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   Chapter 28 So Worried

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Arvin's words have caused Angela to feel humiliated! 'Why is he asking me this question right now? Did I ...?' She was utterly confused about what had just happened.

"Yes. In the hotel, you hugged me and you even bit my lips!"

Angela was unable to speak...

Randal froze on the spot. He couldn't comprehend what he just heard...

After the big revelation, Arvin left the two in the parking lot. He got into his Porsche and drove away.

Randal looked at Angela with disappointment. "Angela, you have been fooling us at the same time! Is he the reason why you want to break up?"

'No. No.' She shook her head.

A few years ago, her first kiss was... Arvin?

The trace left on Arvin's lip was her doing?

It was absurd! Too absurd! Arvin was too absurd! How could he make up that kind of lie? He must be unhappy to see her with Randal. He must be jealous! Yes! That could be the only reason!

If it was not true, how could she have no memory of it? Why couldn't she remember it?

Angela ignored Randal's anger. She took out her phone immediately and dialed Sven's number.

When Randal saw Angela speaking to her brother on the phone, he shut up.

"Angela, you are so heartless! How could you not call me for such a long time?" At the same time, Sven was trying to put his little baby to bed.

Angela asked him nervously, "Sven, Arvin and I... what really happened between us? Please tell me!"

"..." Sven didn't respond immediately.

"Sven? Tell me! He was definitely lying to me, right? Several years ago, he was in Shine Empire and I was in C Country. Nothing happened between us, right?" Yes! Arvin was so annoying. He always bothered her.

"The truth is you kissed him. Listen carefully, Angela. You actually went to men's room by yourself!"


Without saying any word, Angela hung up.

Randal seized the chance and asked her, "What did your brother say?"

Angela didn't pay attention to Randal. She dialed Chuck's number and asked him with a sweet voice, "Dear dad, are you available right now?"

Angela's voice ha

s afraid that she wouldn't be able to say anything over the phone. WeChat was a better way to talk so she could think of what to say first before sending the message.

Soon, Nancy gave her Arvin's WeChat number. Angela sent him a friend request.

Gage immediately called Arvin, "Arvin, since when did you know my sister?"

Arvin didn't understand why Gage asked him. "She is a nurse in our hospital. Don't you know that?"

Because Gage was busy with a big project abroad recently, he had no idea about his sister's condition. He thought Nancy was preparing for the postgraduate entrance exam!

"That little girl! I was too careless! Would you help me take care of my sister? She is timid and overcautious!"

Arvin laughed, "I don't need to take care of her. Angela is good to her."

"Angela? Angela and her sister are nurses in Yao Hospital? Since he knew Angela's family well, he was quite surprised to hear this news.


For a few seconds, the line was very quiet... Finally, Gage broke the silence. "What's the matter with those girls? They're crazy!" However, he was more worried when he found out that Angela was with Nancy! "I want to tell you this. Angela is too innocent! Her martial arts is great, but she is too easy to be deceived by others. You have to look after them!"

Arvin answered coldly, "Okay. This is why you called me, right?"

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