a serious look and shook her head. Sven was a man who would give Angela anything as long as she named it! However, Chuck didn't understand him.

"Angela suddenly asked me about what happened to her and Arvin a few years ago. She did it herself, okay? Arvin was probably a victim, too!" He didn't want to admit it because Angela was his sister.

Nicole patted the cream on her face, and her skin became more tender each day. "It was you who sent her to the Yao Hospital. She must have met Arvin there."

"I had to do that because she begged me to send her there." Sven took off his coat and threw it on the sofa. He wrapped his arms around Nicole and kissed her soft red lips.

"You've made the match of Angela and Arvin, so you are the one to blame!" Nicole remembered what she heard when Arvin called Lily.

She witnessed how Sven planned to marry his sister to the Gu family.

"Did I do the wrong thing? I saw Arvin kissed Angela in the bathroom. He should be thankful to God for letting him have a chance to marry Angela!" However, his sister was also worthy of an excellent man like Arvin!

In the past years, Arvin was incredibly well known in the medical field. At the begining, Arvin was his rival, but he seemed to surpass him. A greatly talented man like Arvin should not be an enemy! Arvin should be his friend!

Nicole shook her head and sighed. "Angela is still a young girl. Don't worry too much about her! You should worry about your father. If he finds this one out, you'll probably get punished!"

Imagine if Chuck knew that Sven was trying to marry his precious daughter to someone else, he would definitely strip Sven's skin off!

"Oh, that's not true. I have only thought of doing that for Angela's sake. Dad should've known that she would get married someday! If he complains again, maybe there is something wrong with his brain!" Sven was really envious of those people who had the chance to have a daughter. 'Why didn't Nicole get pregnant anymore after giving birth to two boys?'

As time went on, he had to give up the idea of having a daughter because of the risk it brought to Nicole's health.

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