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   Chapter 24 I Wish You Will Get Well Soon

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Angela told Nancy in a serious tone, "He is insane!"

"Yes! He is!" Well, she thought that it was better not to talk about this. After all, she thought Doctor Gu was a good man.

Angela bit a piece of cumin lamb. "Since he wants me to leave, I will not satisfy him. I'm not going to leave the hospital! The angrier he is, the happier I am!"

That was her! She was open to persuasion, but not to coercion!

"Yeah! That's the spirit! Don't leave!" Nancy took all of her untouched lamb chop to Angela's plate.

Angela was so touched by her gesture that she almost cried. "Nancy, you are the best! You are always good to me!"

"Of course! I'm nice to nobody, except you. Right? Anyway, don't be angry, Angela! Otherwise, your wrinkles will show and you will look older soon."

"Okay. I will not worry anymore. Let's just enjoy our dinner, Nancy!"

"Great! Good Angela!"

"Nancy, how nice of you to say that!"

Across the table, Lucy looked interchangeably to Angela and Nancy in amusement and ate some rice, "You two girls are... like lesbians."

Angela and Nancy hugged together and said in unison, "Yes, we love each other!"

Lucy looked at them with contempt in her eyes. "Just eat your dinner!"

"Hahahaha!" The two girls laughed loudly.

Time flew very fast. One week later, Teresa finally made Aron leave the hospital. Angela was so happy that she wanted to set off firecrackers and have a celebration.

Finally, she would never hear those words again, "Angela, I want to eat! Angela, I want that document..."

When Aron was wheeled out to the ward by his assistants, Angela waved at him with a big smile on her face, "See you! Mr. Gu, I wish you will get well soon!"

Aron glanced back at Angela. With a blank expression on his face, he said something to her, "Don't go beyond yourself. Otherwise, I will ask Arvin to arrange you as my private nurse!"

Angela's smile on her face disappeared immediately.

Teresa smiled and said, "Angela, don't take it seriously. He is jus

"I... was drunk and left alone."


For the next few minutes, both of them were in complete silence. They thought about different things.

"Randal, I'm bad at drinking. Can you help me drink less tonight?" She couldn't drink. Therefore, she wanted to drink less.

"No... I mean I can help you block some cups of wine. However, people will feel unhappy if I help you too much. You can drink as much as you like. I'll drive you home." Randal explained immediately since he knew he said the wrong words.

Angela said, "Well, don't forget about me."


Then, they ate some beef noodles and went to KTV.

When they arrived, they found that a lot of people were singing already. Randal took Angela to the director of pharmacy department. "Director Liu. I'm sorry. We are late."

Director Liu was in his forties. He smiled and nodded his head, "It's okay. Is this your girlfriend?"

"Yes. She is also a nurse in our hospital." Randal answered with a smile.

Director Liu nodded his head in approval. "What a coincidence! Take your girlfriend to her seat."

"Okay, Director Liu." They sat together.

Suddenly, a loud voice was heard, "Is Randal's girlfriend called Angela?"

People looked at Angela, "Is that Angela?"

"She's the girl who is seducing Doctor Gu!"

"Well, how can she be with Randal now?"

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