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   Chapter 25 Croton

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... When Randal heard the whispering of some people, Randal looked really upset.

Angela also felt very awkward. In other people's eyes, she was the girl that once seduced Arvin...

Since another song has began, everyone gradually focused their attention on singing instead of the rumors. Angela started to feel relieved.

"Angela, you have to pay attention to your image!" Randal talked to her with an unsatisfactory tone.

Angela's face turned red out of embarrassment, "I have explained to you already that I didn't seduce Arvin!"

Randal saw that she became angry, so he said nothing after that. Later, his colleagues passed two bottles of beer to them.

Since Angela knew no one from the Pharmacy Department and Randal didn't even bother to talk to her, Angela felt very bored that she decided to play on her phone.

When the clock has hit 7:30, almost all the employees under the management of Director Liu had come inside the room. They all decided to drink together. Because of this, the environment became very hot!

A guy saw Randal's indifference to Angela and he started to chat with her, "Which department are you in?"

Angela immediately closed her phone, "VVIP Ward."

"Wow, great! Oh, didn't you come to the hospital only for a short time? They don't have internship in VVIP ward!" The guy scratched his head and looked at her with doubt.

Angela realized that she had said something wrong. So, she said, "Don't tell others!"

The guy understood immediately what she meant. "Okay. I swear I'll not tell others! They said you are Angela Si, right?"

"Yes. What's your name?" Since he looked very honest, Angela asked him.

"I'm Croton!"

"Ha ha! Really? Did I heard something wrong?" Angela couldn't help laughing. Actually, she really laughed a lot!

Croton scratched his head, "My name is Croton, C-R-O-T-O-N!"

"Well. Isn't croton a kind of plant used to treat constipation?" It was a rare name!

Croton looked at her with a worshipful expression and said, "Yes. You ar

o drunk and his face has already turned red. He said, "I'm not done here. You can ask a driver to take you home!"

"..." Angela really wanted to give him a slap, but she was too tired to do this.

Never mind. It was not the time to fuss about this. She stood up from the sofa, went to the door and got out to ask for a designed driver.

After she closed the room door, the loud music was isolated inside. Angela swore she would never go to such place with Randal again.

Randal was too unreliable. She felt really disappointed!

After seeing a waiter, she leaned against the wall. "Hello, can you ask a designated driver for me?"

The waiter came and asked her, "Well, where are you going to?"

Where? Angela opened her mouth but no words came out of her mouth.

Her brain was kind of short out... She had no idea where to go.

Well, she decided to walk towards the elevator.

When the elevator door opened, she entered inside and ran into someone who was already in there.

When Angela smelled a familiar scent, she directly ran into his arms, hugged him and slept.

The next morning, Angela was woken by the doorbell sound.

When she opened her eyes, the ceiling looked differently. She looked at it with confusion in her eyes. After she have noticed the arrangement in the room, she realized that she was in a hotel.

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