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   Chapter 27 I Want to Break Up with You

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Outside, Joy popped her head over to check the room. Arvin gave her a warning look and she immediately stood up. "Please rest assured, Director Gu. I know nothing about it!"

In fact, she wanted to say that she knew it, she totally knew it. Arvin personally examined Angela.

Arvin left the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department without saying anything.

When he left, some doctors came over to Joy. "Joy, do you know what Director Gu did in there?"

Because Angela ran too fast, no one had ever seen her come out of the ultrasound room except some patients. Everyone thought that there was only Arvin in the room.

Joy gave them an embarrasing smile. What excuse should she make up? That's it! "Director Gu said that he was going to answer an important call. It's so important that no one heard what he said on the phone."

"Well, I see!" They should believe this lame excuse.

Joy felt relieved, "Yeah, yeah. That's right!"


When Angela returned to the VVIP ward, Nancy saw the look on her friend's face. It was obvious that Angela was extremely annoyed with Arvin. However, Nancy didn't know how he offended Angela so she just listened to her and let her complain about him. "Arvin is abnormal. He has no right to accuse me of such things!"

"He has no shame! He is definitely abnormal!"

"He is a psychopath!" He took advantage of her! She would no longer have her own privacy in front of Arvin now...

Nancy put down the syringe, took off her gloves and asked her, "Angela, what did Director Gu do to you? Why do you keep swearing at him? Did he flirt with you?"

However, Arvin didn't look like that kind of person at all!

Angela swung her fists in the air and blurted out, "he did!"

"He did?" Nancy was totally shocked! "Tell me, what did he do to you? Were you with him last night?"

Angela didn't come home last night. Nancy has called her numerous times, but she didn't answer.

Nancy was so worried that she almost called Angela's older brother, Sven Si.

"No, I wasn't! I wasn't with him!" The beer! Its' all because of the beer! It's all the beer's fault! She would never drink beer anymore!

"Then what happened to you? Did he get you into bed? If he did, it's not right. It should be Randal who should have gotten you into bed. Angela, why did you swear at Director Gu?" Nancy was confused by everything she has heard.

Angela gritted her teeth. She was about to speak the truth, but she realized that it was too shameful so she held back.

"Anyway, I just want to cry." She has kept her virginity for more than twenty years!

To console her, Nancy gently patted her head. "Why do you want to cry? Did something bad happened? Did Director Gu sleep with you?"

"No, he didn't!" Angela exclaimed. What happened was actually more shameful than sleeping with him!

"Well, then everything should be fine! I must admit, I really don't understand why you are so upset right now. Since you didn't sleep with him, what's the problem?" Nancy couldn't understand the situation because Angela couldn't tell her the reason why she was acting that way. She has no idea what really happened between the two. She had to keep guessing.

When Angela finally got herself together, she said, "That's right! I didn't sleep with him, why would I cry?" It's just that he has seen her body!

It's not a big deal, she can see his body too! Right! It's a good idea!


In the parking lot

Angela and Randal were standing in front of Angela's car. For a while, none of them said anything. Finally, Angela had the courage to speak first. She took a deep breath and said, "Randal, I want to break up with you."

It's true. Angela has thought about it for the past several days. Eventually, she decided to break up with Randal today.

It was because he kept letting her down fo

r so many times.

Randal looked at Angela in surprise. Why should he be dumped by her? He was annoyed by her behavior. "Angela, what have I done wrong? Tell me! I can change!"

Angela shook her head in disappointment. "You're a good man, Randal. I just felt we're not suitable for each other."

For Angela, all she wanted was a boyfriend whom she could rely on, someone who could make her feel safe. However, Randal didn't make her feel this way. When she got drunk twice, Randal never showed up.

Randal grabbed Angela on the shoulder and looked her in the eye. "Angela, you know you're my first love. Can you give me a chance?"

Angela couldn't look at him in the eye. She lowered her head and looked at her shoes. She was wondering whether she should give him a chance.

However, she didn't expect that Randal would be pulling her over for a kiss.

When Angela realized that he was about to kiss her, she turned her face away. As a result, his kiss fell on the side of her head.

She felt ashamed and decided to push him away. "Randal, don't do this!"

"Angela, why wouldn't you let me kiss you?" Randal had a questioning look on his face.

... Angela answered him, "I haven't... kissed anyone before... I'm not prepared to do it."

She was more than twenty years old now and she still hadn't kissed anyone. But when Randal tried to kiss her, instead of feeling thrilled about it, she felt a little bit disgusted.

"Haha!" Someone sneered alongside them. Suddenly, a bad feeling haunted Angela.

There was man who was standing two meters away from them. Who else could it be?

When Randal saw Arvin, he immediately forced a smile. "Director Gu, it's nice to see you!"

Arvin didn't look at Randal at all. He went straight to Angela, who was staring at him, and he said, "You haven't kissed anyone?"

"I was talking to my boyfriend! This is none of your business!" Angela clenched her fists firmly. She tried not to punch his face. He has always been deceiving others just to build up his reputation.

"Your boyfriend?" Arvin gave Randal a cold look. When Randal saw his eyes, he felt a little bit guilty. Because when they dined out at the Venus International, Arvin had seen him kiss Susie in the hotel.

Randal felt small beside Arvin. He just smiled to hide his embarrassment. "Director Gu, we're just having a petty argument. I'm sorry you have seen us like this. Angela, come here!"

"Angela, I shouldn't get involved with your affairs!"

"Good to know! Now, go away!" Every time Angel would see Arvin, she remembered how he had humiliated her. At the same time, she got uncomfortable at the fact that Arvin already saw through her.

Arvin ingnored her displeasure. "I'm well aware about what you have said before. Actually, Angela, you have lost your first kiss several years ago."

You have lost your first kiss several years ago! Boom! In an instant, Angela's world turned upside down!

"What do you mean?" Why didn't she know about it? He must be lying! That's right! Unconsciously, Angela raised her voice. "Does it feel funny to fool me? How can you be so annoying?"

Upon hearing it, Randal scowled. He got curious about what Arvin had said. "Director Gu, do you mean that you were Angela's first kiss?"

He was quite smart... Right! If he wasn't smart, how could he manage to date two girls at the same time? Arvin didn't bother to look at Randal. He just nodded his head. "Exactly. Angela, don't lie to him anymore!"

"Do you think it's funny to smear my image in this way?" Angela rushed to Arvin angrily and lifted her head up to look into his eyes.

Was he just paranoid? She has never kissed anyone.

"You don't believe what I have said? You can call your brother and ask about it. Besides, do you have any idea where the injury in my mouth came from?"

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